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Date: 22 March 2021 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 22nd March Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. A great show of 572 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle along with 1985 prime sheep.

PRIME BULLS: A smaller entry of only 86 prime bulls forward with far less quality on show although for the quality we had, trade remains the same to that of last week.  Top overall was an outstanding Limousin from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan achieving £2088.84 and was purchased by Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.  Simmentals to £1935.75 from Messrs Goldie, Newbie Mains, Annan purchased by Messrs Medcalf, Brookwood, Abattoir, Halifax and British Blue crosses again from Upper Brydekirk to £1614.80.  Top overall pence per kilo of 255.5p was paid to Messrs Mitchinson, Beck House, Carlisle for their Limousin cross and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.  British Blues from Upper Brydekirk to 253.5p purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.

Dairy bred bulls were the biggest proportion of the sale seeing a day’s top of £1345.06 for a Friesian from Messrs Graham, Hillhead, Canonbie purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor and Holstein Friesians to £1264.43 from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canonbie purchased by Capper Farming, Glasgow and Messrs Graham, South Lambhill, Carlisle sold another to £1263.41 purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.  Top pence per kilo of 193.5p was paid to Messrs Preston Wed Holme House, Wigton for their Friesian and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. 

More are required on a weekly basis, please advise all entries by phone or text to auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274. Please ensure bulls are penned by 10.30am on Monday mornings.

Leading Bull Prices per Head: Limousin £2088 Upper Brydekirk, £1864 Farhills, £1617 £1608 £1584 Beck House, £1459 Low Farm, £1451 Miller Hill, £1350 Gate Farm, Simmental £1935 Newbie Mains, British Blue £1614 Upper Brydekirk £1389 Beck House, £1362 Low Farm, £1319 South Lambhill £1310 High House, Luing £1577 New Mains, Beef Shorthorn £1485 Arwick, Friesian £1345 £1282 Hillhead £1160 £1102 £1080 High House, £1108 Wed Holme House, £1049 Skelton Wood End, Charolais £1321 £1259 £1216 Netherton, Aberdeen Angus £1319 Low Farm, £1304 Blackcarts Farm, Holstein Friesian £1264 £1179 Bectonhall, £1263 £1173 South Lambhill, £1115 Cote House Farm, £1079 Brisco Hill, £1062 Randalinton Farm, Galloway £1224 £1188 £1087 £1000 Shancastle Farm, Norwegian Red £1217 £1124 £1008 Kirkbride House, Montbelairde £1183 Seymour House, Hereford £1145 Beck House, Fleckvieh £1096 Seymour House.

Leading Bull Priced per Kilo: Limousin 255.5 247.5 (x2) Beck House,  253.5 Upper Brydekirk 229.5 222.5 Low Farm, 225.5 Netherton, 227.5 Miller Hill, 225.5 Farhills, British Blue 253.3 Upper Brydekirk, 233.5 Beck House, 230.5 Low Farm, 202.5 201.5 High House, Simmental 217.5 (x2) Newbie Mains, 178.5 Brisco Hill, Charolais 217.5 213.5 212.5 204.5 (x2) Netherton, , Aberdeen Angus 212.5 Low Farm, 202.5 Blackcarts, Friesian 193.5 Wed Holme House, 189.5 186.5 180.5 High House, 183.5 Hillhead, 183.5 Skelton Wood End, Galloway 189.5 181.5 178.5 Shancastle Farm, 174.5 East Farm, Montbelairde 186.5 185.5 Seymour House, Holstein Friesian 180.5 174.5 165.5 Hedley East Farm, 174.5 170.5 167.5 Cote House Farm 161.5 Randalinton Farm, 172.5 170.5 Bectonhall, 171.5 170.5 South Lambhill, Fleckvieh 179.5 Seymour House, Norwegian Red 177.5 (x2) 173.5 Kirkbride House, Saler 175.5 Miller Hill, Friesian 175.5 Skelton Wood End, Luing 167.5 New Mains, Beef Shorthorn 164.5 Arwick.

