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Date: 08 November 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 58 Clean Cattle, 78 Cast Cows, 2142 Prime Lambs and 817 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (30) averaged 234p per kg and sold to 264p  (n/c on the week) 

Heifers (28) averaged 254p per kg and sold to 290p (-5p on the week)

Cast Cows (78) averaged 138p per kg and sold to 198p (+10p on the week) Top price £1399.20

Cast Bulls (2) averaged 105p per kg. Top price £1045

Lambs (2142) averaged 276p per kg, (+32p on the week) £125.27 per head and sold to £164 for   Suffolk.x Lambs

Top price 329p per kg for Beltex Lambs.

Cast Sheep (817) averaged £81.20, and sold to £161 for a Texel Ewe

Heavy Ewes averaged £118,  light ewes sold to £125 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £73.50


Quality in high demand

Bullocks per head:

Middlethird £1701, Galagate £1681.70, Brockholes £1669.80, North Synton £1628.40, Brockholes £1593.60, Greenknowe £1510.08

Bullocks per kilo:

Greenknowe 264p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 263p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Greenknowe 256p Mr G.Chapman, Broachrigg 255p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, 254p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 253p Mr G.Chapman, Brockholes 252p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd

Heifers per head:

Bee Edge £1711, £1644.96, £1641.52, £1607.32, £1598.40, Lurdenlaw £1596.66, £1596

Heifers per kilo:

Bee Edge 290p, 286p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Lurdenlaw 285p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 284p Shaw Fine Meats, Lurdenlaw 278p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 276p, 270p Worsley Wholesale Butchers


Met a great trade.

Cast Cows per head: Whitburgh £1399.20, Thirlestane £1373.52, Whitburgh £1314.40, Rumbleton £1310.16, Huntington £1303.50, Hermiston £1294.26, Thirlestane £1278.36, Middlethird £1268.14, Earlston Mains £1263.24, Hermiston £1256

Cast Cows per kilo: Earlston Mains 198p, Upper Samieston, Huntington 179p, Thirlestane 177p, Huntington, East Mains, Whitburgh 165p, Middlethird 163p, Hermiston, Thirlestane 159p


Cast Bulls per head: £1029 (105p per kg)


More numbers forward with all classes dearer. Average 276p (45.3p) £125.27

Lambs per head:

Suffolk: £164 Butterdean, £149 Woodside, £148 Haltree, £143 Hermiston, Haltree, £141 Saughtree, £140 Blegbie (2), Symington Mains, £139 Corsbie, £136 Butterdean, Wester Middleton, £135 Howahill, Meigle, £134 Threepwood, £133 Sunnycroft, £132 Headshaw, L, £131.50 Chesters Brae, £131 Hermiston Texel: £160 Hawthornside, £152 Woodhouse, £150 Haltree, Corsbie, £149 Sunnycroft, Wester Ulston, £148 Wester Middleton, Hermiston, Wester Ulston, Corsbie, Crumhaughhill, Firbank, £147 Crumhaughhill, £146 Wester Ulston, Corsbie, Threepwood, £145.50 Haltree, £145 Threepwood, Wester Middleton, £144 North Synton, Beltex: £150, £148, £139 Westerhouses, £138 Woodhouse, £137, £136 Westerhouses, £133, £132 (2) Huntington, £130 Huntington, Threeburnford, £129 Huntington, North Country Cheviot: £144, £130.50 Symington Mains, £127 North Synton, £124 Saughtree, £122 Kirktonhill, £120 Woodside, Cheviot Mule: £130.50 Blegbie, £126 Saughtree, £123 Broomiebank, Greyfaced: £130 Tollishill, £125.50 Headshaw, L, £124 Tollishill, Bluefaced Leicester: £124 Clarilaw, Blackface: £123 Meigle, Charollais: £123 Berryhill, Blue Texel: £119 Rhodes Holdings

Lambs per kilo:

Beltex: 328.9p, 323.3p, 319.1p Westerhouses, 317.1p Threeburnford, 311.4p, 309.1p Westerhouses, 306.7p Woodhouse, 303.5p, 302.3p, (2) Huntington, 297.3p Threeburnford, 293.3p Huntington, Texel: 324.4p Threepwood, 323.9p Wester Ulston, 323.9p Sunnycroft, 321.7p Wester Ulston, 320p, 319.6p Crumhaughhill, 315.3p Hawthornside, 310.9p Crumhaughhill, 308.9p, 304.3p Sunnycroft, 302.3p Threepwood, 302.2p Sunnycroft, 300p Threepwood, 298.9p Hawthornside, 295.8p Hermiston, 295.7p Headshaw, L, 295.6p, 295.5p Sunnycroft, Suffolk: 287.2p Woodside, 287p Headshaw, L, 285.6p The Knock, 282.2p Threepwood, 281.5p Sunnycroft, 278p Blackburn, 277.4p The Knock, 277.3p Stoneypath, 277.1p Sunnycroft, 275p Stoneypath, Haltree, Redpath East End, Blue Texel: 277.4p, 276.9p. 276.7p Rhodes Holdings, Cheviot Mule: 279.5p, 276.2p Broomiebank, Charollais: 276.3p Berryhill, North Country Cheviot: 275.6p Saughtree, 272.7p Woodside, 271.1p Kirktonhill, 270.4p Innovis Ltd, Greyfaced: 275.6p Tollishill

4 lambs were donated to #lambforstandrewsday  to average £133 from Sunnycroft, Blegbie, Headshaw, L and Threeburnford.  All purchased by Mr Ben Gray on behalf of Andrew Atkinson Livestock, Harrogate


Cast Sheep a resounding trade throughout with all classes eagerly bid for.

Sale topped at £161 for a Texel bred Ewe from James Anderson, Headshaw Farm, Lauder!

Tups sold to a high of £149 for a Texel from L.L MacVie & Co, Langtonlees

Texel: £161 Headshaw, L, £147 Langraw, £145 North Synton, £139, £137(2) Headshaw, L, £133 North Synton, £129 Butterdean, £127 Symington Mains, Butterdean, £125 Kirktonhill, Westcote, Suffolk: £149, £145 Thornington, £142 Butterdean, £137 Langraw, £135 Headshaw, L, North Synton, £133 Pikiestane, £133, £131 Walterstead Farm Cottage,

£129 Symington Mains, £125 Langraw, £121 Howahill, North Country Cheviot: £125 North Synton, £119 Philiphaugh, £113 Stagehall, £109 Saughtree, £101 Headshaw, L, £95 Stagehall, £89 (2) Philiphaugh, Greyfaced: £124 Butterdean, £117 Langraw, £113 Kirktonhill, £97 Howahill, Shotton, £95 Lee, £93 Berryhill, £91 Westcote, Blue Texel: £111 East Mains, L (Hankey), Bluefaced Leicester: £111 Clarilaw, Charollais: £109 Berryhill, Blackface: £93(2), £89, £88, £85(2) Raeshaw, £83 Lauderhill, £77 (2) Burncastle, £75 Raeshaw, Hill Cheviot: £87 Shaws, Shetland: £63, £44 Calaburn, £41 Brundeanlaws


Texel: £149 Langtonlees,£135 Leetside, Lleyn: £131 Bonnyrigg, Melrose, Charollais: £113 Westcote.