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Date: 20 December 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

At St Boswells on Monday 20th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 40 Clean Cattle, 59 Cast Cows, 1423 Prime Lambs and 418 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (22) averaged 224p per kg and sold to 265p  (n/c on the week) 

Heifers (18) averaged 248p per kg and sold to 286p (n/c on the week)

Cast Cows (59) averaged 155p per kg and sold to 195p (3)  (+7p on the week) Top price £1449

Lambs (1423) averaged 274p per kg, (-4.5p on the week) £128.34 per head and sold to £156 for Texel Lambs

Top price 334p per kg for Beltex Lambs.

Cast Sheep (418) averaged £92.69, and sold to £155 for a Texel Ewe .

Heavy Ewes averaged £131, light ewes sold to £145 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £85


Plainer, heavier show forward

Bullocks per head: Nether Falla £1713.36, £1699.04, Bee Edge £1611.20, £1591.20, Standhill £1571.76, Brockholes £1559.52, £1533.60

Bullocks per kilo:   Bee Edge 265p Coq & Bull Butchers Ltd, Nether Falla 259p J.A Waters & Sons, Bee Edge 255p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Nether Falla 242p S.I Carlisle & Co

Heifers per head: Wester Middleton £1717.50, Bee Edge £1675.96, Longnewton £1630.56, Bee Edge £1549.04, Longnewton £1543.80, Bee Edge £1530

Heifers per kilo: Bee Edge 286p Forsyths of Peebles, Faughhill 270p Forsyths of Peebles, Bee Edge 268p John Saunderson Ltd, Longnewton 258p Hugh Black & Sons ltd, Bee Edge 250p Foley Bros


Fabulous Trade

Cast Cows per head:   Symington Mains £1449, £1440.76, Venchen £1410.66, Symington Mains £1405.38, Coxydene £1392.60, Hexpath £1378.86, Byrewalls £1349.46, Venchen £1345.14, Hexpath £1322.76, Headshaw, L £1322.10

Cast Cows per kilo: Rumbleton, Venchen, Headshaw, L 195p, Huntington 189p, Symington Mains, Rumbleton 181p, Bowden Moor, Symington Mains 177p, Symington Mains 175p, Venchen 173p

Heavier show forward, returns slightly less.  Average 274p (46.8 kgs) £128.34

Lambs per head –

Texel: £156 Blackadder Mains, Butterdean (2), £155, £154 (2) Butterdean, £151 North Synton, Bonjedward, £150 Threepwood, Wester Ulston, £149 Bonjedward, North Synton, Crookston, £148 Butterdean, Corsbie, £147 Haltree, £146 Corsbie, Hermiston, £145 (2) Threepwood, Suffolk: £156, £155 Butterdean, £152 Belmont, £151, £150 Butterdean, £150 Headshaw, A, Bonjedward, £149 Butterdean, £148 Haltree, Headshaw, L, £146 Blackadder Mains, £145 Bonjedward, £144 Ballencrieff Mains, Blegbie, Bonjedward, Longwood, £143 Headshaw, L, £142 Bonjedward, Butterdean, £140 Langraw, Beltex: £152, £150 Crookston, £150 (2)Wester Ulston, Threeburnford, £149 Crookston, £144 Faughhill, £142 Crookston, £141 Faughhill, £140 Crookston, Blackadder Mains, £138 Threeburnford, £137 (2) Faughhill, £136 Crookston, Wester Ulston, Treaty Park, £135 Wester Ulston, North Country Cheviot: £140 Broomiebank, £132 North Synton, £130 Bonjedward, Haltree, Bluefaced Leicester: £136 Corsbie Cottages (P.W Hedley); Cheviot Mule: £132 Blegbie, £124 Wester Ulston, £121.50 Woodside, £120 Saughtree, Greyfaced: £130 Tollishill, Burncastle, Charollais: £124 Berryhill, £123.50 Berryhill, Berrichon: £124 Springwood Lodge, Blackface: £120 Threeburnford, Half Bred: £118.50 Headshaw, L

Lambs per kilo-

Beltex: 334.9p Faughhill, 323.8p Wester Ulston, 319p Heriotsfield (A.Halliday), 314.6p Crookston, 314.5p Huntington, 314p Wester Ulston, 313.3p Faughhill, 311.6p Wester Ulston, 311p, 309.1p, 304.5p, 298p Crookston, 297.1p Threeburnford, 294.6p Faughhill, 293.6p Threeburnford, 293p Wester Ulston, 292.3p, 291.7p Crookston, Texel: 311.6p Threepwood, 307.5p Buckholm, 295.8p Corsbie, 295.5p Threepwood, 293.2p Headshaw, L, 290.9p Wester Ulston, 289.4p Threepwood, 289.1p Corsbie, 288.6p Wormerlaw, 288.5p Threepwood, 288p Chesters Brae, Treaty Park, 286.7p The Knock, 285.3p Berryhill, 284.5p Haltree, 284p Butterdean, 283.8p Huntington, 283.3p Blackburnrigg, Meigle, Headshaw, L, Suffolk: 290.2p, 286p Headshaw, L, 284.5p Woodside, 282.6p The Knock, 281p Gattonside Mains, 280.9p Bonjedward, 280.8p Blackadder Mains, 280.4p Whitsome West Newton, 280p Haltree, Charollais: 287.5p Ladyflat, Cheviot Mule: 281.8p Wester Ulston, North Country Cheviot: 281p Woodside, 280p Broomiebank, Haltree, 275.9 Headshaw, L, 275p Woodside, Lleyn: 278.2p Kilnknowe Cottage, Berrichon: 275.6 Springwood Lodge, Greyfaced: 270p Tollishill


Cast Sheep a superb trade with flesh in short supply.  Sale top of £167 for a Texel Tup from N.Elliot, 2 Duke Street, Hawick

Ewes peaked at £155 on two occasions for Texel bred sorts.  Firstly from J.W Fullerton & Sons, Corsbie and again from Neil Harvey Farms, Blackadder Mains

Texel: £155 Corsbie, Blackadder Mains, £149 Bogend, Belmont, £147 Belmont, £141 Burncastle, £137 Arniston Home Farm, £135 Threepwood, Suffolk: £151 Symington Mains, £147 Bonjedward, £143 Corsbie, Symington Mains, £141 Symington Mains, £137 Lauder Barns, £129 Corsbie, £115 Threepwood, Blue Texel: £147 Standhill, £131 Blackburn Mill, North Country Cheviot: £145 Symington Mains, £123 Hagbrae, £119 Blegbie, £95 Woodside, Cheviot Mule: £141 Blegbie, Greyfaced: £131 Hutlerburn, Corsbie, £129 Burncastle, £125 Bettyfield, £121 Lauder Barns, £119 Berryhill, Hermiston, Stoneypath, Symington Mains, Jacob: £113, £97 Standhill, Charollais: £109 Berryhill, Blackface: £99 Berryhill, Tollishill, £97 Burncastle, £95 Tollishill, £85 Burncastle, £81 Tollishill


Texel: £167, £151 Duke Street, Hawick, £149 Blackadder Mains, £147 Firbank, £145 Collielaw, £143 Duke Street, Hawick, Berrichon: £159 Springwood Lodge, Bluefaced Leicester: £149 Broomiebank, £141 Gospelhall, £90 Stoneypath, Blackface: £121 Tollishill, North Country Cheviot: £115 Springwood Lodge, Easycare: £105 Hagbrae