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Date: 16 November 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of Prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,085 sheep were forward, consisting of 2,209 prime lambs, 876 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £170 were a pair of 55kg Dutch Texel lambs from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which were bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Topping at 363.6p/kg were a pen of 44kg Beltex cross lambs which made £160 and were consigned by Messrs Dodd, Skylin, Temple Sowerby.

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park, Dufton sold a pen of four 43kg Beltex cross lambs to make £155 (360.5p/kg)

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan sold a pen of six 44kg Beltex cross lambs to make £156 and 354.5p/kg.

A pen of four 47kg Beltex cross lambs sold for £165 also from this home.

Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap sold a pen of 47kg Beltex cross lambs to make £164.

Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm sold 58kg Blue Texel cross lambs to also make £164 (282.8p/kg).

Heavy lambs were a flying trade thought the night.

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park sold 51kg lambs to make £158 (309.8p/kg) selling to A. Atkinson.

Messrs Scott, Hollins View Farm, Brough Sowerby sold 53kg Texel cross lambs to make £156 (294.3p/kg) also selling to A. Atkinson.

Benjamin Atkinson, Abbey Park, Bleatarn sold 52kg Dutch Spotted lambs to make £153 (294.2p/kg) selling to Steadmans Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Robson, Malton sold a pen of eight 57kg Texel cross Mule lambs to make £154 (270.2p/kg), with a pen of 53kg lambs from this home making £149 (281.1p/kg)

Messrs Hebson, Chapel Farm, Cotehill sold a pen of 54kg Texel cross lambs to make £151 (279.6p/kg).

Mule lambs were also a fantastic trade and topped at £139.50 for a pair from Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap bought by J Birkbeck.

Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton sold a pen of ten 54kg Mules to make £139 also selling to J Birkbeck.

Messrs Hird, Gillfield, Barnard Castle sold a pen of twenty-two Mule lambs weighing 52kg to make £133 selling to A. Atkinson.

A pen of nineteen Mules weighing 45kg sold to make £121.50 (270p/kg) from Messrs Foster, West End Farm, Bowes.

Swaledale lambs topped at £118 from Messrs Wearmouth, Parkside, Barnard Castle which were bought by M. Helliwell.

Swaledale lambs also topped at 262.5p/kg for a pen of 40kg which made £105 also from Parkside and bought by M. Helliwell with this home also selling a pen of 44kg Swaledales to make £110 (250p/kg).

Another great SQQ average of 282.1p and overall sale average of 278.53p/kg and £124.48 was achieved.

All mule lambs forward sold to average £125.97.

Cast sheep were a much sharper trade all round with pens of good horned ewes taking the biggest lift many being £10-£15 up.

Texel cross ewes topped at £150 from Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm, Hamsterley.

Swaledale ewes topped at £90 from Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle.

Messrs Skelton, Low House, Maryport sold a pen of eleven Swaledale ewes to make £85. With a pen of eight Herdwick ewes from this home selling to make £85.

Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle sold a pen of eight Swaledale ewes to make £84.

Many more ewes of all classes can be sold to strong demand on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen.

8 pens sold in excess of £160

28 pens and 81 lambs sold between £150-£160

82 pens and 336 lambs sold between £140-£160

32 pens and 104 lambs sold between 320-363p/kg

Leading Lamb Consignments
No.          Weight    p/kg       Head         From
13    @    50kg     297.6p    £148.85    G Sowerby, Terrys Farm
37    @    45kg     328.6p    £148.16    TW Hunter, Upper Brydekirk
7      @    55kg     268.1p    £147.50    P & SA Nelson, Rosgill Head
18    @    48.8kg  301.2p    £147.28    S & C Gill Bowes, Cross Farm
16    @    54kg     271.5p    £146.63    F Simpson & Son, The Croft
25    @    47.2kg  299.7p    £141.72    M/s Beckwith, New Hall
33    @    47.6kg   296.1p    £141.17    MTP & SD Wills, Fawcett, Park Farm
44    @    52kg      270.4p    £140.61    I Marshall & Sons,  Hope House
30    @    48.6kg   289.1p    £140.53    JV & JA Hodgson, The Grange
36    @    48kg      287.4p    £137.96    DE & AM Hodgson, Green Farm
68    @    49.2kg    279.5p   £137.68    TA Robson & Son, Newstead Grange
22    @    49.5kg    276.7p   £137.09    M/s Jackson Skelton, Wood End
17    @    48.8kg    280.1p  £136.94    RJ Tiplady, Red House Farm
21    @    47.2kg    289p      £136.52    DJ & S Atkinson, Abbey Park

