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Date: 22 November 2021 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 22nd November Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sales of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS: Less bulls forward with 85 in attendance and mixed quality throughout. Trade would be one of the dearest seen with 3 selling over £2000 and 15 selling over £1800 to a day’s top of £2148. Messrs Campbell, Strawfrank, Lanark achieved the day’s overall top for an 861kg Limousin bull and another at £2089 both of which were purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Messrs Hutton, Setmabanning, Keswick also joined the club when they sold their 811kg Limousin for £2104. Simmentals sold to £1847 from Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. Charolais sold to £1818 from Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate, Brampton purchased by A & D Meats, Rossendale. Top pence per kilo overall was paid to Messrs Richardson, Whitehead Bros, Wigton with an outstanding Limousin peaking at 285.5ppk and purchased by Morgan Helliwell. Dairy bred bulls peaked at £1488 for a Friesian from Messrs Graham, South Lambhill, Carlisle purchased by A & D Meats. Messrs Bland, The Flatt, Brampton sold another to £1424, the same vendors also had top pence per kilo of 219.5p and 218.5p purchased by Jewitt Meats and Bowland Foods.

Please advise entries for next week’s sale by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £2148, £2089 Strawfrank Farm, £2104, £1953 Setmabanning Farm, £1982, £1918, £1810 Whitehead Brow, £1963, £1877 Upper Brydekirk, £1952 Lomondmuir Farm, £1896, £1720 Old Rectory Farm, £1851 Gillrig, £1820 Low Farm Simmental £1847, £1796, £1668 Kirtleton House Charolais £1818, £1516 Hallbankgate Farm Beef Shorthorn £1743 Sandwick Farm Aberdeen Angus £1567, £1315 King Hill, £1428 South Lambhill, £1373 Low Farm Friesian £1488 South Lambhill, £1424, £1330 The Flatt, £1184, £1127 High House, £1153, £1119, £1090, £1054 Aulby Farm, £1050 Ratten Castle British Blue £1417 Skelcies Hall, £1402 Mirkbooths Hereford £1387 Mirkbooths Galloway £1321, £1212 Fingland Holstein Friesian £1304 South Lambhill, £1249(x2) Street Head, £1209, £1084 Randalinton Farm, £1143 Mirkbooths, £1117 Old Town Farm, £1095 Windy Hill, £1085 Laws Hall

Leading Prices per kilo: Limousin 285.5p, 278.5p, 257.5p Whitehead Brow, 279.5p, 259.5p Setmabanning, 278.5p, 273.5p Upper Brydekirk, 267.5p, 267.5p, 264.5p, 264.5p, 263.5p Old Rectory Farm, 267.5p Lomondmuir Farm, 258.5p, 254.5p Low Farm, 257.5p Beck House Charolais 243.5p, 238.5p Hallbankgate Simmental 241.5p, 237.5p Kirtleton House British Blue 237.5p Skelcies Hall Beef Shorthorn 225.5p Sandwick Farm Aberdeen Angus 225.5p Low Farm, 219.5p, 213.5p King Hill Friesian 219.5p, 218.5p The Flatt, 212.5p, 199.5p, 198.5p, 197.5p Aulby Farm, 202.5p South Lambhill, 197.5p Ratten Castle, 196.5p, 194.5p High House Hereford 213.5p Mirkbooths Galloway 206.5p, 205.5p Fingland Holstein Friesian 206.5p, 204.5p Street Head, 192.5p Mirkbooths, 186.5p Laws Hall, 185.5p, 183.5p(x2) Randalinton, 183.5p Grassknop Farm, 180.5p Old Town Farm Swedish Red & White 188.5p Law Hall  

PRIME CATTLE: Yet another great entry of 73 prime steers and heifers forward resulting in another fantastic trade throughout. 15 steers and heifers sold over £1800 and 22 sold over £1700 up to a day’s overall top of £2073.13 with a day’s top pence per kilo of 301.5p. Securing a now month long of weekly toppers was Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle breaking back into the two thousand club to sell this week’s top overall of £2073.13 for a 758kg Limousin cross steer this quality was purchased by weekly buyers Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Just missing out by pennies was Messrs Carruthers, Grassgarth, Carlisle who received £1999.29 from James Chapman Bitchers, Wishaw. British Blue crosses sold to £1858 from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle and was purchased by WE Fairlie. Top pence per kilo steer was a 681kg Limousin cross from Messrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby peaking at 287.5p purchased by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Dent sold another steer to 285.5p and was purchased by Bill Howard. Heifers saw a day’s top of £1899 for an Aberdeen Angus cross from Messrs Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries and purchased by Pioneer Foods. Beef Shorthorn cross bred heifers from Messrs Smith, North Boig, Cumnock, Ayrshire sold to £1895 and were purchased by Alan Jarvis. Charolais to £1883 and £1822 both from Upper Tinwald Farm. Limousin’s sold to £1802 from North Boig again purchased by Castle Butchers and British Blue crosses to £1715 from Messrs Harrington, Hosket Hill, Carlisle purchased by Morgan Helliwell. Two heifers achieved 300ppk or more both of which were sold by Messrs Smith, North Boig. The best being a 598kg Limousin cross selling to 301.5p and secondly to 300p for a 633kg Beef Shorthorn cross. Next week sees the firm’s annual Christmas fatstock show and sale. All classes of stock are in high demand, anyone with show entries please advise either the main office on 01228 403200 or auctioneer Grant Anderson by call or text to 07872 129274.  Schedule available on our website. Judging commences at 9.30am prompt with the usual sales commencing at 11am with prime bulls.

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£2073, £1926 Low Whinnow Farm, £1999, £1962 Grassgarth, £1957, £1790 Elm House, £1879, £1715 The Lake, £1858, £1857 Bothel Parks, £1837 North Boig Farm, £1739, £1725 Newbiggin Farm British Blue £1858 The Lake Beef Shorthorn £1707 Gillrig Salers £1655 Gillrig Simmental £1608 Gillrigg Blue Grey £1335, £1295, £1290, £1263 New House Farm Belted Galloway £1238, £1188 Halls Hill Holstein Friesian £1103 Windy Hill

Heifer: Aberdeen Angus £1899 Upper Tinwald Farm Beef Shorthorn £1895 North Boig Farm Charolais £1883, £1822 Upper Tinwald Farm Limousin £1802 North Boig, £1718, £1629 West Farm, £1698 Low Whinnow Farm, £1509, £1437, £1430, £1412 High Aketon, £1458 Newbiggin Farm, £1441 Hollins Farm, £1428 Bank House Farm British Blue £1715 Hosket Hill Farm, £1608 Elm House

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
287.5p, 285.5p Elm House, 277.5p, 269.5p, 261.5p(x2) Newbiggin, 277.5p North Boig Farm, 274.5p, 273.5p Grassgarth, 273.5p Low Whinnow, 268.5p The Lake, 267.5p, 262.5p Hosket Hill Farm, 257.5p, 255.5p Bothel Parks British Blue 268.5p The Lake Simmental 234.5p Gillrig Salers 234.5p Gillrig Beef Shorthorn 229.5p Gillrig Belted Galloway 222.5p, 218.5p Halls Hill Blue Grey 219.5p, 217.5p, 215.5p New House Farm Aberdeen Angus 185.5p High Bow Holstein Friesian 181.5p Windy Hill

Heifers: Limousin 301.5p North Boig Farm, 283.5p Low Whinnow Farm, 271.5p(x2) West Farm, 262.5p, 255.5p, 253.5p, 253.5p High Aketon, 260.5p Newbiggin Beef Shorthorn 299.5p North Boig Farm British Blue 283.5p Hosket Hill Farm, 269.5p Elm House Aberdeen Angus 269.5p Upper Tinwald Farm Charolais 264.5p, 261.5p Upper Tinwald Farm

CAST COWS: A great entry of 372 cast cows, stock bulls and out of spec cattle was on offer to the usual ring side of buyers ensuring a similar trade on the week. Messrs Oxley & Co, Barholm Mains sold two outstanding British Blue cows for 822kg at 241.5p totalling £1985 and 755kg at 245.5p totalling £1853 both purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Forrester, Down-by-Rigg sold a Blue cow for 811kg at 209.5p totalling £1699 to Charles Kirkpatrick and 692kg at 200.5p totalling £1387 to Jewitt Meats. Messrs Airey, Brownchester sold the top priced Limousin cow for 906kg at 204.5p totalling £1648 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields Farm sold two Limousin cows for 795kg at 205.5p totalling £1633 and 687kg at 217.5p totalling £1494 bought by Owain Llyr and Jewitt Meats. Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill’s run of cows topped at 984kg at 161.5p totalling £1589 and 817kg at 182.5p totalling £1491 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Teasdale, Grindon Hill sold a Limousin x cow for 909kg at 157.5p totalling £1431 to Messrs Roberts. Messrs Goldie, Greenfield sold a Beef Shorthorn heifer for 510kg at 209.5p totalling £1068 to David Holmes.

