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Date: 13 December 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen OTM & Cast Cows

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their Christmas Cast cows and OTM cattle when 45 were forward.

Limousin cows topped at £1498.58 for a six year old cow which weighed 795kg making 188.5p/kg from Messrs Lawson, Buddle House, Richmond and was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Topping the sale at £1565.46 was a 8 year old British Blue cross cow weighing 892kg and making 175.5p/kg from G&S Holdings, Stoneygarth, Little Asby which was bought by S. McGimpsey.

Topping at 239.5p was a British Blue cross OTM heifer weighing 590kg and totalling £1413.05 also consigned by G&S Holdings and bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Another two young British Blue and Limousin cross cows sold to 225.5p/kg and 220.5p/kg also from G&S Holdings.

Beef shorthorn cows sold to £1389.96 for a seven year old cow from Messrs Taylor, Low Howgill, Milburn which was bought by Messrs Roberts, Wales.

Dairy cows topped at 134.5p/kg for a Friesian cow from Ellis Bros, Langford Farm, Warcop bought by Messrs Roberts.

Holstein cows topped at £1062.60 from Messrs Chippendale, Wharton Hall.


Per Head

Cast Cows –

British Blue £1565.46, £1413.05, £1298.88 Stoneygarth: Limousin £1498.58 Buddle House; £1296.54 Stoneygarth; £1181.38, £1094.63 Low Howgill; £1115.63, £1082.37 Asby Grange; £1076.06, £921.25 Harbour Flatt; £1074.63, £1053.15 Gilts; £1029.55 Whygill Head: Beef Shorthorn £1389.96 Low Howgill; £1101.36, £1051.88 Low Howgill: Charolais £1178.95 Low House: Black & White £1062.60, £848.98 Wharton Hall; £841.97 Langford Farm; £813.12 Townfoot: Whitebred Shorthorn £828.14 Stoneygarth.

Cast Bulls – Charolais £1255.83 Low House: Limousin £1056.76 Bridge End.

Per Kilo

British Blue 239.5p, 225.5p, 175.5p Stoneygarth; 159.5p Thorney Gale: Limousin 220.5p Stonegarth; 188.5p Buddle House; 178.5p, 163.5p Asby Grange; 162.5p, 157.5p Low Howgill; 158.5p Gilts; 157.5p Low Howgill; 155.5p Harbour Flatt: Beef Shorthorn 176.5p, 148.5p Low Howgill: Charolais 161.5p Low House: Black & White 134.5p Langford Farm; 126.5p Wharton Hall.

Cast Bulls – Limousin 138.5p Bridge End: Charolais 131.5p Low House.