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –

Price Per Head –

Dutch Texel £170, £147 Terrys Farm: Beltex £165, £156, £150, £149, £146, £143.50, £143, £141 Upper Brydekirk; £164, £139, £137 Green Farm; £160, £139 Skylin; £158, £155, £154, £143, £138.50 Fawcett Park Farm; £ 155, £152, £144, £138.50 Bowes Cross Farm; £151, £136 Parkside; £150 Newstead Grange; £150, £146.50 Whiteley Hey Farm; £150, £138 New Hall; £149, £140(2) Grassgill Lodge; £145, £135 Steeley Farm; £145 Black Syke; £144.50 Low Hall; £143 Chapel Farm; £142.50 Abbey Farm; £140.50 School Farm; £140, £139.50 Haas Side Farm; £140 Terrys Farm; £138, £137.50 Castle Hill; £136 White House: Blue Texel £164 Terry Farm; £134, £130 Haas Side Farm: Texel £160 Calva Farm; £159.50, £154, £149, £146 Newstead Grange; £159 New Hall; £158.50 Whiteley Hey Farm; £156 Hollins View; £156 Green Farm; £151, £142.50 Chapel Farm; £151 The Grange; £149, £148 Prospect Farm Cottage; £148 Abbey Farm; £148 Skelton Wood End; £148 West End Farm; £147.50 Rosgill Head; £147 Fawcett Park Farm; £145.50 The Croft; £145 Scotcher Gill; £144 Townfoot; £143.50, £140 Marriforth; £143.50 Bowes Cross Farm; £143 Red House Farm; £142 Steeley Farm; £141 Hope House; £140.50 Windygate; £140 Upper Brydekirk; £140 Green Gill; £140 West Lea: Suffolk £160 Green Farm; £150, £144(2), £138.50 Marriforth; £143.50 Lankaber; £142.50 Terrys Farm; £140 Brackenslack; £140 Hope House; £138 Red House Farm; £132.50 White House: Dutch Spotted £153 Abbey Park: Charollais £147 The Croft: Bluefaced Leicester £141 Kilnstown; £140 Hundith House; £140, £136, £130 Marriforth: Mule £139.50 Green Farm; £139 Hundith House; £133 Gillfield; £133 Fawcett Park Farm; £131, £130 Marriforth; £129, £126.50 Intake Bottom; £129 Hall Close; £128 Castle Hill; £127 Eden Flatt; £126.50 Palliard: Swaledale £118, £110, £105, £92 Parkside; £92.50 the Gables: Cheviot £116.50 Westwick Farm; £113.50 Skylin: Dorset £114.50 Buckles Farm.

Price Per Kilo-

Beltex 363.6p, 344.9p, 323.3p Skylin; 360.5p, 332.6p, 329.8p Fawcett Park Farm; 354.5p, 351.1p, 348.8p, 326.1p, 325p, 324.4p Upper Brydekirk; 353.7p, 352.6p Black Syke; 350p, 340.7p, 326.1p Whiteley Hey Farm; 350p, 336.8p, 332.1p Haas Side Farm; 350p, 325.6p Grassgill Lodge; 348.9p Green Farm; 343.2p West Lea; 336.6p, 327.4p Castle Hill; 335.6p Parkside; 332.6p Chapel Farm; 328.4p Green Gill Farm; £328.4p Low Hall; 322.9p Bowes Cross Farm: Blue Texel 326.8p, 317.1p Haas Side Farm: Texel 319.8p, 300p The Buildings Farm; 314.9p Low Hall; 306.7p The Grange; 303.4p Breaks Hall; 302p West End Farm; 301.1p Burton House; 300p Green Farm; 298.9p, 291.9p Prospect Farm Cottage; 297.9p Upper Brydekirk; 296.9p Chapel House Farm; 294.3p Hollins View; 293.6p Fawcett Park Farm; 292.9p Bowes Cross Farm; 290.2p Haas Side Farm; 290.2p Abbey Park; 290p Friendship Farm: Dutch Texel 309.1p, 306.3p Terrys Farm: Dutch Spotted 294.2p Abbey Park: Charollais 293.2p, 267.7p Brackenslack; 267.3p The Croft: Suffolk 285p Terrys Farm; 282.4p, 277p, 271.7p Marriforth; 281.6p Red House Farm; 276p White House; 275p Brackenslack; 270.2p Lankaber: Cheviot 270.9p Westwick Farm; 270.2p Skylin: Mule 270p West End Farm; 265.9p The Gables; 265.2p Gillfield; 264.1p Orchard Farm; 262.2p Eden Flatt; 261.9p Hesket Demain; 261.7p Marriforth: Dorset 266.3p Buckles Farm: Swaledale 262.5p, 250p, 248.6p, 231.4p Parkside; 237.5p Black Cleugh; 231.3p The Gables; 230.9p Blunt House: Bluefaced Leicester 261.5p Marriforth; 252p Kilnstown.

Cast Ewes –

Texel £150, £130(2) Littleburn Farm; £140.50, £140, £130 Whiteley Hey Farm; £140, £136, £130 Parkside; £130(2) Westwick Farm; £130(2) Calva Farm; £130 Westwick Farm; £120 East Todholes: Beltex £140 Whiteley Hew Farm: Charollais £130 Whiteley Hey Farm: Suffolk £120 Littleburn Farm: Mule £108.50 East Todholes; £100 The Croft; £100 Low House; £95 Newstead Grange; £95 Abbey Farm; £90.50 Barningham House: Cheviot £92.50, £88 Low House; £81.50 Prospect Farm; £80 Westwick Farm; £75.50(2) Melbourne House: Bluefaced Leicester £90 Barningham House: Rough £90 Hall Close; £80 Dyke Farm; £70 Raisgill Hall: Swaledale £90, £84 Kilnstown; £85, £80, £78.50 Low House; £82 New Hall; £81 Melbourne House; £80 East Todholes; £78 Parkside; £78 Argill House: Herdwick £85, £75 Low House; £60 Scotcher Gill: Scotch Blackface £80 Westwick Farm; £79.50 Low House; £72 East Todholes: Kerry Hill £65 Littleburn Farm: Gritstone £62 Punchard Farm.

Cast Rams

Bluefaced Leicester £150 Whingill; £136 Arngill House; £120 Ellergill: Texel £146 Whiteley Hey Farm: Blue Texel £130 Orchard Farm: Dorset £130 Buckles Farm: Rough £100 Smardale Hall: Swaledale £90.50 West End Farm; £84 High Wardses; £80.50 Helbeck Farm; £80 High Blackton Farm: Cheviot £91.50 Townfoot: Herdwick £74.50 The Gables.