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Date: 28 October 2021 | Beef Breeding Cattle

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St Boswells Sale of Breeding Cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Beef Breeding Sale at Newtown St Boswells with two great Dispersals on offer.

First of the Dispersals came from Ellemford Farming topping at £1950 for an Aberdeen Angus.x Cow Incalf due March. 130 brilliantly presented Cows and Heifers Incalf  averaged £1471.  A real credit to David and the team at Ellemford.  Breeding Bulls from the same home topped at £5000 for a 4 year old Rulesmains Edward bred bull.

The second of the Dispersals came from Messrs Swan, Blackhouse, who presented 42 great Simmental.x Aberdeen Angus.x Cows topping at £1680 for an Aberdeen Angus.x Cow Incalf due in the Spring.

All at St Boswells would like to thank Ellemford and Blackhouse for letting us conduct their sales and  for all their support throughout the years at St Boswells Mart.

Annual Sale of Breeding Cattle topped at £2450 for a Limousin.x Heifer and Calf consigned by Messrs King, Gospelhall.

Bulling Heifers met a great trade throughout topping at £1300 from Messrs Hindmarsh, Blackhopeburnhaugh for a pen of Simmental.x Heifers.

Bulling Heifers- £1300 Blackhopeburnhaugh, £1280 Berryfell, £1250 Craiglea, £1220 Berryfell, Blackhopeburnhaugh, £1200 (2) Berryfell

Cows Incalf – £1950, £1920(2), £1880(2), £1850(5) Ellemford

Heifers Incalf-

£1480 Attonburn, £1450 Ellemfod (2), Attonburn, Cliftonpark (2), £1420(2) Attonburn, Ellemford(2)

Heifers and Calves- £2450, £2250, £2000 Gospelhall

Stock Bulls- £5000, £4600 Ellemford