A great entry of 225 dairy cast cows was on offer. Messrs Harrison, Sundraw Farm sold a Fleckvieh heifer for 754kg at 179.5p totalling £1353 to Brain Capper and a Holstein x cow for 964kg at 125.5p totalling £1216 to Messrs Roberts. Bromfield Farms sold a Holsetin x heifer for 753kg at 169.5p totalling £1276 to Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Baird, Redhall sold a Dairy Shorthorn cow for 915kg at 136.5p totalling £1248 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Ramsey Dockray Hall sold a Friesian cow for 677kg at 175.5p totalling £1188 to Jewitt Meats. Messrs Haston, Dearham Hall sold a Holstein x heifer for 686kg at 169.5p totalling £1162 to Les Fell. Messrs Vevers, High Plains sold a Holstein x heifer for 677kg at 169.5p totalling £1147 to Alan Jarvis. Messrs Clark, Whins Farm sold a Friesian cow for 827kg at 133.5p totalling £1104 to Phillip Bowes. Messrs Woodman & Son, Hill House sold a Fleckvieh Heifer for 573kg at 187.5p totalling £1074 to Brian Capper. Messrs Baxter, Park House sold a Holstein x heifer for 595kg at 184.5p totalling £1097 to Brian Capper.

Leading Prices Per Head: British Blue £1985 £1854 Barholm Mains, £1699 £1387 Down by Rigg, £1589 Balgray Hill, £1373 £1145 Osborne Farm, £1209 Charnock, £1203 £1120 Maulscastle Limousin £1648 £1408 Brownchesters, £1634 £1494 Sarkshields Farm, £1491 Balgray Hill, £1432 Grindon Hill, £1364 Crossdyke Farm, £1293 Well Head Farm, £1237 Reddings, £1221 The Hill, £1195 Ridley Farm, £1188 Strawfrank, £1170 Greenfield, £1134 Raygarth Field Fleckvieh £1353 Dundraw Farm, £1094 Low Plains, £1074 Hill House Simmental £1340 Balgray Hill Holstein £1276 Bromfield Hall, £1074 Low Wood Farm, £1044 Gill Farm Aberdeen Angus £1231 Well Head Farm, £1227 Waughslee, £1217 Brownchesters, £1192 Whitehall Farm Holstein Frisian £1210 £1026 Dundraw Farm, £1163 Dearham Hall, £1148 £1046 £989 Vevers, £1098 £964 Randalinton, £1098 Park House, £1029 Newton Field, £999 Hardgrove Farm, £996 Evening Hill Farm, £995 £979 East Park Farm, £983 High Bow, £974 Hill House, £973 South View Farm, £953 Bromfield Hall Friesian £1188 Dockray Hall, £1105 £1093 Whins Farm Charolais £1175 £1122 Greenfield Beef Shorthorn £1068 Greenfield Saler £1048 Greenfield Ayrshire £950 Marleycote Walls

