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Date: 28 July 2022 | Store Sheep

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Lazonby Opening Sale of Store Lambs

Lazonby, Lazonby, Penrith, CA10 1BL

On Thursday 28th July Harrison & Hetherington opened the doors of Lazonby Mart to conduct its opening sale of store lambs and were met with a trade that had to be seen to be believed. A total of 707 lambs were presented to a huge crowd of buyers who despite the recent drop in prime trade continued to bid with confidence. The hill harvest commenced and saw pen after pen of Texels sell above and beyond the £90 mark. Matthew Graves, High Hesket topped this breed with a fantastic pen of £25 to sell for £100. However, Mick Crocker, Johnby took top price honours with a pen of 20 glorious Suffolks at £102, this consignment averaged £99. Lazonby is well known for its quality mules with top price going to first time vendor Dan Taylforth who sold a pen full for £87. Highlight of the day came from local man Chris Pundham who sold 55 mule wethers for £81.50.

A great start to the season but many more lambs could be sold with ease and are required for our next sale on Thursday 11th August. 

Leading price per head: Suffolk £102, £97 Townend Farm, £90 Kurburn Texel £100, £88, £83 Hesket House, £98 Randalholme, £96 Turnings Farm, £94 Laypool Farm, £85 High Springfield Farm, £80 Kurburn Bluefaced Leicesters £80 Kurburn Greyfaced £87.50 Laypool Farm, £84.50, £76.50 Davygill Farm, £81.50 Kurburn, £76.50 Lonning House, £76.50 The Bog, £75.50 How Burn, £74 Sanders Close, £72 High Springfield Farm  Hill Cheviot £87 Laypool Farm