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Date: 04 January 2022 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 3,111 sheep were forward consisting of 2,418 prime hoggs, 475 cast sheep and 218 store hoggs.

Topping the sale at £200 was a 52kg Beltex cross hogg from Messrs Skelton, Newhall Farm, Maryport.

Topping at 402.6p/kg were a pen of four 39kg Beltex cross hoggs which made £157 from Messrs Burbridge, Park Farm, Stamford.

Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Soulby topped £170 for a 60kg Beltex cross hoggs.

Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap sold a pen of 42kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £165.50 (394p/kg)

Messrs Burbridge, Stamford sold 55kg hoggs to make £166.50.

Messrs Millman, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold 53kg hoggs to make £165.

Texel cross hoggs sold to £165.50 for a 58kg hogg from Messrs Brogden, Helbeck Farm.

Charollais hoggs topped at £160 for 48kg hoggs from Messrs Skelton, Newhall Farm.

Messrs Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby sold a pen of ten 53kg Texel cross hoggs to make £155.50.

Mule hoggs topped at £135 from Messrs Guy, Fountain Head, Barnard Castle.

Mules also topped at 270.2p/kg for a pen of 42kg hoggs which made £113.50 from Messrs Sayer, Musgrave House, Great Musgrave.

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park sold a pen of twenty-one 51kg Mules to make £130.50.

Swaledale hoggs topped at 247.3p/kg for a pen of twenty-two 37kg hoggs which made £91.50 from Messrs Tarn Bros, Step Ends Farm, Middleton in Teesdale.

Goats sold to £120 for a 48kg from Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge.

Ewes topped at £198 for a pair of Texel ewes from Messrs Teward, New View Farm, Darlington, with other Texel ewes from this home selling to make £192.50.

Leading Consignment Averages (Hoggs)












S Milman, Maulds Meaburn






HG Jackson, Kings Meaburn






R Skelton, Maryport






T Brogden, Brough






R Ashley Snr, Crackenthorpe






KJ&CS Wilson Ltd, Thursby






MTP&SD Wills, Dufton

Leading Prices –

Prime Hoggs

Price Per kilo –

Beltex £200, £160, £154 Newhall Farm; £170, £161.50 Grassgill Lodge; £166.50, £157, £152.50, £150 Park Farm; £165.50, £165, £158.50, £157.50, £150.50 Brackenslack(Millman); £165.50 Green Farm; £164.50, £157.50, £153, £152, £151 Little Beck; £155.50 Brackenslack(Seymour); £152 Bolton Fold Farm; £151(2), £150 Fawcett Park Farm; £150 Carkin Moor Farm; £150 Red House Farm(Bainbridge): Texel £165.50, £140(2) Helbeck Farm; £160, £156 High Harbour Farm; £155.50, £150, £142.50(2), £140.50 Wood Farm; £152 Steeley Farm; £151 Etherley House; £151, £150, £146.50(2), £145, £143.50(2) Newhall Farm; £150 Wiske Moor; £150 Fair View; £144 Hyde Park; £144 Sawbridge Hall; £142.50 Prospect Farm Cottage; £141 Chapel Hill; £141.50 High Toft Hill Farm: Charollais £160 Newhall Farm; £150 Orchard Farm; £145.50, £139 Red House Farm; £131 Tarnside: Suffolk £151.50 Etherley House; £151.50 High Harbour Farm; £148(2) Newhall Farm; £146, £135 Red House Farm(Tiplady); £145.50 Bolton Fold Farm; £145.50, £130 Green Farm; £136 Hyde Park; £135 Brackenslack(Seymour); £135 Brackenslack(Seymour); £134.50 Marriforth; £132 Wiske Moor; £130.50 Williams House; £130.50 Wood Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £137 Fawcett Park Farm: Mule £135 Fountain Head; £130.50 Fawcett Park Farm; £127.50 Wood Farm; £127.50 Hundith House; £127, £122(2) Marriforth; £125.50, £124.50 Bolton Fold Farm; £124.50 Eden Flatt; £123 Red House Farm(Tiplady): Dutch Texel £131.50 Gunnerwell: Goat £120 Grassgill Lodge: Cheviot £119.50 Castle Hill; £117 Hundith House; £116.50 Briggle Farm: Blue Texel £119.50 Orchard Farm: Swaledale £110, £107 Harbour Flatt; £103.50 Low Farm; £98.50 Musgrave House; £97.50 West End(Birbeck); £94.50 West End Farm(Foster); £91.50 Step Ends Farm: Rough £100 Ellergill Farm: Herdwick £96.50 Roseleigh: Shetland £90 Marriforth.

