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Date: 23 March 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 2,243 sheep were forward consisting of 17 spring lambs, 1822 prime hoggs and 404 cast sheep.

Topping the Easter Show and Sale of spring lambs at £178 was the Overall Champion lamb, a 46kg Charollais cross lamb from Messrs Parker, Newsham Grange, Darlington which was bought by J. Birkbeck on behalf of Steadmans Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Our judge Mr H Birkbeck, Soulby placed the first prize Suffolk lamb Overall Reserve Champion which weighed 41kg and sold for £152 and was also bought by J Birkbeck for Steadman’s Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Greensit also sold a pair of 38kg Suffolk cross spring lambs to make £148 and 389.5p/kg selling to West Scottish Lambs.

A strong enquiry for spring lambs from several buyers ensured a wonderful trade was achieved for all classes and weights. Suffolk cross lambs averaged £150.78.

Prime hoggs topped at £177 for 43kg Beltex cross hoggs from Messrs Robshaw, Tadcaster.

Topping at 441.9p/kg were a pen of 12 37kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £163.50 from Messrs Simpson, Wigglesworth.

Another pen of 11 41kg hoggs from this home sold for £168.50 (411p/kg)

Messrs Tustian, Banbury sold a pair of 43kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £175, with another pen of 42kg hoggs from this home selling for £165.

Messrs Robshaw, Tadcaster also sold 44kg hoggs to make £170.

Messrs Phillips, Fir Tree Farm, Harrogate sold a pen of six 38kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £156.50 (411.8p/kg)

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan sold a pen of four 43kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £166.50.

Texel hoggs topped at £161 for 72kg hoggs from Messrs Teward, New View Farm, Darlington.

Mule hoggs topped twice at £141 for a pen from Messrs Graham, Brechin which were bought by M Helliwell, Rochdale, also for a pen from Messrs Hunter, Annan which were bought by D Morland.

Messrs Patchett, Ripon sold a pen of twenty five Mule hoggs weighing 47kg to make £129.50 275.5p/kg selling to Scotbeef Ltd.

Another pen of twenty three 43kg Mules from this same home sold to make £117.50 (273.3p/kg).

The consignment of 204 Mule hoggs from Messrs Patchett sold to average 47kg £128.08 (272.5p/kg)

Messrs Graham, Brechin also sold a pen of 48kg mules to make £131.50 274p/kg also selling to Scotbeef.

Swaledale hoggs sold to £129 for a pen of eighteen from Messrs Graham, Brechin.

Swaledale hoggs also sold to 267.9p/kg for a pen of eleven 42kg hoggs selling for £112.50 from Todholes Partnership, Elsdon.

Messrs Graham, Brechin sold a ringfull of sixty seven Swaledale hoggs weighing 48kg to make £126.50 (263.5p/kg)

Messrs Sayer, Great Musgrave sold a pen of thirteen 38kg Swaledale hoggs to make £100.50 and 264.5p/kg.

38 pens and 206 hoggs sold between 350-441p/kg

38 pens and 164 hoggs sold between £150-£177

290 Beltex cross hoggs sold to average £150.68 & 360p/kg

Cast sheep topped at £170 for a pair of Texel ewes from Messrs Teward, Darlington which were bought by Yorkshire Halal.

Suffolk cross ewes topped at £140 for a pen from Cole Hill Farm, Hartlepool.

All classes of cast sheep were a flying trade and many more of all types were needed for strong enquiry from buyers for next weeks sale!

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages
37    @    45.2kg    £157.24    347.7p    Beck House Farm
10    @    46.6kg    £153.50    335.8p    Upper Brydekirk
61    @    38.5kg    £150.36    390.1p    Highscale Farm
111   @    45kg       £150.03    333p      Yarnhill Farm
51    @    38.7kg    £147.61    380.5p    Fir Tree Farm
22    @    44.7kg    £143.89    321.3p    Fawcett Park Farm
60    @    47.5kg    £143.38    301.4p    Town End Farm
37    @    53.1kg    £139.19    261.9p    Whins Farm
42    @    53.4kg    £138.52    259.3p    Sunny Gill Farm
9      @    52.5kg    £134.83    258.1p    Calva Farm
123   @    47.9kg    £133.39    278.3p   Friars Garth
181   @    48.7kg    £130.18    267p      Dalbrack Farm
273   @    47.3kg    £130.12    275p      West Summersides

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –
Price Per Head –
£178 Newsham Grange; £150, £148, £144, £140 Friars Garth: Suffolk £158, £152, £150(2), £148(2), £144 Friars Garth.

