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Date: 19 April 2022 | Store Cattle

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Wooler Store Cattle Sale

Wooler, Berwick Road, Wooler, NE71 6SL

Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle.

Great show of cattle forward with a great trade to suit.

Topping the days trading was Messrs Crammond, Springhill with a Limousin.x Bullock at £1460

Heifers topped at £1450 for Limousin.x Heifer from Messrs Mellors, Annstead.  Messrs Mellor also topped the pence per kilo with a Limousin.x Heifer at 322p per kilo.

Bullocks per head:- Aberdeen Angus: £1440, £1250 Springhill, £1200 Annstead, £1190 Springhill, £1100 Annstead, South Ord, Hereford: £960 Chatton Park, Limousin: £1460 Springhill, £1320, £1280 (2), £1270, £1260 (2), £1240 (2) £1210 Annstead, Simmental: £1000, £965, £955 Chatton Park, £950 Shotton, British Blue: £740 Oak Dene Grange

Bullocks per kilo:- Aberdeen Angus: 282.9p, 282.1p, 269.6p, 267.5p, 259.1p South Ord, Hereford: 260.9p Chatton Park, Limousin: 320.8p, 316.3p  Annstead, 306.9p, 290.8p, 290.4p South Ord, 287.4p Shotton, 285.7p South Ord, 284p Annstead, 282.1p South Ord, 280p Shotton, Simmental: 259.4p, 250.7p Chatton Park, British Blue: 242.6p Oak Dene

Bullocks averaged 262.79p per kilo

Heifers per head:- Aberdeen Angus: £1190, £1130, £1010 Hillcrest, £960 , £910, South Ord, Limousin: £1450, £1400, £1360 Annstead, £1350, £1330, £1290 Howick, £1290 Annstead, £1260 Howick, Annstead, £1240 Annstead, Charolais: £865, £860 South Ord

Heifers per kilo:-

Aberdeen Angus: 249.3p Shotton, 247.9p Hillcrest, 244.6p South Ord, 240.4p Hillcrest, Limousin: 317p, 314.1p, 308.5p, 308.1p, 303p Annstead, 300p Howick, 289.7p, 286.7p (2), 286.1p, 285.4p Annstead, British Blue: 256.8p Oak Dene, Charolais: 235.6p South Ord

Heifers averaged 260p per kilo