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Date: 19 July 2022 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 2,072 sheep were forward consisting of 1,500 prime lambs and 550 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £175 was a Texel lamb from Messrs Teward, New View Farm, Darlington.

Topping at 372.1p were a pair of 43 kilo Dutch Texel lambs making £160 per head from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside, following this 371.1p per kilo was achieved for a pen of 38 kilo Beltex cross lambs making £141 from Messrs Maughan, Ash Garth, Great Asby. 

Beltex cross lambs sold to £169 for a 47kilo lamb from Messrs Richardson, Croft House, Ravenstonedale bought by Mr J Birkbeck on behalf of Dowdings Butchers, Appleby. 

Texel cross lambs sold to £166 for 45 kilo lambs from F Rose, Kirkby Stephen also bought by Dowdings Butchers. 

Texel cross Mule lambs sold to £151 for a pen of 48 kilo lambs from Messrs Sayer, Musgrave House, Great Musgrave. 

Messrs Ewin, Eden Flatt, Warcop sold a pen of 38, 44 kilo Texel cross Mule lambs to make £133.50 (303.4p per kilo). 

Suffolk cross lambs sold to £155 and £154 for 52 kilo lambs from Messrs Hewitt, Bank Head, Crosby Ravensworth. 

Mule lambs sold to £118 for a pen of 18, 43 kilo lambs from Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange, Great Asby. 

Messrs Platt, Cheshire sold a pen of 37, 36 kilo Beltex cross lambs to make £130 (361.1p per kilo). 

An overall sale average of 304.64p per kilo and £124.52 was achieved with plenty of first cross lambs within this. 

Cast sheep trade was as hot as the temperatures outside with all classes flying!

Topping the sale at £210.50 was a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Teward, New View Farm, Darlington. 

Mule ewes topped at £143.50 for a pen of eight from Messrs Hebson, Chapel Farm, Carlisle. 

Rough Fell ewes sold to £124.50 for a pen of six from Messrs Law, Crooksbeck, Ravenstonedale. 

Swaledale ewes topped at £118.50 for a pen of Messrs Dent, Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen. 

Lamb Leading Consignment Averages
No.        Kg    p/kg    £/head    From
12    @    45.5kg    339.6p    £154.83    G Sowerby, Ormside
11    @    47.4kg    312.8p    £148.45    PG Sayer, Great Musgrave
21    @    45.3kg    323.8p    £146.81    B&S Teasdale & Son, Bishop Auckland
33    @    43.3kg    325.3p    £141.08    R&W Todd, Bishop Aukland
17    @    44.9kg    309.3p    £139.03    R Wilson, Appleby
12    @    45.1kg    302.6p    £136.71    TD Robinson, Waitby
10    @    44.6kg    303.7p    £135.45    T Hindson, Bleatarn

Leading Prices –

Spring lambs

Price per head Texel £175, £136 New View Farm; £166 Quarry Close; £164, £161, £140, 132.50 Fair View, £165.50, £135 Prospect Farm; £165.50, £160.50, £150, £139, £136 Lynsack Farm; £165, £151, £144  Musgrave House; £160, £157.50, £150, £146 Lowfield Cottage; £158, £138.50, £130 High Toft Hill Farm; £156 Bridge End Farm; £155.50, £150, £145.50, £137.50, £137 Prospect Farm; £151.50, £147.50, £140, £138, £136, £133.50 Staingills; £146 Terrys Farm; £145, £140 Friendship Farm; £144 Windygate; £142 Town End Farm (Sayer);; £138 Crooksbeck; £137.50 Croft House; £137 Breaks Hall; £136 Bridge End Farm; £135.50 Elm Pot; £134.50, £130 Quarry Close; £133.50, £132 Carpool; £133.50 Eden Flatt; £133 Park Farm (Walton); £132.50 Meadow View: Beltex £169, £143 Croft House Farm; £156 Red House Farm (Bainbridge); £150, £138, £137, £130 Skylin; £147.50, £132 Red House Farm (Tiplady); £141 Ash Garth; £138.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £136.50, £130 Staingills; £136 Friar House Farm; £135, £133.50, £130 Ash Garth; £135, 130 Far Whittles Farm; £130 Bridge End Farm; £130 Crossfell House; £130 Castle Hill: Dutch Texel £160 (2) Terrys Farm: Bleu du Maine 158 Low Esh Farm: Suffolk £155, £154, £140 Bank Head; £144 High Toft Hill; £140 Carpool;  £140 Terrys Farm; £138.50, £137 Lowfield Cottage; £137.50 Scar Top; £136.50 Sproat Ghyll; £134 Angerton Hall Farm; £133 Lower Leazes Farm: Dutch Spotted £130 Marshes Gill: Charollais £125.50 Walton Park Farm; £124 Town End Farm; £122.50, £120 Little Langton Grange: Zwartble £116 House and Holme Farm: Mule £18 Asby Grange; £105 Elm Pot: Hampshire £113 House and Holme Farm: Blackfaced £84 Middle Bank End Farm: Rough Fell £79 Crooksbeck. 