Price Per Kilo
389.5p, 379.5p, 370.7p, 359.1p Friars Garth: Charollais 387p Newsham Grange; 369.2p, 359p, 357.1p Friars Garth.

Prime Hoggs
Price Per Head –
£177, £170, £164.50, £163.50, £161.50, £159.50, £154.50 Beck House Farm; £175, £165, £163, £160, £158, £156, £155, £153, £151(2) Yarnhill Farm; £168.50(2), £163.50, £161.50 Highscale Farm; £166.50, £163.50 Upper Brydekirk; £162, £157.50 Town End Farm; £162, £157.50, £156.50, £153.50, £150.50 Fir Tree Farm; £155.50, £154, £150 Fawcett Park Farm; £155.50 Sawbridge Hall: Texel £161 New View Farm; £158.50 Fir Tree Farm; £150.50(2), £149, £148.50, £145 £142.50, £141.50, £140.50(2), £140 Town End Farm; £150, £144, £141 West Summersides; £150 Beck House Farm; £150 East Todholes; £149, £148.50 Yarnhill Farm; £145 Sunny Gill Farm; £141, £140(2) Friars Garth; £140.50(2) Dalbrack Farm; £140 Fawcett Park Farm: Blue Texel £156 Friars Garth: Suffolk £151 Terrys Farm; £140 Friars Garth; £133.50 Chapel Farm: Mule £141, £138.50, £131.50 Dalbrack Farm; £141 Upper Brydekirk; £135, £129.50(2), £128, £127.50(2), £125 West Summersides; £128.50 Ellergill: Charollais £140(2), £138.50 Whins Farm; £130 Dalbrack Farm: Cheviot £138, £134.50 Sunny Gill Farm; £118.50 Villa Farm; £114.50 Flakebridge Farm: Scotch Blackface £133.50 Dalbrack Farm; £130.50 East Todholes: Swaledale £129, £126.50, £121 Dalbrack Farm; £124 New Hall; £120, £112.50 East Todholes; £116.50 How Burn; £115 Bollihope Shield; £112.50 Frith Holme: Rough £105.50 Manor Court: Herdwick £102 Starrah.

Price per kilo –
441.9p, 411p, 395.9p, 372.9p(2) Highscale Farm; 411.8p, 403.9p, 403.8p, 388.2p, 385.9p, 381.6p, 376.9p, 376.7p Fir Tree Farm; 411.6p, 391.7p, 386.4p, 380.2p, 379.8p Beck House Farm; 407p, 393p, 388.9p, 383.8p Yarnhill Farm; 387.2p Upper Brydekirk; 375.6p Skylin; 370.2p Fawcett Park Farm: Blue Texel 325p Friar Garth: Texel 323.9p, 302.3p Town End Farm; 314p, 301.1p Fawcett Park Farm; 309.5p Skylin; 306.7p Friars Garth; 304.8p Fir Tree Farm; 303.1p  Beck House Farm: Cheviot 286.5p Chapel Farm; 286.3p Flakebridge Farm; 282.1p Skylin; 281.3p Haber: Suffolk 283.8p Chapel Farm; 283.3p Friars Garth: Charollais 282.5p, 279.2p Chapel Farm; 277p Whins Farm; 276.6p Dalbrack Farm: Mule 275.5p, 273.3p, 272.3p, 271.7p, 271.3p(2) West Summersides; 274p Dalbrack Farm: Swaledale 267.9p, 267.1p East Todholes; 264.5p Musgrave House; 263.5p, 263p Dalbrack Farm: Scotch Blackface 266.3p East Todholes: Herdwick 255p Starrah: Rough 239.8p Manor Court.

Cast Ewes
£170 New View Farm; £150, £140 Upper Brydekirk; £144.50 Bollihope Shield Farm; £140 Friars Garth: Suffolk £140 Cole Hill Farm; £121.50 Friars Garth; £120.50 Williamsgill Farm: Dutch Texel £135 Terrys Farm: Halfbred £130(2) Cole Hill Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £112 Bollihope Shield Farm; £91.50 Breaks Hall: Beltex £110.50 Gracies: Lleyn £107 Woodfoot: Zwartble £94.50 Melbourne House: Scotch Blackface £80 Dalbrack Farm: Swaledale £80 Red House Farm; £78.50, £77.50 East Todholes; £76.50 Ellergill; £75.50 Haber:

Cast Rams
£140, £120 New Hall: Texel £140.50 Skylin; £140 Williamsgill; £120 Cole Hill Farm: Lleyn £108 Woodfoot: Swaledale £100 New Hall; £95 East Todholes; £90 Ravenseat.