Leading Prices Per Kilo: British Blue 245.5p 241.5p Barholme Mains, 209.5 200.5p Down By Rigg, 184.5p 163.5p Osborne, 179.5p 177.5p 160.5p Maulscastle, 169.5p Charnock, 161.5p Balgray Hill Limousin 217.5p 205.5p Sarkshields, 204.5p 191.5p Brownchesters, 193.5p Crossdykes Farm, 182.5p Balgray Hill, 175.5p Raygarth Field, 175.5p Mossband Hall, 171.5p Well Head Farm, 168.5p Reddings, 167.5p Whitehills Farm, 167.5p Kirkhouse Farm, 164.5p Greenfield Beef Shorthorn 209.5p Greenfield, 145.5p Gass Farm Fleckvieh 187.5p Hill House, 179.5p Dundraw Farm, 173.5p Low Plains Holstein Friesian 184.5p Park House, 177.5p 156.5p Evening Hill Farm, 175.5p High Bow, 171.5p Hill House, 169.5p Langfauld, 169.5p Dearham Hall, 169.5p 169.5p 155.5p High Plains,157.5p 137.5p Newton Field, 149.5p Woodhouses Farm, 144.5p Cairnhead Farm, 137.5p Bailey Ground Farm Saler 175.5p Greenfield Friesian 175.5p Dockray Hall, 163.5p Highhead Castle Farm, 136.5p 133.5p Whins Farm, 132.5p Crownstone Farm Holstein 173.5p Low Wood, 169.5p Bromfield Hall, 133.5p Gill Farm Charolais 172.5p 169.5p Greenfield Belted Galloway 163.5p Halls Hill Simmental 154.5p Balgray Hill Parthenaise 149.5p Marina House Aberdeen Angus 145.5p Well Head Farm, 144.5p Whitehall Farm Dairy Shorthorn 136.5p Red Hall Ayrshire 123.5p Marleycote Walls Gelbvieh 119.5p Parcelstown Galloway 118.5p Middle Farm  

CAST BULLS: 11 stock bulls and out of spec bullocks were on offer. Messrs Oliver, Cawfields sold a Limousin stock bull for 1224kg at 134.5p totalling £1646 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Ritchie, Stormont’s overage bullocks topped at 768kg at 168.5p totalling £1294 to Messrs Roberts.

Leading Prices Per Head: Limousin £1646 Cawfields, £1294 £1294 £1267 Stormont

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Limousin 168.5p 166.5p 152.5p Stormont British Blue 133.5p Asby Mill

PRIME SHEEP: A larger show of lambs were forward on the week with export weight lambs in good demand throughout the sale. Heavier types were more readily available with the commercial sorts less money than previous weeks, nonetheless an SQQ of 284p, 275p overall which in monetary terms levels at £124.12 per head.

Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall, Dalston topped the sale at £170 for 48kg lambs with a pen of 40kg lambs from the same home realising a sale leading 405ppk or £162 per head. Suffolks sold to £150 from Messrs Walker, Morton Farm, Penrith and to 287.2p from new vendors Messrs Green, Cragg Farm, Melrose. Mules to £140 from Messrs Wigton, Hargill House, Hexham and to 269.8p from Messrs Dixon, Stobbs Farm, Newcastle.

Leading Prices per head: Texel £170, £162, £148, £145(x3) Cardew Hall, £163, £158 Park House, £156, £150 Quarry House Farm, £155 Beech House, £154, £151 Round Meadows, £153 Aldermanseat, £150 Killiecrankie, £150 Brampton Fell Farm, £149, £144 Hightown, £146 Lanerton, £144 Sceugh Farm Beltex £150, £140, £138 Walton Woodhead, £144, £141, £139, £134 Hollands, £140 Shank Castle, £139, £134 Lesson Hall Farm, £138, £135(x4), £131 Galleywreay, £135 Castlehill, £134, £133 Pasture House Farm, £133 The Throp Suffolk £150(x4) Morton Farm, £140, £130 Faugh Beeches, £137, £128 High Wreay Farm, £135 Sycamore House, £135 The Craggs, £135 Oakbank Farm, £133, £132(x2) High House, £131 Lesson Hall, £130(x2) Clappers Farm, £130 Ladyhousesteads, £128 Hollands, £126.50 Whinney Hill Farm Dutch Texel £148, £146, £144, £139, £138, £137, £130, £127 Unity Farm, £139 Sycamore House, £130(x2), £121 Low Houses, £125 Sycamore House Charollais £146, £132, £130 The Wreay, £143, £130 Killiecrankie, £121 Kilnknowe Millennium Bleu £141, £129, £126, £124 Stanley House Greyfaced £140, £125 Hargill House, £137, £127 Pasture House Farm, £136, £123.50 Hightown, £134, £129, £123 Quarry House Farm, £132 Kilnknowe, £127 The Wreay, £126 Low Todholes, £126, £123 Coombe Crag, £123 Denton Mains, £122 Reaygarth, £121 Church Farm, £121 Gapshields, £120 Stobbs Farm Herdwick £123 Ribton House, £114 The Wreay Hill Cheviot £122 Bengall Farm, £120 Castlehill Blackface £116, £111 Stobbs Farm Berrichon £114 Gelt Hall Farm

