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Date: 06 July 2022 | Dairy Cattle

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Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS


The Borderway Sale Centre at Carlisle attached a huge consignment of dairy cattle for their July Dairy Day sale.  Almost 350 dairy cattle sold to buyers from the four home nations with 27 counties recorded on the buyers list.  Trade topped at £3,100 of two occasions to see the overall average for milkers coming to just over £2150. 

Two special cows topped the trade at £3,100 with the first consigned by the Baillie family from Hillhead of Covington Farm near Biggar.  Covington Hartley Tina was sired by De-Su Hartley and has the potential to develop into a high scoring Excellent cow in the future.  This outstanding group of cows and heifers averaged £2600.

Also selling for £3,100 was Witherslack Silver Kate consigned by the Inman family from near Grange over Sands.  She was sired by Silver and bred from an Excellent Bookem dam.  This very milky group from Witherslack averaged £2850. 

Heifers topped at £2,900 twice for both consigned by Balcurvie Holsteins from Fife.  The first was for Balcurvie Syracuse Buttercup who was producing 34kgs and the second was for Balcurvie Jhonny Marion who was sired by Stowbeck Jhonny. This group of 22 heifers averaged just over £2200.

The Williamson family from The Howes farm near Appleby sold a tremendous group of British Friesian cows to average £2268 and topped at £2550 twice for two special cows in their second lactation.

The dispersal of the Challoch Fleckvieh herd took place to average over £1660 and topped at £2300 for fresh heifer with a cross of Norwegian Red.

A smaller group of Jersey milkers topped at £1800 for second lactation cow due again in January to average £1300.     

A super group of dry cows due in August and September were consigned by Sandersfarms from the Isle of Man.  They topped at £1900 twice to average £1483. 

An outstanding group of in calf heifers were consigned by several farms mainly Jersey Holstein cross and British Friesian heifers.  They averaged £1672 and topped at £2100 for a Brown Swiss Holstein cross heifer that was consigned by Robert McColm from Stranraer.

The Kerricks Jersey herd from Dumfries sold 20 Pedigree Jersey in calf heifers all due in August and September and all coming to well bred female sexed sires.  They topped at £2,200 for Kericks Barcelona Belle who was a grand daughter of the famous Canadian brood cow Duncan Belle EX.  This strong and well developed group averaged £1657.

Our next dairy sale takes place on Saturday 9th July at Northfield Farm, Worcester and features the Richaven Seeing is Believing Sale.  An online version of this catalogue can be viewed at www.harrisonandhetherington.co.uk or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230


Freshly Calved Animals

97 Holstein heifers milk                                                          £2101.97                                

39 Holstein cows milk                                                             £2166.00                                

11 British Friesians in milk                                                     £2225.18

69 Fleckvieh cows/heifers                                                      £1601.44

8 Jersey cows/heifers in milk                                                 £1300.00                                

12 Faulted cows ¾                                                                 £1150.00                                

In Calf Heifers

33 Dry Cows                                                                           £1483.33

46 Cross Bred/British Friesian In Calf heifers                        £1672.50

20 Jersey In Calf heifers                                                         £1657.50

Bulling Heifers

1 Jersey bulling heifers                                                           £780.00

Leading Prices

Lot       Price               Purchaser

52        £3100              Bradleys Farms Ltd, Preesall, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire

166      £3100              Bradleys Farms Ltd, Preesall, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire

37        £2900              Messrs Reay & Son, Grinsdale, Carlisle, Cumbria

47        £2900              Messrs Reay & Son, Grinsdale, Carlisle, Cumbria

35        £2800              Messrs Blezard Ltd, Ribchester, Preston, Lancs

152      £2800              Messrs Mandale & Son, Raughton Head, Carlisle, Cumbria

154      £2800              Bradleys Farms Ltd, Preesall, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire

46        £2750              Messrs Reay & Son, Grinsdale, Carlisle, Cumbria

150      £2750              Messrs Blezard Ltd, Ribchester, Preston, Lancs

182      £2750              Messrs Blezard Ltd, Ribchester, Preston, Lancs

33        £2700              Messrs Somerville, Carrutherstown, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire

48        £2700              Messrs Blezard Ltd, Ribchester, Preston, Lancs

56        £2700              Messrs Mair, Mouswald, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire