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Date: 13 June 2022 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 13th June 2022 Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS – The largest show of bulls seen for some time with a grand total of 128 forward, trade remains very similar to that of last week whereby plainer bulls looked dearer in comparison to the very best.  Despite this the best bull of the day certainly came out on top weighing 943kg and achieving £2654.55 from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.   Limousins from Messrs Armstrong, Farhill, Castle Douglas to £2241 for 838kg purchased by Messrs Medcalf, Brookwood Abattoir, Halifax.  Messrs Hunter Upper Brydekirk, Annan sold a 799 kg Limousin to £2121.35 purchased by Bowland Foods.  Aberdeen Angus to £1871.62 from Messrs Wilson, Newbank, Moffat purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. 

Top pence per kilo of 281.50p was paid to Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton for a British Blue cross.  Messrs Rome, Niven Hill Gretna sold Limousin crosses to 269.5p and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston,  Simmentals to 259.5p from Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie and Charolais to 257.5p from Messrs Gatherer, Mackies Hill, Johnstone,

Black and white bulls peaked at £1547.98 for a 715kg Friesian selling to Bowland Foods. Top pence per kilo of 218.50p was paid to Messrs Preston, Wed Holme, Wigton purchased by Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.

All enquiries please get in touch with our auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading prices per head: British Blue £2654 Lesson Hall £1655 Bectonhall £1553 £1512 Randalinton Farm, £1525 £1500 Mirkbooths  £1519 King Hill, Limousin £2241 Farhills £2121 Upper Brydekirk, £1920 £1874 West Farm, £1798 £1660 Niven Hill £1656 Mirkbooths £1625 The Flatt, Aberdeen Angus £1871 £1812 £1697 Newbank £1483 £1468 Justicetown Farm, Simmental £1868 £1634 Kirtleton House, Charolais £1751 £1691 £1688 (x2) £1684 £1676 £1662 £1653 Mackies Mill Farm, Friesian £1547 £1505 £1487 Whins Farm, £1454 £1431 £1411 Hillhead £1334 The Flatt £1295 £1145 Steel Hall, £1208 Wed Holme House £1183 £1174 High House, Piemontese £1521 £1404 Beck House, Swedish Red & White £1499 £1488 South Lambhill £1401 West House Farm, Holstein £1475 £1424 Lambhill, Montbelairde £1446 £1338 Seymour House, Holstein Friesian £1426 £1310 Milton Farm, £1425 South Lambhill £1378 Blackrigg £1359 £1342 £1251 Randalinton Farm, £1357 Bectonhall, £1331 £1281 £1279 £1237 High Whinnow Farm, £1231 High House, £1215 Cowlyers Farm, £1208 Blackrigg, Belted Galloway £1364 High Whinnow Farm, MRI £1293 Cowlyers Farm, Saler £1271 Glenlea.

Leading prices per kilo:  British Blue 281.5 Lesson Hall 244.5 Bectonhall 238.5 Cote House farm, 235.5 Mirkbooths, Limousin 269.5 Niven Hill 267.5 Farhills, 265.5 Upper Brydekirk 264.5 Niven Hill 258.5 West Farm, Simmental 259.5 Kirtleton House, 240.5 Beck House, Charolais 257.5 252.5 250.5 244.5 Mackies Mill Farm, 248.5 Barnsford, Piemontese 251.5 249.5 Beck House, Aberdeen Angus 232.5 Newbank 231.5 220.5 Justicetown Farm 221.5 Bectonhall, Belted Galloway 230.5 High Whinnow Farm, Friesian 218.5 Wed Holme House, 216.5 214.5 (x2) Steel Hall  214.5 Whins Farm,  210.5 206.5 High House 210.5 Hillhead 207.5 The Flatt, 206.5 205.5 Hillhead 205.5 Brisco Hill, MRI 214.5 Cowlyers Farm, Swedish Red & White 214.5 208.5 Lambhill, Holstein Friesian 214.5 High House, 213.5 203.5 Randalinton Farm, 210.5 202.5 Blackrigg 207.5 Cowlyers Farm, Holstein 196.5 193.5 South Lambhill 193.5 Justicetown Farm, Montbelairde 213.5 207.5 Seymour House 208.5 Cowlyers House, Saler 207.5 Glenlea.