Leading Prices per kilo:  Texel 405p, 365.8p, 354.2p, 351.3p, 340p, 339.5p, 335p, 331p, 327.5p, 322.2p, 321.4p Cardew Hall, 347.6p, 317p Lanerton, 346.7p, 330p Quarry House Farm, 327p, 321.4p, 319p Cardewlees Farm, 323.1p, 320.5p Seymour House  Beltex 347.5p, 304.5p Lesson Hall Farm, 343.9p, 327.3p, 323.3p, 319.5p, 304.5p, 302.4p Hollands, 332.5p, 323p, 295p The Throp, 326.1p, 326p, 321p, 302p, 293p Walton Woodhead, 321p Castlehill, 319p Pasture House Farm, 300p Galleywreay, 295p Brandle Howe Dutch Texel 344.2p, 319p, 296p, 295.3p, 292p, 289p, 288p Unity Farm, 309.5p, 288.1p Low Houses, 292.5p, 290.7p Sycamore House Millennium Bleu 307.1p, 288p, 284p, 280p Stanley House Suffolk 287.2p The Craggs, 284.4p High Wreay Farm, 281p Whinney Hill Farm, 280.5p Cragg Farm, 280p Roe Farm, 279p, 268p, 263.2p, 261.5p Stonewalls, 275p Howgillside, 272.3p Hollands, 271.4p High House, 271p Clappers Farm, 270p Stone House, 269p Bengall Farm, 268.1p Cardewlees, 265.2p Faugh Beeches, 265p Triermain, 264.3p Wiza Farm, 262p Lesson Hall Farm Herdwick 285p The Wreay, 273.3p, 262.2p Ribton House  Blackface 277.5p Stobbs Farm Berrichon 271p Gelt Hall Farm Greyfaced 269.8p Stobbs Farm, 269.2p, 260p Hargill House, 269p, 259p Pasture House, 267p, 262.2p Cold Shields, 266p, 263p Low Todholes, 263p Cardewlees, 262p Coombe Crag, 261.7p Denton Mains, 260p Shankfield Head, 259p The Wreay, 259p Galleywreay, 258.7p Brampton Fell Farm, 258p Farnbury, 257.4p Gapshields, 257.4p Church Farm, 257.3p Hightown  Charollais 265p, 264p The Wreay, 260p(x3) Killiecrankie Hill Cheviot 259.6p Bengall

CAST EWES & RAMS: Trade was the dearest seen for some time with regular buyers ensuring sheep were well bid for.  Topping today’s sale at £154 was 4 from Brian Strong. This run of 11 Beltex ewes averaged £142. Mule ewes continue to fly topping at £113 on 2 occasions firstly for 7 from SJ Walker and secondly for 8 from Messrs Crozier. Cheviot ewe sold to £95 from Messrs Nixon. Swales topped at £80 from Messrs Morton, Church Farm. Horned ewe would be £10 up on the week.

Leading prices per head:
Ewes: Beltex
£154, £149 Grapes Barn, Suffolk £136 Cardew Hall, Texel £129 Morton Farm, £126, £116 Grapes Barn, £124 Cardew Hall, £100 Beech House, £97 Morton Farm, £96 Jenetes Hill, £94 Plains House Zwartbles £124 Cardew Hall, Hampshire £116, £108 Meinfoot, Mule £113, £97 Morton Farm, £113, £111 Faugh Beeches, £102 Church Farm, £100 Oakbank Farm, £96 Jenetes Hill, £91 Beech House, Dorset £96 Beech House, Hill Cheviot £95, £76 Ribton House, £86 Aimshaugh, Berrichon £83 Gelt Hall Farm, Swaledale £83, £63 Church Farm, £56 Nether Oakshaw, Jacob £79 Morton Farm, Herdwick £68 Grapes Barn, £55, £51 Ribton House.

Rams: Texel £126 Cardew Hall, £112, £104 Oakbank Farm, £108 Cowgate Farm, Beltex £112 Shankfield Head, £100, £96, £86 Smithy Garth, Zwartbles £94 Shankfieldhead

Please contact a member of our Sales team for further information
David Holliday                                  07710 189804                   Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson                                07872 129274                   Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little                                        07872 840685                   Prime & Cast Sheep