Price per head –

Beltex 402.6p, 381.3p, 377.4p365.9p, 361p, 355.6p Park Farm; 394p Green Farm; 384.6p, 379.5p, 372.5p, 355p, 350p Newhall Farm; 376.1p, 360.2p, 350p, 339.3p Brackenslack(Millman); 373.9p, 366.3p, 330.7p Little Beck; 368.1p, 363.5p, 340.8p West Lea; 366.2p, 332.4p Croft House;  361.1p High Toft Hill Farm; 360.8p Searchlight; 345.3p, 344.2p, 343.2p Fawcett Park Farm; 342.5p Carkin Moor Farm; 337.8p Scar Top; 335p Fair View; 333.7p(2) Brackenslack (Seymour): Charollais 333.3p Newhall Darm; 288.5p Orchard Farm; 283.7p Red House Farm(Tiplady): Texel 328.6p, 326.1p, 325.6p(2), 321.3p, 318.5p, 315.2p Newhall Farm; 323.9p Prospect Farm Cottage; 320.2p Steeley Farm; 315.9p Green Farm: Suffolk 300p Red House Farm(Tiplady); 290.2p, 284.6p Newhall Farm; 283.3p Fell View; 282.6p Green Farm: Cheviot 291.5p Castle Hill; 285.4p Hundith House: Blue Texel 284.5p Orchard Farm; 281.8p Briggle Farm: Kerry Hill 284.2p Briggle: Mule 270.2p Musgrave House; 269.8p Chastle Hill; 264.1p Eden Flatt; 262.2p(2) Marriforth; 261.6p Thorney Gale: Bluefaced Leicester 263.5p Fawcett Park Farm: Goat 250p Grassgill Lodge: Swaledale 247.3p Step Ends Farm; 246.3p Musgrave House; 240p Pennine View; 237.8p Harbour Flatt; 230.5p West End Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £198, £192.50 New View Farm; £166.50 Glen Whelt; £154.50, £148.50, £144.50(2) Carkin Moor Farm; £147.50 Martindale Farm; £145.50 High Harbour Farm; £142 Fair View; £142 Terrys Farm: Half Bred £155.50 New View Farm: Suffolk £130 New House: Lleyn £118.50 Woodfoot: Mule £106.50 High House; £106 Martindale(Wearmouth); £102.50 Fair View; £101 Highfield Farm; £100.50 Rake Head: Rough £84 Ellergill Farm: Swaledale £80 Low Farm; £78.50, £72.50 Bleathgill; £75 Eastfield Farm; £72.50 Lanehead Farm; £72 Harbour Flatt; £70.50 Whingill: Cheviot £64.50 Flakebridge Farm; £60.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Scotch Blackface £60 Castle Hill; £60 Middle Bank End Farm.

Cast Rams

Texel £160, £140.50 Helbeck Farm; £160 Arngill House; £148 Glen Whelt: Bluefaced Leicester £150 Eastfield Farm; £125 Keisley Farm; £120 Hartley Castle: Beltex £140.50 The Gables: Suffolk £120 Carkin Moor Farm: Swaledale £92.50 The Gables; £79.50 Easegill Head; £72.50 Low House; £70.50 Villa Farm.