PRIME CATTLE:- A superb entry of 54 prime steers and heifers forward at the weekly Primestock sale whereby a great trade was received throughout for all classes of stock.  Top overall was a superb Limousin cross steer from Messrs Skelton, Newhall Farm, Maryport achieving £1787.18 and others to £1780.85 from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton and £1780.29 from Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport all purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Top pence per kilo of 239.0p for a Limousin cross from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle.

Heifers were forward in good numbers and quality and were seen to peak at £1646.15 for a British Blue cross again from Messrs Skelton, Newhall and was purchased by Steven Wilson, Butcher, Corby Hill, Carlisle.  The same home sold top price Limousin cross to £1634.96.  Top overall pence per kilo of 281.5p was paid to Messrs Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton for a British Blue cross and was purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.  Limousin crosses peaked at 270.5p from Messrs Airey, The Close, Carlisle whose run of 6 heifers averaged 252.5p for Limousin crosses.  It was pleasing to see the prime stock clean cattle sale having 10 active bidders buying on 14 active accounts.  Please advise entries for next week’s sale to Auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872129274.

Leading Prices Per Head:
Limousin £1787 Newhall Farm, £1780 £1672 £1672 Bothel Parks, £1780 £1751 Lords Close, £1750, £1638, £1626 Petteril Hill Farm, £1645 £1638 £1582 Low Whinnow Farm,

Heifers: Limousin £1634 Newhall Farm, £1598 £1479 £1469 £1466 The Close £1474 £1435 £1430 Nealhouse Farm, £1425 Barton Hall, British Blue £1646 Newhall Farm, £1551 Greenhill Farm, Charolais £1422 £1345 South Bowerhouses, Simmental £1338 Newbie Mains.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
239.5 235.5 234.5 231.5 Low Whinnow Farm, 238.5 (x2) 231.5 Petteril Hill Farm, 237.5 236.5 Bothel Parks, 234.5 Lords Close, 232.5 Steeley Farm, 231.5 Newhall Farm,

Heifers: British Blue 281.5 Greenhill Farm, 225.5 Newhall Farm, Limousin 270.5 260.5 259.5 256.5 239.5 The Close, 256.5 Barton Hall, 249.5 Greenhill Farm, 241.5 Newhall Farm, 239.5 Petteril Hill Farm, 237.5 231.5 Nealhouse Farm, 236.5 Burnside, Charolais 231.5 South Bowerhouses.

More are required on a weekly basis, please advise all entries for next week’s sale by phone or text to auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274. Please ensure all clean cattle are penned by 10.45am on Monday mornings.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A slightly smaller show of 224 cast cows and stock bulls on offer to a keen ringside of buyers which ensured that all classes would be sharper on the week with beef cows averaging 158.27p. Messrs Steel, The Laurels Farm sold a British Blue cow for 917kg at 254.5p totalling £2333 bought by Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Jackson, Skelton Wood End sold a British Blue cow for 762kg at 255.5p totalling £1946 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Thompson, How Burn sold a British Blue x cow for 713kg at 239.5p totalling £1707 to Jewitt Meats. Messrs Irving, Bectonhall sold a British Blue x cow for 931kg at 166.5p totalling £1550 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Elliot, Bank House sold the top priced Limousin x cow for 721kg at 206.5p totalling £1488 bought by Jewitt Meats. Mr Neil Barclay, South Road sold the top priced Charolais cow for 926kg at 156.5p totalling £1449 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Lowthian, West Brownrigg sold a Hereford x cow for 913kg at 157.5p totalling £1437 bought by Dovecote Park.