PRIME CATTLE – Yet another good entry of 67 prime steers and heifers forward seeing a very good trade throughout with a day top of £2078.19 for a 774kgs Limousin cross from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton and purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Messrs Case, Kirkland Guards, Wigton sold a 746kg Limousin cross once again to £1995.55 and purchased by Eric Hall.  British Blue crosses from Messrs Carruthers, Grassgarth, Carlisle to £1912.34 purchased again by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Charolais to £1819.10 from Messrs Gate, Brackendene, Cockermouth and Aberdeen Angus to £1816 from Stenries Farm, Carrutherstown, Dumfries both purchased by Eric Hall. Top pence per kilo of 284.5p was paid to Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill Farm, Carlisle purchased by John Penny, Leeds, Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle to 283.5p purchased by Mr Eric Hall.

Heifers sold to a top of £1959.22 for a 677kgs Limousin cross heifer from Messrs Skelton, Low House, Maryport purchased by Steven Wilson Butchers, Carlisle the same home sold top Beef Shorthorn cross to £1928.41 for 746kgs to Mr Eric Hall and Charolais to £1909.03 for 698kgs to Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Top overall pence per kilo on the day of 297.5p was paid to Messrs Hird, West End, Cockermouth and purchased by John Penny, Leeds. Messrs Skelton, Low House to 289.5p to Steven Wilson Butchers and Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths, Carlisle to 283.5p to Alan Jarvis.  More cattle required for next weeks sale.

Please advise entries by calling or text with our auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Prices Per Head:
Steers: Limousin
£2078 Lesson Hall; £1995, £1929 Kirkland Guards; £1953, £1925, £1898, £1859, £1855 The Lake; £1891, £1833 Halfway Well; £1860, £1797 Petteril Hill; £1852, £1810 Hoddomtown; £1832 Grassgarth British Blue £1912 Grassgarth £1773, £1664 West Farm Charolais £1819 Brackendene Aberdeen Angus £1816 Stenries £1635 Braehill Galloway £1235 Greenwrae;

Heifers: Limousin £1995, £1845, £1713, £1637, £1607 Low House; £1906 West End; £1664, £1617, £1567 Greenhill; £1652 Rosgill Head; £1559 Mirkbooths; £1550 Stenries Beef Shorthorn £1928 Low House Charolais £1909, £1745 Low House; £1791 Barnsford Simmental £1742 Tundergarth Mains Fleckvieh £1676 Glenzierfoot British Blue £1672, £1560, £1556 Beeches Galloway £1177 Balgray Hill

Leading Prices per kilo:
: Limousin 284.5p, 269.5p  Petteril Hill; 283.5p, 275.5p, 273.5p, 273.5p, 268.5p The Lake; 274.5p, 269.5p Halfway Well; 272.5p, 267.5p, 266.5p Kirkland Guards; 268.5p Lesson Hall; 267.5p Hoddomtown British Blue 264.5p Grassgarth; 256.5p, 254.5p West Farm Charolais 259.5p Brackendene Galloway 237.5p Greenwrae;

Heifers:   Limousin 297.5p West End; 289.5p, 275.5p Low House; 283.5p Mirkbooths; 281.5p, 275.5p, 270.5p Greenhill; 273.5p West End; 269.5p Rosgill Head; 262.5p Kelbarrow Charolais 273.5p, 250.5p Low House; 247.5p Barnsford Beef Shorthorn 258.5p Low House British Blue 243.5p, 242.5p, 241.5p Beeches Simmental 230.5p Tundergarth Mains Galloway 229.5p Balgray Hill Montbeliarde 213.5p Swordwellrigg Flechvieh 204.5p Glenzierfoot;


BEEF CAST COWS – Once again an increased number of 318 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer with a great ringside of buyers ensuring a great trade again.

Brett Corcoran, Newton Stewart, sold the top priced Simmental cow for 970kg, 203.5ppk or 1973 to Messrs Roberts. Messrs Gwynne, Castlewigg Farm run of Simmental cows topped at 919kg, 213.5ppk or £1962 to Mr Michael Helliwell.

