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Date: 02 November 2021 | Store Cattle

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Wooler Store Cattle Sale

Wooler, Berwick Road, Wooler, NE71 6SL

Harrison & Hetherington held their Store Cattle sale at Wooler Mart with weathered and smaller sorts harder to cash, with power and frame in high demand

Topping the days trading was a Limousin.x Steer from P Guiry & Son, Glanton Town Farm at £1320

Top pence per kilo went to J M Strother & Son, Fowberry Moor with a Limousin.x Steer at 246ppk

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers: Limousin: £1320 Glanton Town, £1230 Fowberry Moor. Aberdeen Angus: £1310, £1210, £1180 South Lyham, £1170 Newstead, £1130 Sandylands. Charolais: £1160, £1120 Newstead. Simmental: £990 (2) East Fleetham, £960 Fowberry Farm, Bamburgh. Hereford: £925 North Lyham, £920 Chatton Park

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1300, £1230, £1160, £1150 Percy Farms, £1140 Fowberry Farm, Bamburgh, £1140, £1100 South Lyham, £1110 Berryhill. Limousin: £1200, £980 Percy Farms. Charolais: £1140, £1080, £1070 Newstead. Simmental: £1100 Chatton Park, £980 Fowberry Farm, Bamburgh

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers: Limousin: 246p Fowberry Moor, 223.7p Glanton Town. Aberdeen Angus: 231.6p, 228.6p, 226.3p North Lyham, 224.1p, 220p East Fleetham, 222.2p Milfield Demesne. Hereford: 215.1p North Lyham. Charolais: 210.9p, 207.4p Newstead. Simmental: 202.1p Fowberry Farm, Bamburgh

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 242.4p Percy Farms, 215.9p Fowberry Moor. Charolais: 220.5p, 208.9p Newstead. Aberdeen Angus: 215.3p, 211.9p South Lyham, 215.1p Fowberry Farm, Bamburgh, 211.8p Hillcrest Livestock, 210.3p Percy Farms. Simmental: 200p Chatton Park