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Date: 06 April 2021 | Store Cattle

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Wooler Store Cattle Show & Sale

Wooler, Berwick Road, Wooler, NE71 6SL

At Wooler on Tuesday 6th April Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale for The William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet

A great show graced the ring with a brilliant trade throughout.

Taking charge of the day’s judging was Mr J Vickers, South Rennington giving the Championship to R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture with a superb Limousin.x Steer

Champion Limousin.x Steer with Simon Cadzow, Inland Pasture

Topping the day’s trading was J O Riddell & Son, West Hall raising £1330. Top price per kilo went to Newbigging Farms, Dunstan Hill at 321p for a Saler.x Steer

Overall Average – Steers: 265.6p Heifers: 257p

Leading prices per head - Steers: Limousin: £1330, £1275, £1265, £1150 West Hall, £1240, £1180 (2), £1160, £1150, £1140, £1130 Inland Pasture, £1200 East Fleetham, £1180, £1110 New Heaton, £1120 Brockley Hall. £1115 South Ord. British Blue: £1290, £1140, £1110, £1090 (2), £1085, £1060 Inland Pasture, £1290, £1280, £1140, £1105, £1055 New Heaton. Charolais: £1100 (2), £1070, £1050, £1045 Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: £1090 East Fleetham, £1045, £1000 South Ord, £930 Rayheugh. Hereford: £890 Shotton. Simmental: £885 Shotton

Leading prices per head – Heifers: Limousin: £1290 West Hall, £1200, £1180 Dunstan Hill, £1180, £1150 Inland Pasture, £1160 Howick, Seahouses. Charolais: £1290, £1160 Howick, Seahouses, £1040 Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: £1000, £970, £910 South Ord, £920 Bowmont Hill

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Saler: 321.3p Dunstan Hill. Limousin: 297.7p, 288.3p, 283.6p, 281.5p, 278.5p, 277.4p, 276.2p, 274.7p, 271.3p Inland Pasture, 297.1p Fawdon, 281.9p, 277.6p, 275p New Heaton, 278.8p, 272.2p South Ord, 276.1p Dunstan Hill. Charolais: 305.6p, 304.7p, 295.7p, 287.6p, 282.8p, 282.4p Fawdon Farms. British Blue: 297.7p, 293.8p, 288.3p, 278.9p, 277.4p, 274.7p Inland Pasture, 281.9p, 272.3p, 271.6p, 263.8p New Heaton. Simmental: 276.6p Shotton. Aberdeen Angus: 273.9p, 265.7p, 260.7p Rayheugh, 260p Bowmont Hill

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 317p, 285.7p, 284p, 275.9p, 273.2p Inland Pasture, 281.5p, 269.1p Dunstan Hill, 280p Shotton, 272.2p Fawdon Farms, 265.4p Howick, Seahouses, 264.3p Branton Eastside. Charolais: 290.5p, 277.1p, 272.2p, 266.8p, 266.2p, 257.4p, 253.7p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 255.3p, 253.2p Bowmont Hill, 235.3p South Ord