Messrs Harrison, Dundraw Farm sold the top priced Limousin cow for 852kg, 229.5ppk or £19652 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk sold the top priced British Blue cross cow for 767kg, 254.5ppk or £1952 to Owain Llyr.

Messrs Somerville Braehill Farm sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus cow for 824kg, 227.5ppk or £1874 to Mr Sean McGimpsey.

Messrs Harrison, Lesson Hall, sold the top priced Blonde cow for 878kg, 209.5ppk or £1839 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

Messrs Weatherson, Edges Green sold a Limousin cross cow for 704kg, 259.5ppk or £1826 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

DAIRY CAST COWS – Dairy cows were in great demand with Bluestone Farming’s run of Fleckvieh cows topping at 974kg, 187.5ppk or £1826 and to 947kg, 187.5ppk or £1775, then 889kg, 186.5ppk or £1657 and then to 825kg, 187.5ppk or £1536 and finally to 789kg, 193.5ppk or £1526 purchased by Messrs Roberts, Michael Helliwell and Steven Helliwell.

Messrs Scott, Daltonhook sold the tope priced Holstein cross cow for 877kg, 186.5ppk or £1635 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

Messrs Chippendale, Wharton Hall run of Holstein cross cows topped at 838kg, 187.5ppk or £1571 and 788kg, 195.5ppk or £1540 and to 817kg, 186.5ppk or £1523, and Holstein cross heifer to 538kg, 203.5ppk or £1094 purchased by Les Fell, and Michael Helliwell.

Messrs Haston Dearham Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 838kg, 185.5ppk or £1554 to David Holmes.

Brownrigg Hall Farms sold a Holstein cross cow for 832kg, 183.5ppk or £1526 to Sean McGimpsey.

Messrs Workman, Beeches sold the top priced Montbelairde cross cow for 813kg, 185.5ppk or £1508 to Messrs Roberts. House sold a Holstein cross cow for 821kg, 183.5ppk or £1506 to Philip Bowes.

Messrs Mitchell & Sons, Mirkbooths Holstein cross cows topped at 806kg, 186.5ppk or £1503 to Les Fell. Messrs Graham, Stubbyknowe sold a Holstein cross cow for 818kg, 183.5ppk or £1501 to Pickstocks.

Messrs  Carruthers, Glenzierfoot Farm sold a Holstein cross heifer to 216.5ppk to Rob Medcalf.

Messrs Hunter, Stoneraise Place sold a Montbelairde cross heifer for 214.5ppk to Wesley Gracey. Messrs Neill & Sons, Thornington Farm sold the top priced Friesian heifer to 211.5ppk to Jewitts.

Messrs Harrison, Dundraw Farm sold a Holstein cross heifer for 209.5ppk to Mr McGimpsey.

Leading Prices per Head: Simmental - £1973 Viewfield Farm, £1962, £1924, £1762 Castlewigg, £1857, 1781.45 Newbie Mains, Limousin - £1955 Dundraw Farm, £1854, £1544 The Throp, £1826 Edges Green, £1675, £1606 Balgray, £1663 Thackwood, £1653 Farhills, £1598 Willows Farm, £1584 Ratlinggate, £1560 High Grounds, British Blue £1952 Upper Brydkirk, £1534.31 Braehill, Blonde £1839 Lesson Hall, Fleckvieh £1826, £1775, £1654, £1536, £1526, £1452 Bluestone Farming, Holstein Friesian £1635 Daltonhook, £1571, £1523, £1506, £1445, £1402 Wharton Hall, £1554, 14721 Dearham Hall, £1526 Brownrigg, £1503 Mirkbooths, £1497  Dundraw Farm, 1494, 1344 Randalinton Farm, £1447, £1344 Archbank, £144 Woodhouse, £1439 Tempest, £1394 Torpenhow Hall, Charolais £1548 The Square, Holstein £1540 Wharton Hall, £1501 Stubbyknowe, £1371 Prestrie Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1535 Skiddaw View Cottage, Montbeliarde - £1508, £1330.04 Beeches, £1287, £1276 Stoneraise, Saler £1441 Holly Tree Farm, £1436, £1434 Greenfield, Luing £1428 Tundergarth Mains, Friesian £1331 FDT Farms, 1587 Micklethwaite, £1240 Fauldie, £1240 Wellington, Ayrshire £1381 Nethertown £1216 Horseclose, Norwegian Red £1320 FDT Farms, Swedish Red & White £1167 Geltside, Belted Galloway - £1063 Hesket Demain, Parthanaise £811 Shankfield Head.


Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 259.5p Edges Green, 240.5p High Grounds, 237.5p, 233.5p Farhills, 234.5p, 212.5p Highfield Farm, 229.5p Dundraw Farm, 227.5p, 225.5p The Throp, 224.5p, 215.5p Ratlinggate Farm, 219.5p Mirkbooths, 219.5p Thackwood, 218.5p Hollin Close, 214.5p (x2) Balgray Hill, 213.5p Kilnknowe Farm, British Blue 254.5p Upper Brydekirk, 247.5p Changue Farm, 233.5p Stenries Farm, 219.5p Braehill Farm, 207.5p Walloway, 201.5p The Throp, Aberdeen Angus 237.5p High Grounds, 227.5p Braehill Farm, 208.5p Tundergarth Mains, Simmental 222.5p, 213.5p, 212.5p Castlewigg Farm, 221.5p Viewfield Farm, 214.5p Newbie Mains, 213.5p Seat House Farm, 209.5p Balgray Hill, 209.5p Tundergarth Mains, 203.5p Viewfields Farm, Charolais 217.5p Greenfield, 211.5p The Square, Holstein Friesian 216.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 209.5p Dundraw Farm, 203.5p, 187.5p (x2), 186.5p Wharton Hall, 197.5p, 185.5p Tempest Tower, 197.5p Bromfield Hall, 192.5p Justicetown Farm, 187.5p Woodhouse, 186.5p Daltonhook, 186.5p Mirkbooths, 185.5p Carrick Dean, 185.5p Arbrack, 185.5p Dearham Hall, 184.5p Wood Farm, 183.5p Brownrigg Hall Farm, 183.5p Torpenhow Hall, 183.5p Gill House, Montbeliarde 214.5p, 199.5p Stoneraise Place, 185.5p (x2) Beeches, 181.5p Gillespie, Beef Shorthorn 213.5p Skiddaw View Cottage, Saler 213.5p, 211.5p Greenfield, 204.5p Holly Tree Farm, British Friesian 211.5p, 197.5p Thornington Farm, 193.5p Micklethwaite Farm, Blonde 209.5p Lesson Hall Farm, 207.5p Wood Hall, Bazadaise 203.5p Westfield House Farm, Shorthorn 199.5p Greenfield, Hereford 195.5p Waterloo Farm, Holstein 195.5p, 186.5p Wharton Hall, 186.5p Justicetown Farm, 183.5p Stubbyknowe, 182.5p Fauldie, 180.5p Prestrie Farm, Luing 193.5p Tundergarth Mains, Fleckvieh 193.5p, 188.5p, 187.5p (x2), 186.5p (x2) Nethermains Farm, Norwegian Red 190.5p Bailey Town, Belted Galloway 181.5p Hesket Demain, Ayrshire 183.5p Nethertown Farm, 180.5p Horseclose Farm, Dexter 129.5p Barsalloch Farms.

CAST BULLS: A small entry of 6 stock bulls were forward this week. Toping the sale was Messrs Ridley, Woodhall who sold an outstanding Limousin stock bull for 1118kg, 233.5ppk or £2610 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Houldey, Kirkton sold the top priced Simmental bull for 1388kg, 183.5ppk or £2546 to Owain Llyr. Sorbietrees Farm sold a Limousin bull to 1127kg, 193.5ppk or £2180 to Owain Llyr.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £2610 Wood Hall, £2180 Sorbietrees, £1500 Drumnabrennan Farm, Simmental £2546 Kirktleton House, Aberdeen Angus £1636 Cappuck Farm, Holstein Friesian £1505 Southview Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 233.5p Wood Hall, 214.5p Demesne Farm, Ayrshire 204.5p Dinwoodie Green Farm, 201.5p Horseclose Farm.