A mixed show of dairy cast cows was on offer with all classes being 10p up on the week and 37 cows selling for over £1000 and 23 selling for 150p or more to average 126.4p. Messrs Workman, Beeches Farm sold the top priced Montbeliarde x cow for 855kg at 163.5p totalling £1397 to Les Fell. Messrs Paul & Son, Greigsland sold the top priced Holstein x cow for 832kg at 157.5p totalling £1310 bought by Dovecote Park. Messrs Steel, The Laurels sold a Holstein x heifer for 726kg at 179.5p totalling £1303 to Capper Farming. Messrs Harrison, Dundraw Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 752kg at 171.5p totalling £1289 to Les Fell. Messrs Wilson, Evening Hill Farm’s run of Holstein x cows topped at 866kg at 147.5p totalling £1277 and 804kg at 157.5p totalling £1266 bought by Dovecote Park and Les Fell. Messrs Musgrave & Son, Cardew Hall sold a Holstein x cow for 794kg at 158.5p totalling £1258 to Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Steel, The Laurels Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 179.5p, Messrs Wilson, Howfield sold a Holstein x heifer for 179.5p, Messrs Graves, Elephant Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 176.5p, Messrs Little, North Green Hill sold a Holstein x heifer for 176.5p, Messrs Beaty, Newton Field sold Holstein x heifers for 174.5p, 173.5p and 172.5p, Messrs Harrison, Dundraw Farm sold Holstein x heifers for 173.5p and 171.5p and Castlesteads Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 169.5p.

Leading Prices per head: British Blue £2333 The Laurels Farm, £1946 Skelton Wood End, £1707 How Burn, £1550 Bectonhall, £1378 Cardew Hall Limousin £1488 Bank House, £1339 Street Head, £1329 How Burn, £1326, £1278, £1193 The Throp, £1229, £1100 Halmyre Farm, £1147 Low Farm, £1104 Low Flow, £1082 Stybeck Farm, £1049 Low Drumrae, £1048 Stubbsgill Farm, £1025, £1013 Bolton Wood Lane Charolais £1449 South Road, £1324 Enzieholm Hereford £1437 West Brownrigg, £1083 Demesne Farm, £1033 Halmyre Farm Montbelairde £1397, £1029 Beeches Holstein £1310 Greigsland, £1152 Ladywells, £1069 Howfield Farm, £1065 Errington Farm, £1062 Castlesteads, £981 Park House Holstein Friesian £1303 The Laurels Farm, £1289, £1117, £1079 Dundraw Farm, £1277, £1266 Evening Hill, £1258 Cardew Hall, £1198 Hardgrove, £1186, £1119, £1034 Newton Field, £1184 Bongate Moor, £1176 High Plains, £1156, £1052 Whinney Hill Farm, £1138 Hadderdale, £1111, £1069 Elephant Farm, £1079, £1066 Mirkbooths, £1070 Burnside, £1069 Low Plains, £1052 Greigsland, £1020 Street Head, £1020 North Greenhill Simmental £1200, £1098, £1051 Kirtleton House, £1108, £1038 Low Drumrae Friesian £1194 Prior Hall, £1101 Cumdivock House, £995 High House Parthenais £1177, £1160 Marina House Aberdeen Angus £1153, £1037 Demesne Farm, £1032 Gillhead Farm Fleckvieh £1059 Bray of Coynach Luing £993 Blackcarts Farm Longhorn £924 Lesson Hall Jersey £857 Randalinton Farm, £853 The Gill

Leading Prices per Kilo: British Blue 255.5p Skelton Wood End, 254.5p The Laurels Farm, 239.5p How Burn, 197.5p Cardew Hall, 173.5p Changue Farm, 166.5p Bectonhall, 154.5p, 151.5p Halmyre Farm Limousin 209.5p High Aketon, 206.5p Bank House, 194.5p Low Farm, 184.5p, 158.5p Halmyre Farm, 177.5p, 167.5p, 163.5p The Throp, 173.5p Windy Nook, 171.5p How Burn, 169.58p Low Drumrae, 169.5p Street Head, 166.5p, 163.5p, 158.5p Stybeck Farm, 157.5p Stubbsgill Farm Parthenais 182.5p(x2) Marina House Holstein 179.5p Howfield Farm, 169.5p Castlesteads Farm, 157.5p Greigsland, 157.5p Gaitsgill Hall Farm, 141.5p Errington Farm, 140.5p Musgrave Hall Holstein Friesian 179.5p The Laurels Farm, 176.5p North Greenhill, 176.5p, 144.5p, 140.5p Elephant Farm, 174.5p, 173.5p, 172.5p Newton Field, 173.5p, 171.5p, Dundraw Farm, 162.5p Kirtlebank Farm, 158.5p Cardew Hall, 157.5p, 147.5p Evening Hill Farm, 156.5p Gate Farm, 153.5p Hardgrove, 153.5p, 150.5p, 149.5p Hadderdale, 151.5p Bongate Moor, 148.5p Street Head, 148.5p, 145.5p Low Plains, 148.5p, 143.5p Mirkbooths, 148.5p High Plains, 147.5p Ladywells, 147.5p Prior Hall, 142.5p Crossrigg Farm Simmental 164.5p Kirtleton House, 163.5p, 162.5p, 156.5p Low Drumrae Montbelairde 163.5p Beeches Friesian 159.5p Prior Hall, 154.5p, 149.5p Cumdivock House Hereford 157.5p West Brownrigg, 153.5p Demesne Farm Charolais 156.5p South Road, 151.5p Enzieholm Aberdeen Angus 155.5p Demesne Farm, 148.5p, 146.5p Ross Farm, 145.5p Low Drumrae Luing 153.5p Blackcarts Farm Fleckvieh 149.5p Brae of Coynach Beef Shorthorn 136.5p East Farm Whitebred Shorthorn 133.5p Eden Park Jersey 129.5p, 128.5p, 127.5p, 125.5p, 118.5p The Gill, 121.5p Randalinton Farm Longhorn 129.5p Lesson Hall Dairy Shorthorn 127.5p Barsalloch Farm

CAST BULLS: Only 8 stock bulls were on offer with Messrs Harrison, Dundraw Farm selling the top priced Limousin stock bull for 1051kg at 175.5p totalling £1844 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Kennedy & Son, Chapelcroft sold a Limousin stock bull for 953kg at 187.5p totalling £1786 to Mike Helliwell. Mr Neil Barclay, South Road sold the top priced Simmental stock bull for 1054kg at 149.5p totalling £1575.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1844 Dundraw Farm, £1786 Chapelcroft Simmental £1575, £1339 South Road Holstein £1318 Musgrave Hall

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 187.5p Chapelcroft, 175.5p Dundraw Farm Holstein Friesian 161.5p Changue Farm Montbeliarde 151.5p Changue Farm

PRIME SHEEP: the weekly sale of sheep had an increased number of 1999 head forward this week, which saw a slight resistance to previous trades, an overall average of 286.24ppk and an SQQ of 288.69 was achieved. In these averages, 788 hill hoggs showing another favourable result in Borderway, which equates to £128.41 a head.

Topping the continentals and the day’s trade at £164 was a fabulous Texel hogg from Mr Mark Batty, Flimby Hall, Maryport who had others to £160 twice. Two vendors hit £4 per kilo with handy weight continental hoggs from JP Graham, The Wreay, Wigton and R Skelton Contractors Ltd, New Hall, Dearham.

Hill hoggs sold to £142.50 for a pen of Blackfaced from Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown, Longtown, with the run of 349 levelling at £131.74. Top pence per kilo in this category was 307.7ppk from Messrs Dixon, Stobbs Hexham.

