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Date: 20 June 2022 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 88 Clean Cattle, 50 Cast Cows,  1095 Prime Lambs, 55 Prime Hoggs and 326 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (25) averaged 274p per kg and sold to 300p

Heifers (63) averaged 275p per kg and sold to 302p

Cast Cows (48) averaged 201p per kg and sold to 280p . Top price £2415

Cast Bulls (2) averaged 148p per kg and sold to 165p , Top price £1937

Lambs (1095) averaged 320p per kilo (-3p on the week), £136.54 per head and sold to £190 for  Suffolk Lambs

Top price 370p per kg for Beltex Lambs

Hoggs (55) averaged 232p per kg (-8p on the week), £111 per head and sold to £185 for Texel Hoggs

Top price 272p per kg for Easycare Hoggs

Cast Sheep (326) averaged £136.22, and sold to £181 for Suffolks

Heavy Ewes averaged £147, light ewes sold to £135 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £108


Fabulous trade throughout

Bullocks per head: Whitrighill £1968.40, Upper Nisbet £1896.60, £1853.28, Penston £1810.44, Broachrigg £1745.84, Whitrighill £1716.48, Lurdenlaw £1708, Dunslaw £1704.28

Bullocks per kilo: Pathhead 300p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Whitrighill 298p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Faughhill 292p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Upper Nisbet 290p S.I Carlisle & Co, Pathhead 288p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 286p Mr G.Chapman

Heifers per head: Kersknowe £2033.44, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage (H.Redden) £1919.12, £1837.44, Rumbletonlaw £1833.74, Bee Edge £1828.68, Rumbletonlaw £1809.50, Kersknowe £1805.04

Heifers per kilo: Bee Edge 302p Forsyths of Peebles, Penston 300p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage 300p S.I Carlisle & Co, Bee Edge 300p (x2) Shaw Fine Meats, Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Phantassie, Bee Edge, Lennoxlove 298p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage 298p S.I Carlisle & Co


Fast trade

Cast Cows per head: Old Whiteburn, Lauder £2415.60, £2340.80, Ecclaw £1990.90, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage £1957.94, £1853.18, Oldcastles £1809

Cast Cows per kilo: Old Whiteburn, Lauder 280p, 244p, Corsbie 239p, Oldcastles 225p, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage 223p, 217p, Ecclaw 215p, Glendearg, Ecclaw, Burnhouse Mains 211p

Cast Bulls: Upper Nisbet £1937.10(165p)


Superb show of Lambs selling to strong ratees.  Average £136.54 (42.6kgs) 320p

Lambs per head-

Suffolk: £190 Smailholm Mains, £166 Marvingston, £165 Belmont, £164 Smailholm Mains, Belmont, £153 Wester Middleton, £150 Smailholm Mains, Belmont, £148 Elwartlaw, Whitsome West Newton (2), £145 Byrewalls, £144 Marvingston, £143.50 Wester Middleton, £141.50 Marchcleugh, £140 Belmont, Texel: £176 Redden, £174 Thornington, £173, £172 Greenhead, Reston, £171 Lamberton (M.Budge), £170 Whitsome West Newton, Corsbie, £169 Greenhead, Reston, Belmont, £168 Redden (2), Mossilee, £167.50(2) Greenhead, Reston, £167 Thornington, £166 Whitsome West Newton, Corsbie, £163 Redden, £162 Symington Mains, Corsbie, Beltex: £170 Whitsome West Newton, Charollais: £157, £150 Whitemire, Half Bred: £140 Smailholm Mains, North Country Cheviot: £134.50 Greenhead, Selkirk

Lambs per kilo-

Beltex: 369.6p Whitsome West Newton, Texel: 356p Corsbie, 354.3p Redden, 353.4p Whitsome West Newton, 349p, 344.9p Greenhead, Reston, 344.4p Corsbie, 342.9p Redden, 341.8p Greenhead, Reston, 341.6p Whitsome West Newton, 341.5p Leaston, 340p, 339.5p Redden, 339.2p Greenhead, Reston, 339.1p Marvingston, Leaston, 338.5p Redden, 338.3p Whitsome West Newton, 337.8p Wester Middleton, 337.5p Symington Mains, 337.1p Greenhead, Reston, Suffolk: 336.7p, 334.7p, 333.3p Belmont, 328.9p Whitsome West Newton, 327.4p Headshaw, Lauder, 325.6p Belmont, 325.5p, 325p Marvingston, 321.7p Elwartlaw, 320p Marvingston


Hoggs per head-

Texel: £185 Muircleugh, £177 Duke Street, Hawick (N.Elliot), £167 New Blainslie, Easycare: £142, £131, £130, £120, £117 (2) Pilmuir, Greyfaced: £141 Crosshall, £116 Tollishill, Shetland: £117, £113 Boggs Holdings (A.Bain), Blackface: £123, £117 Tollishill, North Country Cheviot: £111 Dod Farm, Hebridean: £99 Westrigg

Hoggs per kilo-

Easycare: 272.1p, 265.9p, 258.2p Pilmuir, Texel: 256.4p New Blainslie, Blackface: 254.3p Tollishill, Greyfaced: 251.8p Crosshall, Hebridean: 241.5p Westrigg


Cast sheep sell to similar strong rates as seen in previous weeks.  Numbers continue to be slow in coming forward to meet buyer demand.

Sale peak of £181 for a pen of 4 Suffolk Ewes from G.S Shaw, Smailholm Mains


Suffolk: £181 Smailholm Mains, £175 Belmont, £171 Faughhill, £165 Leaston, Bowland, £161 Smailholm Mains, £159 Belmont, £155 Lamberton (M.Budge), £153 Symington Mains, Cockburn, Bluefaced Leicester: £169 Corsbie Cottage (P.W Hedley), Texel: £165 Greenhead, Reston, Faughhill, £161 Cockburn, £153 Faughhill, £151 New Blainslie, Cockburn, £149 Belmont, £145 Leaston, Elwartlaw, Ballencreiff Mains, Cheviot Mule: £153 South Common, £141, £127 Faughhill, Charollais: £153 (2) Faughhill, £145 Whitemire, £141 Faughhill, Half Bred: £147 Marvingston, Dorset: £145 Crailinghall Cottages (A.Scott), Greyfaced: £143, £133 Cockburn, £131 Belmont, £129 Ballencrieff Mains, Beltex: £141 (2) Faughhill, Dutch Spotted Texel: £141 Myreside, North Country Cheviot: £135 Mossilee, £131 Crailinghall Cottages, Marvingston, £119 Crailinghall, Lleyn: £129 Trabroun, Easycare: £115, £107 Pilmuir


Beltex: £183 Duke Street, Hawick (N.Elliot), Texel: £169 Duke Street, Hawick, Easycare: £143 Pilmuir, Suffolk: £141 Bowland, North Country Cheviot: £129 Dod Farm