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Date: 27 December 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

At St Boswells on Monday 27th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 963 Prime Lambs and 243 Cast Sheep
Lambs (963) averaged 278p per kg, (+4p on the week) £123.66 per head and sold to £160 for Texel Lambs
Top price 323.8p per kg for Beltex Lambs.
Cast Sheep (243) averaged £107.17, and sold to £200 for a Texel Tup.
Heavy Ewes averaged £127, light ewes sold to £117 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £92

PRIME SHEEP -  Mixed show forward, returns similar.   Average 278p (44½kgs) £123.66

  Lambs per head –  Texel: £160 Sunnycroft, £155 Cortleferry, Blackadder Mains, £150 Greenhead, R, Cortleferry, £148 Threepwood, £146 Bonjedward, £145 North Synton, Wauchope, Fountainhall, Greenhead, R, £144.50 Threepwood, £144 Cortleferry, £143.50 Corsbie, £142 Upper Bolton, Cortleferry, £140 Upper Bolton, New Blainslie, Cortleferry, Crumhaughhill, Suffolk: £150 Oxmuir, New Blainslie, £149 Threepwood, £148 New Blainslie, £146 Halidean Mill, £145 New Blainslie, Adderstonshiels (S.Hunter), £142 New Blainslie (2), Blegbie, Halidean Mill, £140 Adderstonshiels, New Blainslie, Blue Texel: £140 Sunnycroft, North Country Cheviot: £140 Adderstonshiels, Symington Mains, £134 Broomiebank, £133 Adderstonshiels, Beltex: £139, £136 Halidean Mill, £136, £135 Faughhill, £134 Wauchope, £130 Faughhill (2), Lylestane, £128 Wauchope (2), £127 Lylestane, Wauchope, £122, £120 (2) Wauchope, Cheviot Mule: £129 Blegbie, Greyfaced: £122 Drinkstone, Half Bred: £120 Headshaw, L, Bonjedward, Easycare: £118 Pilmuir

Lambs per kilo-  Beltex: 323.8p Faughhill, 312.2p Wauchope, 309.1p Halidean Mill, 308.9p Wauchope, Halidean Mill, 304.8p Wauchope, 302.6p Lylestane, 302.3p Faughhill, 298.8p Wauchope, 296.7p Faughhill, 295.3p Lylestane, 294.5p, 292.7p Wauchope, 292.1p Faughhill, 290.2p Wauchope, 290p Greenhead, R, Texel: 308.6p Wauchope, 300p Crumhaughhill, 295.6p Halidean Mill, 295.5p Threepwood, 293.2p Headshaw, L, 292p Threepwood, 291.7p Crumhaughhill, 291.3p Leaston, 289.9p Corsbie, 288.9p Holydean, 288.6p Lylestane, Suffolk: 298p Threepwood, 289.4p Headshaw, L, 282.5p Hallrule Mill, 282.1p Blackadder Mains, North Country Cheviot: 295p Broomiebank, Blue Texel: 280p Sunnycroft

CAST EWES A mixed show of Cast Sheep forward.  Fast trade throughout as numbers dry up
Topping the trade at £200 was a monstrous Texel Tup from the Firm of A.S.M Farming, Wauchope Farm.
Cast Ewes peaked at £165 for a smart Texel Ewe from Will Clark & Son, Upper Bolton

Leading Prices -  Texel: £165 Upper Bolton, £157 Middle Blainslie, £153 Headshaw, L, Wauchope, £135 Leaston, East Cottage, Blackadder Mains, £133 Halidean Mill,  Whitsome West Newton, Suffolk: £147 Ecclaw, Thornington, £141 Bonjedward, £139 Ecclaw, New Blainslie, £131 Corsbie, £129 Currie Inn, £125 Bonjedward, Greyfaced: £133 Thornington, £123 Berryhill, Ecclaw, £117 Oxmuir, £111 KJS Farming, £109 Whitsome West Newton, Cheviot Mule: £127 Halidean Mill, £125 Ecclaw, Half Bred: £121 (2) Bonjedward, North Country Cheviot: £117 Headshaw, L, £105 Adderstonshiels, Blackface: £91 KJS Farming

RAMS - Texel: £200 Wauchope, £157 Currie Inn, £153, £151, £141 Upper Bolton, Suffolk: £157 Corsbie