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Date: 15 February 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

At St Boswells on Monday 15th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 78 Clean Cattle, 27 Cast Cows, 1019 Prime Lambs and 157 Cast Ewes

Bullocks (12) averaged  222p per kg and sold to 245p  (n/c  on the week)

Heifers (66) averaged  230p per kg and sold to 253p (n/c on the week)

27 Cast Cows averaged 154p per kg and sold to 216p  (+8p on the week) Top price £1669

1019 Hoggs averaged 277p per kg (+17p on the week)  £123 per head and sold to £155, top price 378p per kg for Beltex Hoggs

Ewes averaged £92.15 and sold to £121 for Suffolk Ewes

Heavy Ewes averaged £98, light ewes sold to £117 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £83.50


Bullocks per head:

(465-555kgs): Galagate £1219.92

(556+kgs): Lurdenlaw £1411.20, Galagate £1387.64, Penston £1375.40, Nisbet £1364.68, Smailholm Mains £1361.36, Crookhouse £1334.84, Nisbet £1318.64

Bullocks per kilo:

(465-555kgs.  Average 218.5p): Galagate 221p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(556+kgs.  Average 223.53p): Lurdenlaw 245p Coq & Bull Butchers Ltd, Smailholm Mains 238p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Penston 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

Heifers per head:

(400-484kgs):  Whitsome West Newton £1151.92

(485+kgs): Lennoxlove £1537.20, Bee Edge £1512.80, £1492.96, £1492.70, £1477.06, Lurdenlaw £1474.14, Bee Edge £1474.08, £1464.66, Upper Nisbet £1456.24, Lurdenlaw £1447.04

Heifers per kilo:

(400-484 kgs.  Average 230.28p): Whitsome West Newton 242p Charles Wilson Limited, 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(485+kgs.  Average 230.78p): Bee Edge 253p Forsyths of Peebles, Lennoxlove 252p Foley Bros, Bee Edge 249p, 248p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Penston 248p J & J Mather, Bee Edge 248p Denholm Meat Supplies, 247p Foley Bros, Faughhill 246p J & J Mather, Bee Edge 246p Forsyths of Peebles, Smailholm Mains 246p Forsyths of Peebles

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1669.50, Mosstower £1528.72, Rumbletonlaw £1437.14, £1379.82, Woodhouse £1323.70, Mosstower £1321.02

Cast Cows per kilo: Ruletownhead 216p, Mosstower 197p, Rumbletonlaw 185p, 183p, 181p, Mosstower 179p, Kersknowe 175p

Cast Bull per head: Nethermains £1357


All classes slightly dearer on the week.  Handier weights forward sold to high rates.  45kgs £123 (277p) SQQ-288p

Hoggs per head-

Beltex: £155 Wester Ulston, £148, £147 Threepwood, £143 Wester Ulston, £142 Threepwood, £139 New Blainslie, Boghall, £129.50 Wester Ulston, Texel: £152 Hawthornside, £148 Butterdean, £146 Boghall, Leaston, £144 Leaston, £141 Butterdean (2), Hawthornside,  £140 Swinnie, Butterdean (2), Bonjedward, £139 Butterdean, £139 (2), £138 Threepwood, £138, £137 Bonjedward, £136 Threepwood, Bonjedward, Suffolk: £146 Bonjedward, £143 Butterdean, £141, £139 Bonjedward, £135, £133.50 (4), £133 (2), £132(2) Boghall, £132 Butterdean, Bonjedward, £131 Bonjedward, £130.50 Boghall, £130 Broomilees, Half Bred: £126.50, £117 Bonjedward, Blackface: £124 Blakehope, £122 Nickies Ha Farm, £119 Blakehope (2), £117 Nickies Ha Farm, £112, £110 Drinkstone, North Country Cheviot: £122 Thorlieshope, £119.50 Saughtree, £115 Boghall, £113 Broomiebank, Greyfaced: £120, £116 Broomilees, £111.50 Drinkstone, Cheviot Mule: £116 Wester Ulston

Hoggs per kilo-

Beltex: 378p Wester Ulston, 375.7p New Blainslie, 356.6p Threepwood, 353.1p Wester Ulston, 345.9p, 334.1p Threepwood, 315.9p Boghall, 308.3p Wester Ulston,  Texel: 341.2p New Blainslie, 339.5p Boghall, 329.4p Swinnie, 324.3p, 317.4p Leaston, 312.7p New Blainslie, 309.1p Boghall, 308.6p New Blainslie, 297.7p Butterdean, 296.6p Leaston, 295p New Blainslie, 293p Boghall, 292.1p Blakehope, 291.1p Drinkstone, New Blainslie (2), 289p Swinnie, 283.7p Thorndykes, 283.1p Leaston, 281.5p Thorndykes, North Country Cheviot: 300p Boghall, 279p Broomiebank, 277.1p Boghall, 271.6p Saughtree, Blackface: 284.2p, 270.5p (2) Blakehope, Suffolk: 290.1p New Blainslie, 286.4p, 286p, Boghall, 285.5p New Blainslie, 283.1p, 282.4p Boghall, 280.7p Bonjedward, 275p Drinkstone, 274.1p New Blainslie, 271.4p Broomilees, 270p Drinkstone, Half Bred: 278.6p Bonjedward, Cheviot Mule: 276.2p Wester Ulston, Greyfaced: 269.8p Broomilees, 269.1p Drinkstone


A tremendous trade throughout saw the sale average £92.15, with 63% of the show being cheviot bred sorts.

Big, heavy ewes well short of buyers requirements.

Sale topped at £121 for a Suffolk.x  from Cairns and Logan, South Riccalton.  A smart pen of 8 Cheviot Ewes from Philiphaugh Estate caught the eye achieving £117 per head.

Suffolk: £121 South Riccalton, £111 Bonjedward, £91 South Riccalton, Texel: £119 Earlston Mains, £95 Redpath East End, North Country Cheviot: £117 Philiphaugh, £111 South Riccalton, £109 Philiphaugh, £107, £105 South Riccalton, £103 Newmains North Berwick, £95 Philiphaugh, £91 Saughtree, £89 Thorlieshope, South Riccalton,  Lleyn: £111, £89, £85 South Riccalton, Cheviot Mule: £109, £89 South Riccalton, Half Bred: £103 Bonjedward, Greyfaced: £89, £81 KJS Farming, Easycare: £89, £75 Bankhouse, Blackface: £71, £67 Blakehope