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Date: 11 January 2022 | Store & Weanling Cattle, Store Cattle

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Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

Lockerbie, Sydney Place, Lockerbie, DG11 2JA

On Tuesday 11th January Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Mart.

A flying start to the year at Lockerbie!

2022 begins with trade being in an ideal fashion, with trade exceeding all expectations. All types of store cattle were extremely well bid for with a huge amount of buyers eager to fill empty sheds. Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold to £1240 from Messrs Ritchie, Middlebiehill and to £1215 for a packet of 9 from Mr McKerrow, Darnlawhill. Smart pens of 4 Limousin bullocks from Dougie Brown, Mosshead making £1190 and a quality run of Charolais from Messrs Spence, Corrielaw selling up to £1055, £1040 and £1020.

Heifers were also easily sold with Ian Richardson, Purdomstone receiving £1200 for his biggest pair. Messrs Spence sold up to 274ppk for Charolais bullocks and to 248ppk for heifers. Mr D Brown, Mosshead sold Limousin heifers to 260ppk, 249ppk and 245ppk.

Everything therefore pointing in the right direction for our next sale on Tuesday 25th January, where a larger entry of cattle is expected.

Please contact one of our Auctioneers for further information:
Joel McGarva 07909 985770
Michael Stewart 07753 720323
Cameron Robertson 07836 233042

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Aberdeen Angus
£1240, £850 Middlebiehill, £1215, £1150, £1060 Darlawhill, £885 Esbie Farm, Limousin £1190, £1050 Mosshead Farm, £930, £860 Penlaw, Charolais £1055, £1040, £1020, £970, £960, £950, £860, £795 North Corrielaw, £905 Kimmeter Green, Beef Shorthorn £920 Penlaw, Simmental £770 Kimmeter Green.

Heifer: Limousin £1200, £1080, £1050, £1000 Purdomstone, £1100 Middlebie, £1060, £1040 Mosshead Farm, £920 (x2) Penlaw, Aberdeen Angus £1070, £1060 Middlebiehill, British Blue £990 Middlebiehill, Beef Shorthorn £940 Penlaw, Charolais £870, £860, £795 North Corrielaw, £750 Kimmeter Green, Luing £850 Lochbank Farm, Hereford £760, £660 East Tinwald House, Simmental £750 Lochbank Farm.

Bulls: Blonde £950, £930, £750 Todholes, Aberdeen Angus £750 Fingland.

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Charolais
273.2p, 269.8p, 267.4p, 265.7p, 263.2p, 247.8p, 244.1p, 225.9p North Corrielaw, 230.8p Kimmeter Green, Limousin 245.7p, 207.6p Penlaw, 238.6p, 235.2p Mosshead Farm, Simmental 227.8p Kimmeter Green, Aberdeen Angus 220.9p, 212.2p Darlawhill, 215.9p Esbie Farm, 202.9p Middlebiehill, Beef Shorthorn 213p Penlaw.

Heifers: Limousin 260p Mosshead Farm, 248.2p Mosshead Farm, 244.7p Penlaw, 243.4p, 235.8p, 233.8p, 226.3p Purdomstone, Charolais 247.8p, 225.9p, 224.8p North Corrielaw, 221.9p Kimmeter Green, Luing 209.4p Lochbank Farm, British Blue 201.2p Middlebihill, Hereford 192.9p East Tinwald House, Aberdeen Angus 187.9p Middlebiehill.

Bulls: Blonde 217.3p Todholes, Aberdeen Angus 175.2p Fingland.