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Date: 25 March 2021 | Breeding Sheep, Store Cattle

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St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Ewes & Lambs

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle at St Boswells.  Trade bouncing throughout the day with Vendors going home delighted with the days trading.  Topping the sale was Messrs Weir, Cortleferry with a thumper of a Charolais.x Bullock raising £1470.

Top pence per kilo was was from annual consignment, Messrs Ogilvie, Broom with a pen of Limousin.x Heifers at 309.7p per kilo

Bullocks per kilo-

Aberdeen Angus: 278.7p, 266.7p Yester Mains, Limousin: 308.5p Broom, 297.3p Horsleyhill Farm, 295.6p Broom, 282.2p Wester Dawyck, 279.5p Broom, 278.4p Middlethird, 272.7p The Lee, 272.4p Middlethird, 268.5p Harwood on Teviot, 265.1p Nether Howden, Beef Shorthorn: 241.9p, 240p Yester Mains, Simmental: 276.9p Kirktonhill, 271.1p South Common, 269.6p Kirktonhill, 261p, 259.8p Caverton Mill, 253.2p Kirktonhill, Blonde: 236.5p Outerston,  British Blue: 277p, 268.5p, 265.9p, 260.7p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 297.1p Greenknowe, 289.5p Brothershiels, 288.2p, 284.9p Falnash, 282.7p Cortleferry, 280p Skelfhill, 271.6p Caverton Mill, 271.4p, 270.1p Brothershiels

Bullocks per head-
Aberdeen Angus:
£1110, £1030 Middlethird, Hereford: £1060 Gledswood, Limousin: £1330 Cortleferry, £1290 Nether Howden, £1260, £1250 Crookston, £1185, £1150 Caverton Mill, Beef Shorthorn: £1040 Yester Mains, Simmental: £1430, £1250 Angelrow, £1195 Caverton Mill, £1180, £1175 Trows, £1170, £1150 Angelrow, Blonde: £1360, £1230 Outerston, British Blue: £1410 Cortleferry, £1295, £1180, £1130 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1470 Cortleferry, £1420, £1410, £1390 Crookston, £1360 Todshawhaugh, £1330 Caverton Mill, £1330 Crookston

Bullocks averaged 262.37p per kilo

Heifers per kilo-
Aberdeen Angus:
259p Kirktonhill, 251.2p Blackburn Mill, Limousin: 309.7p Broom, 301.5p Helmburn, 281.3p, 278.1p, 277.4p Broom, 275p Sharplaw, 273.9p, 271.8p Wester Dawyck, 271.2p Nether Howden, 270.9p Broom, Simmental: 296.2p Caverton Mill, 292.5p Angelrow, 290.1p Greenknowe, 278.8p Angelrow, 276.9p, 276.1p Greenknowe, 264.1p, 263p, 256.4p Angelrow, British Blue: 284.3p, 275p, 271.4p, 257.1p (2) Blackburn Mill, Charolais: 297.1p Greenknowe, 296.2p Caverton Mill, 290.1p, 280p (2), 276.9p, 276.1p Greenknowe, 274.3p Falnash, 270.1p, 265.4p Brothershiels

Heifers per head-
Aberdeen Angus:
£1030 Blackburn Mill, Limousin: £1300 Cortleferry, £1260 Wester Dawyck, Todshawhaugh, £1240 Nether Howden, £1200 Woodhead, A, Simmental: £1170 Caverton Mill, £1160 Angelrow, £1110 Trows, £1030 Angelrow, Greenknowe, British Blue: £1180 (2), £1140 Blackburn Mill, Charolais: £1300, £1270 Cortleferry, £1255 Crookston, £1235 Todshawhaugh, £1225, £1215, £1200 Crookston, £1200 Cortleferry, £1195, £1175 Crookston

Heifers averaged 258.46p per kilo

A nice show of Ewes and Lambs forward for the first sale at St Boswells.  Overall average £80 per life.

Texel: £89, £86, £85, £82 Greenhead, S, £80 Townhead, Greenhead, S, Suffolk: £87, £85, £84 Greenhead, S, Greyfaced: £86 £80 Redpath Eastend, North Country Cheviot: £66 Townhead