Price per kilo Dutch Texel 372.1p, 340.4p Terrys Farm: Beltex 371.1p, 355.3p, 351.3p Ash Garth; 368.8p, 338.5p Red House Farm (Tiplady); 361.1p, 335.5p Far Whittles Farm; 359.6p, 348.8p Croft House Farm; 357.1p, 336.6p, 326.2p, 325p Skylin; 346.7p Red House Farm (Bainbridge); 342.1p, 341.3p Staingills; 342.1p Crossfell House; 337.8p High Toft Hill Farm; 335.1p Bolton Road; 333.3p Bridge End Farm; 331.7p Friar House Farm; 329.2p Little Langton Grange; 325.6p Buddle House; 325p Castle Hill; 324.3p, 321.1p Crossfell House: Texel 368.9p Quarry Close; 359.8p Prospect Farm (Pedley); 359.8p, 348.9p Lynsack Farm; 345.2p Friendship Farm; 342.6p Fair View; £340.9p, 339.5p Lowfield Cottage; 335.5p, 333.8p, 329.3p, 328.2p, 325.6p, 325.6p, 323.8p, 320.9p, 320.7p Staingills; 329.2p High Toft Hill Farm; 324p Prospect Farm; 322.7p Town End Farm (Sayer); 321.1p Crossfell House; 320p Windygate: Suffolk 341.5p Terrys Farm; 319.8p Scar Top; 304.4p Lowfield Cottage; 304.3p Carpool Farm; 304.3p Bank Head; 303.3p Sproat Ghyll; 302.3p Lower Leazes Farm; 300p High Toft Hill Farm: Charollais 302.4p Town End Farm (Sayer); 298.8p Walton Park Farm; 285.7p, 284.9p Little Langton Farm: Zwartlble 290p House and Holme Farm: Dutch Spotted 288.9p, 285p Marshes Gill: Mule 274.4p Asby Grange. Rough Fell 213.5p Crooksbeck.

Cast Ewes Texel £210.50 New View Farm; £182 Scar Top; £178.50, £171.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £177.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £174.50 High Field (Dinsdale); £168.50 Lower Leazes Farm; £166.50 House and Holme Farm; £166.50 Lower Leazes Farm: £164.50 Raygill Farm; £157 Fair View; £147.50 Bank Head; £147, £140 Chapel Farm; £146.50 New View Farm; £145.50 Breaks Hall; £142.50, £140 Scar Top; £140 High Field: Beltex £157.50, £128.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £141.50 High Field: Bluefaced Leicester £150.50, £132.50 Asby Grange: Kerry Hill £144.50 Bank Head: Suffolk £160 Scar Top; £155.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £150 Terrys Farm; £124.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Mule £143.50, £134.50 Chapel Farm; £142.50 Raygill Farm; £140 Friendship Farm; £136.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £130.50 Musgrave House; £130 House and Holme Farm; 130, £128.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £128.50 Red House Farm (Tiplady); £126.50 Sunnybrae: Cheviot £137.50 New View Farm; £123.50 Chapel Farm: £120 High Field; £114.50 Yew House: Lleyn 127.50, £108.50 Woodfoot (Jenkinson): Rough Fell £124.50, £97.50 Crooksbeck; £90.50 Yew House: Masham £122.50 Crooksbeck: Swaledale £118.50 Greenriggs; £117.50 Buddle House; £105.50 West End Farm: £105.50 West Farm: £105.50 Chapel Farm; £104.50 Asby Grange; £96.50 Davygill Farm: Bleu due Maine £115.50 Low Esh Farm: Shetland £101.50 Chapel Farm : Goat £72.50 Sleetburn.

Cast Rams

Lleyn £144.50, £120.50 Woodfoot (Jenkinson): Texel £130 Chapel House: £125.50 Buddle House: Swaledale £90 Pikestone Farm.