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Date: 05 May 2022 | Breeding Sheep, Store & Weanling Cattle, Store Cattle

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St Boswells Sale of Ewes & Lambs, Store & Grazing Cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP


A superb show of Ewes, Gimmers and Ewe Hoggs with lambs at foot met a flying trade for all types.

Texel.x Hoggs with Singles                          £145 (£290) Swinside Townfoot

Suffolk.x Hoggs with Twins                         £100 (£300) Birkenside

Texel.x Gimmers with Twins                       £100 (£300) Swinside Townfoot, £98 (£294) Munro Livestock

Suffolk.x Gimmers with Singles                 £100, £95 (£200, £190) Bairnkine Cottage

Suffolk.x Gimmers with Twins                   £95(x3) (£285) Bairnkine Cottage

Mule Gimmers with Twins                           £95 (£285) Bairnkine Cottage

Texel.x Ewes with Singles                            £120 (£240) £116 (£232) Broomilees Cottage, £100 (£200) Hawksnest

Texel.x Ewes with Twins                               £104 (£312) Hawksnest

Suffolk.x Ewes with Singles                         £106 (£212) Hawksnest

Suffolk.x Ewes with Twins                           £101 (£303) Hawksnest, £98 (£294) Howahill, £95 (£285) Bairnkine Cottage

Cheviot Mule Ewes with Singles               £100, £96 (£200, £192) Wester Ulston Sheep

Cheviot Mule Ewes with Twins                  £96 (x2) (£288), £95 (x2) (£285) Wester Ulston Sheep

Cheviot Ewes with Singles                           £116 (£232) Broomilees Cottage

Mule Ewes with Twins                                   £90 (£270) Bairnkine Cottage, £86 (£258) Howahill

Half Bred Ewes with Twins                          £96 (£288) Hallrule Mill


Trade buoyant throughout with Grazing Cattle very easily sold.

Top of the day went to Messrs Damerell, Lauder Barns with a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Heifers at £1440.

Top pence per kilo went to Messrs Connon, Greenknowe with a Limousin.x Bullock at 324.6p per kilo

Bullocks per head:-

Aberdeen Angus:£1270 Lamberton, £1260, £1240 Broomiebank, £1215 Whitburgh, £1200 Cammerlaws, £1160 Lamberton, £1150 Whitburgh, £900 Ayton Cocklaw, Limousin: £1230 Broomiebank, £1190, £1180 Spottiswoode, £1135 Todshawhaugh, Luing: £1000 Pogbie, Beef Shorthorn: £1335 Broomiebank, £1260 Ayton Cocklaw, £1195 Broomiebank, Simmental: £1040 Greenknowe, Charolais: £1040  Greenknowe, £970 Ayton Cocklaw, £965 Greenknowe

Bullocks per kilo:-

Aberdeen Angus:  290.3p Ayton Cocklaw, 287.9p, 283.6p, 278.6p, 272.7p Gattonside Mains, 271.7p Ayton Cocklaw, 270.7p Pogbie, 290.3p, 271.7p Ayton Cocklaw, Limousin: 324.6p, 309.1p Greenknowe, 288.1p Pogbie, 280.2p Todshawhaugh, 271.6p Greenknowe, Luing: 255.7p Tushielaw, 241p Pogbie, Beef Shorthorn: 261.8p Broomiebank, Simmental: 279.4p Kirklands, A, 278.3p, 273.7p Greenknowe, Charolais: 306.3p, 298.4p, 298p Greenknowe

Bullocks averaged 258.76p per kilo

Heifers per head:-

Aberdeen Angus: £1440 Lauder Barns, £1240 Towford, £1230 Broomiebank, £1140 Towford, £1120 Broomiebank, Limousin: £1225 Broomiebank, £980 Spottiswoode, Luing: £950 Pogbie, Beef Shorthorn: £1190 Broomiebank, Simmental: £950 Pogbie, Charolais: £1320 Lauder Barns, £900 Todshawhaugh, £880 Pogbie

Heifer per kilo:-

Aberdeen Angus: 272.7p Gattonside Mains, 262.5p Pogbie, 260.4p Gattonside, 247.8p, 241.6p Towford, 241.2p Broomiebank, Limousin: 262.5p Pogbie, 247.5p Broomiebank, Luing: 231.7p Pogbie, Beef Shorthorn: 233.3p Broomiebank, Simmental: 246.8p Pogbie, 243.8p Kirklands, A, Charolais: 241.1p, 239.4p Pogbie, 237.1p, 236.8p Todshawhaugh

Heifers averaged 237p per kilo