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Date: 21 June 2022 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 2,753 sheep were forward consisting of 1,225 spring lambs, 411 prime hoggs and 1,117 cast sheep. 

Topping the lamb section at £180 was a 49kg Dutch Texel cross lamb from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which was bought by James Birkbeck on behalf of Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Also reaching the £180 mark was a 49kg Dutch Texel cross lamb from Susan Sowerby of Terrys Farm which was also bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Topping at 477.1p/kg were a pen of ten 35kg Beltex cross lambs which made £150 from Messrs Slater, Whitley Hey Farm, Macclesfield.

Another pen of fifteen 34kg lambs sold to make £150 (441.2p/kg) and a pen of 45kg Beltex cross lambs sold to make £178 also from Whiteley Hey Farm.

Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Penrith sold 47kg Dutch Texel cross lambs to make £178.

Messrs Platt, Far Whittles Farm, Cheshire sold a pen of 43 38kg Beltex cross lambs to make £155 (407.9p/kg), with another pen of 21 38kg lambs making £155, and a ring full of 38 Beltex cross lambs weighing 37kg selling to make £148 (400p/kg) all from Far Whittles Farm, Cheshire.

Texel cross lambs sold to £174 for a pen of 51kg lambs from Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Penrith.

Suffolk cross lambs sold to £168 (350p/kg) for a pen of eight 48kg lambs from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm.

A wonderful overall sale average of 338.3p/kg and £135.54 was achieved which is 78p/kg dearer on the same week last year.

Many more new season lambs are required on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen to fulfil demand from our 14 active buyers!

Prime hoggs topped at £178 twice both times for heavy Texel hoggs from Messrs Wearmouth, Parkside, Barnard Castle.

Messrs Dawson, Yore topped at 291.7p/kg for a pen of six 48kg Texel cross hoggs.

Swaledale hoggs topped at 250p/kg for a pen of 46kg hoggs with their teeth up which made £115 also from Messrs Dawson.

Cast Sheep topped at £245 for a Beltex cross ewe from Messrs Slater, Whiteley Hey Farm.

Swaledale ewes topped at £120 for a pen of 15 from Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton.

All Swaledale ewes forward averaged a fantastic £100.32!!

An overall sale average of £130.10 for all 1,117 ewes was achieved which is also £20.97 up on last year.

Many more numbers of cast sheep are also wanted particularly over these next couple of weeks.

Leading Consignment Averages (Spring Lambs)
No.         Weight    p/kg        Head         From
20    @    47.1kg    353.8p    £166.68    G Sowerby, Ormside
7     @     44kg       363.6p    £160.00    G Maughan, Great Asby
32    @    35.5kg    444.2p    £158.00    GE&VH Slater, Macclesfield
146  @    38kg       391p       £148.66    GW&MA Platt, Cheshire
23    @    39.7kg    365.7p    £145.17    HT Davies & Partners, Darlington
71    @    43.5kg    329.2p    £143.49    JR&M Richardson, Darlington
18    @    41.9kg    337.6p    £141.64    TW Hunter, Annan
13    @    43.4kg    316.2p    £137.46    GW Longrigg, Appleby in Westmorland
293  @    40.1kg    340.5p    £136.78    M/s Lyle, Penrith

Leading Prices –

Spring lambs

Price per head

Dutch Texel £180(2), £164 Terrys Farm; £178, £160 Staingills: Beltex £178, £167(2), £165, £150 Whiteley Hey Farm; £175, £160 Terrys Farm; £172 Hopewell Farm; £165.50, £164, £159(2), £158, £155, £153.50, £150 Staingills; £160 Sunnyside; £160 Grassgill Lodge; £156.50, £154.50 Upper Brydekirk; £155(2) Far Whittles Farm; £151 Wharton Hall; £150 Bolton Road: Texel £174, £170, £140.50, £140 Staingills; £164 Terrys Farm; £158.50, £154, £146.50, £142(2), £140.50, £140(2) Etherley House; £157 Row End Farm; £150, £140 Rennels House; £148 Breaks Hall; £144 Martindale Farm; £144 Rosgill Head: Blue Texel £173 Hopewell Farm; £140 Staingills: Suffolk £168 Terrys Farm; £163.50 Etherley House; £132.50 Staingills; £132 Martindale Farm: Dutch Spotted £160, £125(2) Four Seasons; £126.50 High Meadow Farm: Charollais £135 Orchard Farm; £131.50(2) Wodencroft; £131 Friendship Farm: Hampshire £132 Windygate: Mule £90 Slip Cottage.