Leading Prices per head: Texel £164, £160 (x2), £152 Flimby Hall,  £160, £156, £152, £151 (x2) New Hall, £159 Kilnknowe, £156 (x2), £154 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, £156 Eden Dales, £155 Park House, £155 Bengall Farm, £150 Town Head, £150 Jackson Rigg, £150 Brae of Coynach,   Suffolk £156, £154 (x2), £145 Smalmstown Farm, £153, £144 Harley Croft, £141 Jackson Rigg, Beltex £156, £153, £142, £141, £140 Sleightholme Farm, £154, £146, £145 Hollands, £144 Durdar House,  Blackfaced £142, £136.50, £135.50, £132 (x2), £125.50, £125, £123.50 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, £130, £129, £127, £120 Brisco Hill, £129 Street Head, £121 Broathill, £120 Stobbs Farm, Hill Cheviot £140, £138.50, £126.50 Smalmstown Farm, £129 Dinley Farm, £127.50, £124, £121 Bengall Farm, £124 Horseclose Farm, Greyfaced £131, £125, £124 Brampton Fell Farm, £125, £121 Jackson Rigg, £124 Low House Farm, £121 Harley Croft, Zwatbles £130 (x2) Reitfontain.

Leading Prices per kilo: Texel 400p, 391.9p, 383.3p, 370p, 363.4p, 359.5p, 353.5p New Hall, 400p, 371.4p The Wreay, 391.7p, 385.7p, 350p, 343.8p Low House Farm, 348.8p, 346.7p Smalmstown, 339.5p Flimby Hall, Beltex 382.4p, 336.3p, 333.3p, 331.8p Sleightholme Farm, 360.5p, 358p, 342.2p, 328.6p Hollands, 333.3p Shank Castle, Blackfaced 307.7p Stobbs Farm, 287.2p (x2), 287p, 285.3p, 284.1p, 283.9p, 282p Smalmstown Farm, 286.7p, 282.2p Brisco Hill, 280.5p Street Head, Suffolk 293.2p, 290p, 277.5p Smalmstown Farm, 288p, 270.8p Harley Croft, 285p, 275.3p Bowscales Farm, 282.4p Broomhill, 279.1p, 279.1p Low House Farm, 271.8p Town Head, Hill Cheviot 288.5p, 285.7p, 284.3p Smalmstown Farm, 285.1p, 281.4p Bengall Farm, 280.5p Woodhouses Farm, 280.4p Dinley Farm, 280.2p Horseclose Farm, Greyfaced 282.1p Bowscales Farm, 278.9p Low House Farm.

CAST SHEEP: A larger show of 300 cast ewes and rams with trade being dearer yet again with rams seeing a huge increase on the week.  Selling to a top of £175 for two Beltex cross tups from Messrs Hornsby, The Stackyard with tups easily selling for £140+.  Ewes sold to £160 for a Texel from Messrs Little, The Guards.  Mules once again selling well to a top of £117 from Messrs Brown, The Willows.  Cheviots sold to £91 from Messrs Scott, The Dinley.   All classes sold well and more can be sold.

Leading prices per head:
Texel £160 The Guards, £146 £130 £117 The Croft, £125 £113 Low Moorhouse Farm, £124 £116 Bengall Farm £120 Home Farm, £118 £116 Brae of Coynach £118 Fellside Farm, £118 The Stackyard, £114 Chapel House, Suffolk £122 Whitehead Brow, £118 Brae of Coynach, £114 (x2) Gill Farm, Grey Faced £117 £109 £98 Willows Farm, £106 Brae of Coynach  £105 Gill Farm, £104 £103 Whitehead Brow, £99 Fellside Farm, Charollais £116 £101 Brae of Coynach, Beltex £110 Whitehead Brow, Black Face £98 Stobbs Farm, Hill Cheviot £91 Dinley Farm, Dorset £88 Low Tarns, Swaledale £81 £54 Branch End Farm.

Rams: Texel £175 The Stackyard, £148 The Croft, £121 £96 £90 Brae of Coynach, Beltex £150 £140 The Croft £145 Whitehead Brow, Charollais £106 Brae of Coynach, Suffolk £101 £94 Braae of Coynach.


For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales, please contact a member of the team.

David Holliday

07710 189804

Cast Cows & Cast Bulls

Grant Anderson

07872 129274

Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle

James Little

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Prime & Cast Sheep