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Date: 01 August 2022 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 85 Clean Cattle, 37 Cast Cows, 1319 Prime Lambs and 414 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (42) averaged 271p per kg and sold to 298p

Heifers (42) averaged 279p per kg and sold to 312p

Young Bulls (1) sold to 194p

Cast Cows (34) averaged 198p per kg and sold to 273p Top price £2110

Cast Bulls (3) averaged 177p per kg and sold to 177p, Top price £1734

Lambs (1319) averaged 242.2p per kilo (-10p on the week), £108 per head and sold to £145 for Texel Lambs.

Top price 290p per kg for Texel Lambs

Cast Sheep (414) averaged £110.34, and sold to £167 for Suffolks

Heavy Ewes averaged £139, light ewes sold to £131 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £107


Tremendous show with rates still as high

Bullocks per head: Elwick £1940.16, Penston £1877.04, Elwick £1865, £1855, Penston £1853.28, Lurdenlaw £1771.92, Snawdon £1758, Lurdenlaw £1751.40

Bullocks per kilo: Oldcastles 298p Worsley Wholesale Butchers Ltd, Penston 297p (2) Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, J.A Waters & Sons, Snawdon 293p Worsley Wholesale Butchers Ltd, Whitrighill 290p Mr G.Chapman, Lurdenlaw 288p Worsley Wholesale Butchers Ltd, Snawdon 287p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Traprain 286p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Oldcastles 285p Worsley Wholesale Butchers

Heifers per head- Whitrighill £1842, Bee Edge £1812, £1805.88, £1788, Southfield £1751.60, £1744.20, Rumbleton £1720.64, Elwick £1720.20

Heifers per kilo: Lylestane 312p Worsley Wholesale Butcher, Rumbleton 304p Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, Penston 302p Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, Whitrighill 300p (2) Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, Bee Edge 300p Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, Bee Edge 298p (2) W.Kirkup & Sons and Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, Penston 298p Hugh Black & Sons

Young Bulls:  Thrunton £1734.36 (194p)


Great demand

Cast Cows per head: £2110.50 Stuartslaw Farm Cottage, Thrunton £1861.50, Mosstower £1834.56, Upper Nisbet £1783.08, Thrunton £1712.52, Mosstower £1624.70, £1624.50, Greenhead, Selkirk £1603.90

Cast Cows per kilo: Mosstower 273p, Stuartslaw Farm Cottage 239p, Upper Nisbet 235p, 234p(2), Mosstower 231p, 225p, Thrunton 221p, Oldcastles 221p

Cast Bulls per head: Gateshaw £1950.54, £1872.66, Attonburn Farm Cottages £1791.24

Cast Bulls per kilo: Gateshaw177p(2), Attonburn Farm Cottages 177p


Show and Sale of Texel Prime Lambs at St Boswells Mart.  Over 30 pens presented infront of the Judge, Mr Ben Gray, who awared the Champion pen to Messrs Fullarton, Corsbie – 50kgs £145 to J.A Waters & Sons, Selkirk

Texel (ex Suffolk.x Ewe)

1st           Corsbie                                 50kgs                     £145       Champion

2nd          Huntington                         45kgs                     £110

3rd           Mossilee                              50kgs                     £119

Texel (ex Continental Ewe)

1st           Corsbie                                 45kgs                     £123       Reserve Champion

2nd          Upper Samieston             43kgs                     £111

3rd           Rawburn                              53kgs                     £133

Texel (ex.Mule Ewe)

1st           Crookston                           58kgs                     £139

2nd          Upper Samieston             51kgs                     £119

3rd           Threeburnford                  47kgs                     £108

Good show of lambs forward, more flesh on offer.  Average 242.2p (46.6kgs) £108

Lambs per head-

Texel: £145 Corsbie, £142 (2), £139, £137(2), £136 Crookston, £135 Huntington, £133, £130 Rawburn, £130 Butterdean, £127 Whitsome West Newton, £126 Crookston, Rawburn, Haltree, £125 Butterdean, Craigsford Mains, Suffolk: £138 Crookston, £126 Corsbie, £125 Butterdean, £124, £120.50 Upper Huntlywood, £119 Dere Street Farming, £118 Butterdean, £114 Corsbie, Beltex: £130 Threeburnford, £125, £116 Headshaw, Lauder; Cheviot Mule: £127, £118 Upper Huntlywood, Hampshire: £107 Letham Mains Holding (S.Stewart), £105.50 St Clements Wells Farm

Lambs per kilo-

Texel: 290p, 273.3p Corsbie, 261.2p, 258.7p Butterdean, 258.3p Crookston, 258.10p Upper Samieston, 257.8p Whitsome West Newton, 256.3p Corsbie, Haltree, Huntington, 255.8p Threepwood, 254.7p Haltree, 254.5p Leaston, 254.3p Whitsome West Newton, 254.2p, 253.3p Corsbie, 253.2p Huntington, Craigsford Mains, 253.1p Whitsome West Newton, 252p Crookston, Beltex: 270.8p Threeburnford, 260.4p, 252.2p Headshaw, Lauder,250p Threeburnford, 247.5p Greenhead, Selkirk, Suffolk: 251.1p Headshaw, Lauder, 246.7p Whitehill, Kelso, 246.4p Crookston, 245.8p Butterdean, 245.5p Ruletownhead, Upper Huntlywood, 243.2p Whitehill, Kelso, 243p Hawksnest, Galashiels, 242.2p Whitsome West Newton, Hampshire: 245.3p, 243.4p St Clements Wells


A mixed show of Cast Sheep with less numbers of heavy bred and well fleshed sorts forward

*Sale peak of £167 achieved on two occasions with Suffolk Ewes from Dere Street Farming, Pogbie House and secondly from W.N Sandilands, 2/3 Ruecastle Cottages *


Suffolk: £167 Dere Street Farming, Ruecastle Cottages (W.N Sandilands), £155 Brockholes, £147 Meigle, Elwartlaw, £145 Rhymers Ha’, £145 Haltree, Threepwood, Texel: £159 Brockielaw, £153 Elwartlaw, £149 Threeburnford, £147 Headshaw, Lauder, £145 (2) Upper Samieston, Greyfaced: £147 Brockielaw, £131 Over Newton House, £127 Middlethird, Rhymers Ha’, £127, £125 Brockielaw, £123 Broomiebank, Cortleferry, Threeburnford, £121 Brockielaw, Half Bred: £137 Headshaw, Lauder, Cheviot Mule: £137, £131, £127 Wester Ulston, Beltex: £135 Broomiebank, North Country Cheviot: £131 Headshaw, Lauder, £127 Upper Samieston, £123 Watson Farming, £121 Collielaw, £119 Upper Samieston, £115 Hexpath, Zwartble: £129 Whitlaw Cottage, Jacob: £111 Leithenhope Cottage, £109 Brockielaw, Easycare: £105 Collielaw; Blackface: £97 Over Newton, Leithenhope


Texel: £155 Headshaw, Lauder, North Country Cheviot: £153 Headshaw, Lauder