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Date: 11 November 2021 | Beef Breeding Cattle

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Kirkby Stephen Annual Show & Sale of Breeding Cattle

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen mart held their sale of beef breeding cattle when a catalogued entry of 558 were on offer.

Topping the sale at £4800 was a second calved British Blue cow with Limousin bull calf at foot which was the first placed outfit and awarded Dawn Robinson Memorial Trophy consigned by Messrs Hartley, Pendle Valley Farm, Nelson which was bought by Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm, Hamsterley.

The incalf section topped at £3600 for a British Blue cross heifer incalf to the Limousin bull from Messrs Bradley, Penny Grange, Settle which sold to Messrs Iceton, High Birk Hatt, Barnard Castle, Messrs Bradley also sold Limousin cross incalf heifers to £3200 and £3100 both selling to Messrs Brown & Mason, Clapham. Selling to make £4000 was a British Blue cross cow with Blonde heifer calf at foot which was part of a reduction sale from G & S Holdings, Little Asby going on to sell to Messrs Dobson, White Kirkley, Frosterley.

Our judge Mr Ashton, Welshpool awarded the first placed incalf heifer to a British Blue cross incalf to the Limousin bull which sold for £3100 from G Bell, Haas Side Farm, Lockerbie which was bought by Messrs Bell, Hawick.

Next selling for £3900 was a Limousin cross heifer with bull calf at foot from Messrs Wilson, Arngill House, Lunedale selling to Messrs Stobart, Stotley Hall Farm, Barnard Castle.

First in the ring selling for £3400 was a Limousin cross cow with bull calf at foot which was consigned by first time vendor Messrs Hodgkinson, Buxton, with this outfit going home with Messrs White, Rigg Farm, Lunesdale.

Messrs Hartley, Pendle Valley also sold Limousin cross Incalf Heifers to make £3100 selling to Messrs Marston, Easegill Head, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Bradley, Penny Grange sold their annual consignment of 25 Limousin and British Blue cross incalf heifers to average £2520.

Heifers and Calves averaged £2410.59 (up £332.38 on the year)
Cows and calves averaged £2043.91 (up £156.25 on the year)
Incalf heifers averaged £1975.66 (same on the year)
Incalf cows averaged £1104.82(less £125.18 on the year)

The pre sale show was kindly sponsored by Westmorland Accountants and the following awards were made: -

Cow or Heifer with Calf at Foot:
1st        AM&E Hartley, Pendle Valley Farm. And Receiving the Dawn Robinson Memorial Trophy
2nd        G & S Holdings, Stoneygarth
3rd        H Hodgkinson & Son, Harley Farm

Cow or Heifer incalf
1st        G Bell, Haas Side Farm
2nd        J&JE Bradley, Penny Grange
3rd        NJ&L Allan, Beck House

Heifers & Calves –  British Blue £4000, £3250, £3000, £2800 Stoneygarth; £3100, £2750, £2500 Paradise Farm; £2750 Crackpot Farm; £2700 Prospect Farm; £2600, £2450 Whicham Hall Farm; £2500 Riddings Farm; £2350 Bents Farm: Limousin £3900, £3100 Arngill House; £3300, £3250, £3200, £2800, £2600(3) Green Farm; £3100 Whicham Hall Farm; £3100, £2850 Paradise Farm; £3050, £2800(2), £2750, £2700 Bank House; £3000 Thornbush; £2900, £2800, £2500 Prospect Farm; £2900(2) Bents Farm; £2850 High House Farm; £2850, £2700 High Dyke Farm; £2800(2), £2600 Lockholme Hall; £2500 Netherhouses; £2400 Riddings Farm: Blonde £3100 Stoneygarth; £2100 Riddings.

Cows & Calves -  British Blue £4800 Robin House; £3100 Harley Grange; £2400 High House Farm; £1900 High Dyke Farm: Limousin £3400 Harley Grange; £3050 Cringleber; £2700 Green Farm; £2000, £1900 Brow Top Farm: Aberdeen Angus £2050 Cringleber.

In Calf Cows  –  Limousin £2200(2), £1600, £1550, £1450(2), £1400(3) Cringleber: British Blue £1400 Cringleber; £1100, £1000 Scarside: Blonde £1250 Cringleber:   Aberdeen Angus £1200 Cringleber: Charolais £1100, £1020, £1000(2) Scarside.

In Calf Heifers -  British Blue £3600, £2800, £2700, £2600(4), £2500, £2200 Penny Grange; £3100 Haas Side Farm; £2600 New Hall Farm; £2400 Beck House Farm; £2300, £2000(2) Paradise Farm; £2050 Robin House; £2000(2) Gordon House Farm; £200 New Hall Farm; £2000 Beck House Farm: Limousin £3200, £3100, £3000, £3800(2), £2500, £2200(3), £2100, £2050 Penny Grange; £3100 Robin House; £3000, £2700 Haas Side Farm; £2600, £2500, £2000 Paradise Farm; £2600, £2100(2), £2000(2) New Hall Farm; £2600 Leck Fell House; £2600 Gordon House Farm; £2300 Beck House Farm; £2250 Kilnknowe; £2000 Stoneygarth: Blonde £1580 Stoneygarth.

Breeding Bull British Blue £2700 Oaktree Farm