PRIME SHEEP – A slightly smaller show of lambs this week with a lack of top end export types forward.  All classes proved more difficult to sell after last week’s barnstorming trade.  In Borderway, all in,  an average of £137.64 per head shows a lift of £5.87 on last years sale.

Leading Prices Per Head: Texel £184 £164 Blue Dial Farm, £170 Mill House £169 £168 Seymour House, £168 Meadow farm,  £168 (x2) £162 Nelson Hill Farm, £168 £165 Wavercroft £167 High Boonwood, £166 £164 Ellerslea £166 £165 (x2) £163 Boggle Hall, £165 Rottington Hall, £163 Mill House, Suffolk £178 £161 £160 £154 £151 £149 £144 Clappers Farm, Clappers Farm, £165 Castlehill £164 Ellerslea £158 £145Coxhill Farm,  £154  £144 Mirlaw House, £154 £144.50 Jackson Rigg, £149 Faugh Beeches £149 Whitehouse Farm,  £146 Blue Dial Farm,  £145 Macey Bank Farm,  Dutch Texel £166 £159 £156 Hargill House, Charollais £164 Springfield Farm, £164 £137 Springfield Farm, £139 £132 Dunnabie House, £135 Bogrie, Beltex £160 Castlehill £154 £147Wood Head £151 Tinwald Farm, £141 Nirvana, Hampshire £141 Brownrigg Hall, Ryeland £108 High Boonwood.

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Beltex 425.6p 400p Ellerslea 405.3p Wood Head, 395.3p 371.1p Seymour House, Dutch Texel 387.8p 375.9p Hargill House, Texel  383.7p 370.5p 349.5p 347.4p Boggle Hall, 365.2p 357.4p  Hill Farm, 363.6p 347.9p High Boonwood 361.5p Whitehead Brow, 351.1p Seymour House 350.5p Mill House, 346.3p Wavercroft 345.2p The Hill 341.9p (x2) Rottington Hall, Charollais 364.4p Springfield Farm, Suffolk 336.7p 324.1p Castlehill 330.1p 325p 318.5p 312p 310p Mirlaw House  329.5p Coxhill Farm, 323.6p 317.4p 314.6p 313.7p Clappers Farm, 321.4p 311.4p Steel Hall, 315.6p Jackson Rigg, 312.8p Macey Bank, 312.4p Ellerslea, 310p Milton Mains.

CAST SHEEP: At the weekly sale of cast sheep another large show was again presented to an ever increasing ringside of buyers at Borderway.  A plainer show was present with all classes selling well beyond expectations.  Topping the sale was a Texel ewe from Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft, selling for £216.  A plainer show of Texels were forward resulting in average of £144.  Mules topped at £148 from WH & JR Stephenson, Wigton.  A plainer show of mules were also met with an excellent trade with top price coming for a pair of Swales from A & B Edmondson, Penrith selling for £110.  Hill ewes averaged £90 exactly.  Suffolks however stole the show with a single ewe from D & J Richardson, Wigton selling for £173 with a total breed average of £155.  Many more are required to satisfy demand.

Ewes: Texel £216 £166 (x2) Wavercroft £192 £186 The Hill £178 £178 Abbots Close £177 The Hill £168 Boggle Hall, £162 High Boonwood, £160 £140 The Guards, £157 Whitehead Brow, £156 £154 Wilshir, £152 Beck Farm, £148 Leapsrigg farm, £146 The Square £142 Milton Mains, Suffolk £173 Whitehead Brow £172 Coxhill Farm, £168 £158 Blue Dial Farm, £166 Old Silloth Farm, £158 The Guards £146 £142 Walloway £140 Wilshir, Beltex £160 £152 £150 £126 The Guards, Charollais £162 £128 Springfields Farm, £132 Coxhill, Grey Faced £148 West Causeway Head £138 £132Whitehead Brow £137 Walloway £136 The Guards, £127 Old Silloth Farm, Kerry hill £122 Coxhill Farm, Zwartbles £120 Wetheral Shields, Swaledale £110 £90 Walloway, Ryeland £94 High Boonwood.

Rams: Charollais £154 Bogrie, Texel £126 Milton Mains

Sale Contacts
David Holliday                                  07710 189804                   Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson                                07872 129274                   Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little                                        07872 840685                   Prime & Cast Sheep