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Date: 13 June 2022 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

Sold 71 Clean Cattle, 23 Cast Cows, 918 Prime Lambs, 138 Prime Hoggs and 432 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (23) averaged 280p per kg and sold to 300p

Heifers (48) averaged 277p per kg and sold to 308p

Cast Cows (21) averaged 197p per kg and sold to 257p. Top price £1961

Cast Bulls (2) averaged 167p per kg and sold to 167p (x2) , Top price £2147

Lambs (918) averaged 323p per kilo (-6p on the week), £138 per head and sold to £196

Top price 346p per kg for Texel Lambs

Hoggs (138) averaged 240p per kg (-22p on the week), £107 per head and sold to £191

Top price 282p per kg for Texel Hoggs

Cast Sheep (432) averaged £128.62, and sold to £180 for Texel Ewes

Heavy Ewes averaged £148, light ewes sold to £139 for Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £107

PRIME CATTLE- Fast trade from start to finish

Bullocks per head: Upper Nisbet £1859.20, Whitrighill £1814.40, Bee Edge £1778.92, Lurdenlaw £1746.54, Bee Edge £1744.20

Bullocks per kilo: Upper Nisbet 300p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Whitrighill 298p, 288p(2) Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Pathhead 290p, 288p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Crookhouse 288p Briggsys Butchers, Pathhead 288p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lennoxlove 288p Worsley Wholesale Butchers

Heifers per head: Bee Edge £1848.24, Whitsome West Newton £1822.08, Bee Edge £1800.64, £1798, £1773.20, Faughhill £1761.76

Heifers per kilo: Faughhill 308p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Penston 306p, 302p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 302p Denholm Meat Supplies, Lennoxlove 296p (2) Worsley Wholesale Butchers

CAST COWS – Working away well

Cast Cows per head: Wester Middleton £1961.70, Kersknowe £1942.92, £1826.66, Birkenside £1703.82, Woodhead of Mailer £1636.18, Foulshiels £1603.10, £1560.16, Ruletownhead £1556.86, Woodhead of Mailer £1525.08, Faughhill £1485.90

Cast Cows per kilo: Kersknowe 257p, Ruletownhead 241p, Birkenside 219p, Woodhead of Mailer 217p, 213p. Trabroun, Kersknowe 209p,  Foulshiels 205p, Woodhead of Mailer 201p

Cast Bulls: Caverton Mill £2147.62 (167p), Easter Howlaws £1977.28(167p)

PRIME LAMBS - A good show of Lambs sold to slightly reduced rates inline with National trend.  Average 323p (42.7kgs) £138

Lambs per head- Charollais: £196, £190 Runningburn, Texel: £180 Legars, £174 East Gordon, £173 Chesters Brae, Traprain, £170 Legars (2), Chesters Brae, £168.50 Hermiston, £168 Greenhead, Reston, £163, £162 Whitsome West Newton, £160.50 Greenhead, Reston, £160 Leetside, Legars, £156 Wantonwalls, £155 Belmont, Greenhead, Reston, Suffolk: £169.50 Philiphaugh, £169 Oxmuir, £168 Chesters Brae, £164 Highfield Farming, £161 Chesters Brae, £159 Belmont, £156, £152 Philiphaugh, Hermiston(2), Oxmuir, £151 Edrom Mains, Hampshire: £144 Faughhill, £140 Fairlaw, Reston,

Lambs per kilo- Texel: 346.7p Wantonwalls, 345.7p Byrewalls, 344.9p, 344.7p Whitsome West Newton, 344.2p Marvingston, 343.2p Traprain, 341.9p Edrom Mains, 341.5p Greenhead, Reston, 340.4p Leetside, Whitsome West Newton, 340p Marvingston, East Gordon, 339.2p, 339p Huntington, 338.6p Old Melrose Lodge, Suffolk: 336p, 331.3p Belmont, 331p Oxmuir, 330.7p Whitsome West Newton, 330.4p Oxmuir, 329.3p, 328.9p Marvingston, 328.3p Edrom Mains, Hampshire: 320p Faughhill


Hoggs per head- Texel: £191 Threepwood, £171 Birkenside, £165 Wantonwalls, £155 Philiphaugh, £154, £151 Heriot Mill, £149 New Blainslie, £145 New Blainslie, £143 Nether Howden, £137 Hallrule Mill, Suffolk: £162 Cockburn, £121 Currie Inn, Blue Texel: £160 Firbank, Earlston, £141 Crookston, North Country Cheviot: £153 Nisbet Mill, £147 Lower Swinnie, £130 Cockburn, Lleyn: £153 Kilnknowe Cottge (A.Story), Jacob: £129 Broomilees, Hebridean: £119 Coltcrooks

Hoggs per kilo- Blue Texel: 282p Crookston, Texel: 279.5p New Blainslie, 274p Hallrule Mill, Hebridean: 273p Coltcrooks, North Country Cheviot: 270.5p Lylestane, 266.7p Dod Farm, Easycare: 267.5p Inchkeith, Suffolk: 265.9p, 264.9p Currie Inn, Greyfaced: 261.4p Heriot Mill


A mixed show forward met a resounding trade as all classes continue to be short of buyers requirements

Sale top of £180 for a pair of Texel cross bred Ewes from Huntington Partnership, Huntington. 

Cast Tups sold to £155 with a Texel from Bowden Moor & Broomilees Farms

EWES- Texel: £180, £171 Huntington, £163 Fairlaw, Reston, £159 Cockburn, Huntington, £155 Traprain, Cockburn, £153 Newmains, North Berwick, £151 Currie Inn, Suffolk: £173 Marvingston, £169 Legars, £165 Marvingston, Cockburn, £159 Legars, Venchen, £157 Faughhill, £153 Huntington, Thornington, Romney: £147, £137 Towford, Lleyn: £147, £129 Kilnknowe Cottage (A.Story), North Country Cheviot: £139 Traprain, £129 Newmains, North Berwick, £125 Marvingston, Greyfaced: £137 Venchen, Falside, £135 Thornington, Broomilees, £133 Cockburn, £131 Middlestead, £129 Brockielaw, Middlestead, £121 Falside, Cockburn, Half Bred: £137 Marvingston, Cheviot Mule: £131 Ruletownhead, Blackface: £125 Crookston, £115 Lower Swinnie, Crookston, Zwartble: £121 Fairlaw, Reston, Easycare: £109 Inchkeith, Hebridean: £105 Coltcrooks

RAMS- Texel: £155 Broomilees, Bluefaced Leicester: £139 Kirklands, Ancrum, Blackface: £119 Borthwickshiels