Price per kilo

Beltex 477.1p, 441.2p, 428.2p, 423.1p, 395.6p Whiteley Hey Farm; 407.9p(2), 400p, Far Whittles Farm; 407.9p, 407.7p, 400p, 385.4p, 384.6p, 383.8p, 378.4p, 376.1p Staingills; 388.9p, 372.1p Terrys Farm; 384.2p Castle Hill; 382.9p Stonelowe Hall; 382.2p Hopewell Farm; 378.4p Buddle House; 377.5p, 373p Wharton Hall; 372.6p Upper Brydekirk: Dutch Texel 400p, 378.7p Staingills; 367.3p(2), 364.4p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 384.4p Hopewell Farm; 378.4p Staingills: Texel 379.7p, 354.2p, 350p, 341.2p Staingills; 357.1p Rennels House; 352.2p, 342.2p Etherley House; 345.9p, 342.3p, 342.1p Wharton Hall; 343.4p Bolton Road: Suffolk 350p Terrys Farm; 347.9p Etherley House; 319.2p Wharton Hall; 315.5p Staingills: Charollais 320.7p(2) Wodencroft: Dutch Spotted 320.5p Four Seasons: Hampshire 307p Windygate.

Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Texel £178(2), £160 Parkside; £152, £150, £130 Sunny Gill Farm; £141 Hartley Castle; £140 Sykeside; £140, £133.50, £130(2) Mount Pleasant Farm(Dawson): Bluefaced Leicester £175 Bowderdale Head: Beltex £160 Whiteley Hey Farm: Lleyn £144 Wharton Hall: Mule £130.50, £127 Mount Pleasant(Dawson); £120 Harley Castle: Dutch Spotted £125 Four Seasons: Scotch Blackface £118.50, £118 Mount Pleasant Farm(Dawson): Swaledale £116(2), £115 Mount Pleasant(Dawson); £109 Bowderdale Head; £108 Bridge Farm House; £101 Ettersgill House; £100 Decklyn: Cheviot £114 East Rackwood Hill Farm: Ryeland £96 Leather Howe Farm.

Price Per kilo –

Texel 291.7p, 278.1p, 276.6p, 272.3p, 270.8p Mount Pleasant Farm; 272.3p Crompton Farm: Mule 266.3p, 264.6p Mount Pleasant Farm(Dawson): Suffolk 260.4p Crompton Farm: Beltex 258.1p Whiteley Hey Farm: Scotch Blackface 256.5p, 241.8p Mount Pleasant Farm(Dawson): Swaledale 250p, 246.8p(2) Mount Pleasant Farm(Dawson): Lleyn 244.1p Wharton Hall: Dutch Spotted 227.3p Four Seasons.

Cast Ewes

Beltex £245, £190(2), £170, £160 Whiteley Hey Farm; £200, £180(2) Grassgill Lodge; £180(2), £160 Far Whittles Farm; £164, £160 High Harbour Farm; £160.50 Wodencroft; £160 Upper Brydekirk; £160 Staingills: Texel £200, £180 Galloper Rise; £192, £150 Parkside; £180 Hollins View; £175 Staingills; £174 Whitley Hey Farm; £172 High Harbour Farm; £160.50 Bolton Road; £160, £150 Street House; £158.50, £150(2) Etherley House; £158 Cairn Cottage; £154 Rosgill Head; £151 Upper Brydekirk; £151, £150.50 East Upper Priestside; £150 Crossfell House; £150 Windygate: Suffolk £180, £150 Gillridding Grange; £176, £170 High Harbour Farm; £156.50 Hawkrigg Farm; £150 Castle Hill: Charollais £179.50 High Harbour Farm; £140 Orchard Farm: Blue Texel £170(2), £140(2) Whiteley Hey Farm; £156.50 Castle Hill: Zwartble £154.50, £122 Ormside Lodge; £120 Mount Pleasant Farm (Brown): Lleyn £154 Whingill; £130.50, £120 Helm Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £150 Whingill; £146 Bowderdale Head: Cheviot £140 Martindale Farm; £121 East Rackwod Hill Farm; £115.50 Sunny Gill Farm; £114 Starrah: Mule £135 Friendship Farm; £135, £126.50 Rosgill Head; £134 High Harbour Farm; £130 Upper Brydekirk; £130 Martindale Farm; £125 East Mellwaters Farm; £120.50 Stotley Hall Farm; £120 Bolton Road; £120 Westgarth Hill: Easycare £130.50, £118.50, £110.50 Gaythorne Hall: Jacob £122 High Harbour Farm: Bleu Du Maine £121 High Meadow Farm: Swaledale £120 Hundith House; £118.50 Slip Cottage; £116.50 Rigg Farm; £116 Bridge Farm House; £114 Stotley Hall Farm; £113.50 Lanehead Farm; £113 Close House: Masham £120 Sykeside: Dorset £110 Middle Bank End Farm: Ryeland £100 Leather Howe Farm: Hebridean £74.50 Stonelowe Hall.

Cast Rams

Texel £160 Jerusalem Farm; £158.50 Bolton Road; £140 Flakebridge Farm: Beltex £150 Castle Hill: Charollais £140 East Rackwood Hill Farm: Swaledale £112 Arngill House; £100 Mount Pleasant (Brown).