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Date: 30 March 2021 | Store Cattle

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Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

Lockerbie, Sydney Place, Lockerbie, DG11 2JA

‘A change in the weather but not in the trade.’

The ring is king as far as store cattle are concerned with the flying trade continuing at Lockerbie Auction Mart’s fortnightly sale on Tuesday. A smaller more mixed show of cattle was met once again with a healthy ringside of eager buyers. 12-month-old Limousin heifers sold up to £1120 from Messrs Reid, Kirkburn while younger British Blue heifers were up to 290ppk at 8 months old from Mr Robson, Laverockhall. The same good farming also had British Blue bullocks at 292ppk and 272ppk. Bullocks topped at £1160 for an Aberdeen Angus from Messrs More, Maxwellbank who had another selling for £1120 at only 10 months old. 9-month-old Charolais bullocks sold up to 266ppk from Andrew Reid, Glendearg and Limousin bullocks were up to 265ppk from Messrs McGarva, Barwhanny.

Another positive sale with yet more encouraging signs for farmers leading into our April Fair Day Sale which is in two weeks’ time on the 13th April. Please advise entries to the Auctioneers.

Joel McGarva 07909 985770

Michael Stewart 07753 720323

Cameron Robertson 07836 233042

Leading prices per head
Steers: Aberdeen Angus £1160, £1120 Maxwellbank, £1030 Fingland, £970 Barwhanny, £890 Fingland British Blue £1095, £1080 Dryfesdale Gate Farm, £1060, £990 Laverockhall Beef Shorthorn £975 Newbigging Limousin £900 Hunterhouse, £765 Gall Farm, £710 Barwhanny Farm Holstein Friesian £855 Dryfesdale Gate Farm Salers £830 Gall Farm Charolais £790 Glendearg Simmental £750 Lochbank Farm

Heifers: Limousin £1120, £990, £950, £920, £900 Kirkburn Farm, £1000 Laverockhall, £870 Hunterhouse, £845 Lochbank Farm, £770 Barwhanny British Blue £1095, £1045, £1000 Dryfesdale Gate Farm, £910 Laverockhall Aberdeen Angus £950 Esbie Farm, £710 Hillhead Charolais £930, £860, £800 Glendearg Salers £790 Gall Farm Beef Shorthorn £790 Glendearg

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: British Blue 292p, 271.8p Laverockhall, 217.3p, 207.7p Dryfesdale Gate Farm Charolais 266p Glendearg Limousin 264.9p Barwhanny Farm, 245.9p Hunterhouse, 240.6p Gall Farm Salers 259.4p Gall Farm Simmental 253.4p Lochbank Farm Aberdeen Angus 251.1p, 228.3p Maxwellbank, 250p, 233p Fingland, 236.6p Barwhanny Farm Beef Shorthorn 239.6p Newbigging

Heifers: Limousin 289.9p Laverockhall, 251.9p Gall Farm, 250p, 243.5p, 240.8p, 228.4p Kirkburn Farm, 245.1p Hunterhouse, 242.1p Barwhanny Farm, 228.4p Lochbank Farm Aberdeen Angus 277.3p Hillhead, 216.4p Esbie Farm British Blue 263p Laverockhall, 217.3p Dryfesdale Gate Farm Charolais 257.5p, 255.5p, 242.4p Glendearg Salers 252.4p Gall Farm Beef Shorthorn 250.9p, 244.6p Gelndearg Simmental 242.8p Lochbank Farm