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Date: 13 January 2022 | Store Cattle, Store Sheep

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St Boswells Sale of Store Sheep & Cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP


Mixed show of Store Sheep sold to strong rates for all types.

Texel: £118, £114 Crookston, £97 Stottencleugh, £96 Broom, £92 Newhouses, £90 Trabroun
Suffolk: £115 Belmont, £107.50 Venchen, £102.50 Stottencleugh, £98.50 Newhouses, £97.50, £96.50 Venchen, £96 Meigle, Belmont, £94 Belmont, Stottencleugh

North Country Cheviot: £90.50 Carcant, £88 Gospelhall, £83.50 Byrecleugh, Treaty Park
Portland.x: £94.50, £94 Craigsford
Greyfaced: £87.50 Meigle, £85 Douglasdale, £83.50 Treaty Park
Blackface: £80 Broom, Byrecleugh, £78 Meigle, £74 Stottencleugh
South Country Cheviot: £75 Whitefield, E


First Store Cattle Sale of the year with all vendors returning home happy with the days trading.

Topping the trade was Nisbet Mill with Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks raising £1290.

Top price per kilo went to Messrs Douglas, Saughtree for a pen of Heifers at 242p

Bullocks per head –
Aberdeen Angus:
£1290, £1140, £1100 Nisbet Mill, Limousin: £1100 Saughtree, Luing: £990 Upper Chato, Saler: £940 Nisbet Mill

Bullocks per kilo –
Aberdeen Angus: 236.6p, 224.7p Nisbet Mill, Limousin: 227.9p Saughtree, Luing: 204.1p Upper Chatto, Saler: 213.6p Nisbet Mill

Bullocks averaged 214.5p per kilo

Heifers per head –
Limousin: £1235 Orchard, £1100 Saughtree, Simmental: £1140 Orchard

Heifers per kilo-
Limousin: 241.9p, 241.5p (2) Saughtree

Heifers averaged 227.5p per kilo