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Date: 25 July 2022 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 65 Clean Cattle, 45 Cast Cows, 2471 Prime Lambs and 541 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (31) averaged 278p per kg and sold to 300p

Heifers (33) averaged 281p per kg and sold to 311p

Cast Cows (42) averaged 204p per kg and sold to 277p Top price £1916

Cast Bulls (3) averaged 177p per kg and sold to 223p, Top price £1643

Lambs (2471) averaged 253p per kilo (-47p on the week), £110.67 per head and sold to £144 for Suffolks.

Top price 288.5p per kg for Beltex Lambs

Cast Sheep (541) averaged £119.43, and sold to £190 for a Texel

Heavy Ewes averaged £139, light ewes sold to £147 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £107


Well bid for throughout

Bullocks per head: Whitrighill £1853.56, Bee Edge £1837.44, Dunslaw £1827.80, Bee Edge £1817.80, Broachrigg £1801.80

Bullocks per kilo: Oldcastles 300p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 298p Shaw Fine Meats, Penston 298p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Whitrighill 298p, 297p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Pathhead 296p John Saunderson Ltd, Whitrighill 295p Worsley Wholesale Butchers Ltd

Heifers per head- Bee Edge £1797.58, £1782, Seggarsdean £1776, Penston £1734.36, Lurdenlaw £1733.76, £1722.84, £1722.72, Whitrighill £1716.96, Penston £1705.20,

Heifers per kilo: Bee Edge 311p Forsyths of Peebles, Lurdenlaw 304p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Penston 302p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 300p Denholm Meat Supplies, Seggarsdean 300p Worsley Wholesale Butches, Whitrighill 299p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Seggarsdean(2) and Penston 298p Worsley Wholesale Butchers


Solid trade

Cast Cows per head: Hoselaw £1916.84, £1848.36, £1832.00, £1815.84, Whitfield £1801.10, Nether Falla £1704, Upper Nisbet £1648.44, Whitfield £1646.90, Broachrigg £1643.34

Cast Cows per kilo: Hoselaw 277p, Rumbleton 243p, Upper Nisbet 241p, 235p, Hoselaw 234p, Upper Nisbet 225p, Corsbie 221p, Swinside Farming 223p, Whitfield 219p (2), Hoselaw

Cast Bulls per head: Gateshaw £1190.04, Swinside £1177.44

Cast Bulls per kilo: Broachrigg 183p, Gateshaw 141p


More numbers forward.  All classes in line with National trade. Average 253p (43.7kgs) £110.67

Lambs per head-

Suffolk: £144, £137.50 Corsbie, £134 Butterdean, £132.50 Whitsome West Newton, £132 Thornington, £131.50 Belmont, £130 Roxburgh Mains, Soutra, £128.50 Belmont, £124 Corsbie, £123.50 Belmont, £123 Symington Mains, £122 Oxmuir, Texel: £140 Wooodhouse (2), £135 Thornington, £134 Greenhead, Reston, £133 Rumbletonrig, North Synton, £130 Symington Mains, Haltree, £129.50 Penicuik Estates, £128 Huntington, £127 Whitsome West Newton (2), £126 Hawthornside, Butterdean, £125.50 Upper Samieston, £125 Corsbie, Fishwick, £124 Lylestane, Haltree, Whitsome West Newton, Beltex: £133 Greenhead, Reston, £127 Hawthornside, £125.50 Lylestane, £125 Craiglea (3), Hawthornside, £124.50 Hawthornside, £122 Threeburnford, £120 Craiglea(2), Hawthornside, Berrichon: £124 Haltree, Cheviot Mule: £123.50 Nisbet Mill, North Country Cheviot: £120 Blegbie, Hampshire: £119, £118 Redpath East End

Lambs per kilo-

Beltex: 288.5p Lylestane, 284.1p, 280.9p, 272.7p(2), 271.7p Craiglea, 270p (2) Threeburnford, Texel: 284.9p Lylestane, 281.8p Corsbie, 278.7p Lylestane, 276.1p Whitsome West Newton, 275.6p Upper Samieston, 275p (2) Coltcrooks, 273.8p Lylestane, 273.3p Corsbie, 272.7p Rhodes Holdings, 272.1p Corsbie. 270.8p Symington Mains, Suffolk: 276.9p Corsbie, 270.5p Headshaw, Lauder, 269.6p, 263.8p Corsbie, 260.5p Belmont, 260p Hallrule Mill, Berrichon: 275.6p (2) Haltree


Flash trade from start to finish as all classes sold to a flyer

Sale peak of £190 for a Texel from Glen Wilson, Hawthornside


Texel: £190, £181, £180 Hawthornside, £171 Belmont, £167 Corsbie, Craiglea, £159 Headshaw, Lauder, Corsbie, Hampshire: £167, £149 St Clements Wells, Suffolk: £163 Woodside, Corsbie, £159 Headshaw, Lauder, £157 Blackburnrigg, Brockholes, £151 Cortleferry, Woodside, £149 Hermiston, Headshaw, Lauder, Cheviot Mule: £153 Rumbletonrig, £133, £119 Upper Samieston, Half Bred: £149, £143 Blackhill, Coldingham, North Country Cheviot: £147 (2) Nisbet Mill, £141 Soutra, Blegbie, £135 Soutra, Blegbie, Nisbet Mill, Greyfaced: £145 Rumbletonrig, £129 New Blainslie, Bluefaced Leicester: £139, £127 Broomiebank, Lleyn: £133, £131 The Finches, Easycare: £127 Bankhouse, Herdwick: £95 Crumstane, Norfolk: £91 Crumstane, Shetland: £55 Crumstane


Charollais: £165 Fairlaw, Reston, North Country Cheviot: £127 North Synton