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Date: 06 April 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 4,606 sheep were forward consisting of 30 spring lambs, 3,868 prime hoggs and 708 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £200 was a 55kg Beltex cross hogg from Messrs Phillips, Fir Tree Farm, Harrogate which was bought by A Atkinson.
Topping at 435.4p/kg were a pen of four 41kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £178.50 from Messrs Dodd, Skylin, Temple Sowerby.
Next selling for £192 were a pair of 53kg Beltex cross hoggs from Messrs Mason, East Farm, Malton which were bought by A. Atkinson, Another pen of six 44kg Beltex cross hoggs sold for £183.50 with a pair of 52kg making £186 and a further six pens selling in excess of £180 all from East Farm.

The weather outside may have been frosty but the trade here at Kirkby Stephen definitely wasn’t, but was quite the opposite and was literally on fire all night! 3868 hoggs from 25-75kg sold to a breath taking overall average of £145.67 for all breeds and weights sold and an average of 307.02p/kg which included over 800 52kg plus and, 1480 45.6-52kg hoggs.

Some fantastic large consignments of well bred and well fed sheep from as far afield as Angus in the north and Lincolnshire in the South and many other parts of the country in between travelled to take advantage of the competitive ringside of 16 buyers for all classes of sheep here at Kirkby Stephen.
First time consignor Messrs Richardson, Richmond sold a pen of Texel cross hoggs to make £186 selling to West Scottish Lamb.
Messrs Thompson, Grantham made the journey up the A1 to top the Charollais cross hoggs selling to A. Atkinson.
The A1 also led Messrs Griffin, Oakham to Kirkby Stephen who sold a pen of ten 46kg Charollais cross hoggs to make £157.50 (342.4p/kg)

Hill cheviot hoggs topped at £160 for a pen of ten from Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Penrith which were bought by A. Atkinson.
Hill cheviot hoggs also sold to 328.4p/kg for a pen of twenty 44kg hoggs which sold for £144.50 from Hyde Park and were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.
Blackfaced hoggs sold to 314.3p/kg for a pen of twenty 35kg selling for £110 from Boghall, Fife and were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.
Messrs Dawson, York sold a pen of twenty-seven 46kg Mule hoggs to make £143.50 312p/kg selling to Scotbeef Ltd.
Swaledale hoggs topped at 302.3p/kg for a pen of seventy-two 44kg hoggs which made £133 from Messrs Graham, Angus which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.
Heavy hoggs were a flying trade Messrs Mason, Malton sold a pen of 54kg hoggs to make £181 (335.2p/kg) selling to A. Atkinson.
Messrs Hetherington, Staffield, Penrith sold 54kg hoggs to make £174 (322p/kg) selling to Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.
Messrs Thompson, Grantham sold a pen of eleven 50kg hoggs to make £170 (340p/kg) selling to Lancashire Direct Halal, with other pens of eighteen 51kg Texel cross hoggs selling for £164 (321.6p/kg) and 56kg hoggs making £177 (316.1p/kg) selling to G. Lomax.

230 Beltex cross hoggs sold to average a massive £163.02 and 360p/kg
236 Mule hoggs averaged £134.46
423 Suffolk cross hoggs averaged £148.62
1822 Texel cross hoggs averaged £150.45

Nothing more can be said about the Cast sheep trade here at Kirkby Stephen than it was literally believed to be the dearest ever seen.

Topping this section at £200 were a pen of 15 Beltex cross genuine farmers ewes from Messrs Slater, Whiteley Hay Farm, Cheshire which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats. A pen of Texel cross ewes sold for £194 also from Whiteley Hay Farm.
The consignment of 81 ewes from this home sold to average a staggering £172.90.
Horned ewes were the dearest ever seen with a pen of ten Swaledale ewes topping at £112.50 from Messrs Graham, Angus.
Ten pens of Swaledale ewes sold in excess for £100 with all Swaledale ewes sold averaging a whopping £80.73.
Scotch Blackfaced ewes topped at £113 for a pen of sixteen from Messrs Dawson, York which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.
Suffolk cross ewes sold to £170.50 for a pen of ten from Messrs Richardson, Richmond.
Mule ewes regularly sold well in excess of £120 with eleven pens selling between £120-£128.50
Cast rams topped at £192.50 for a Texel from Messrs Slater, Cheshire which was bought by M. Helliwell, Rochdale.

A unbelievable overall sale average for 708 ewes of £118.65 was achieved which includes 252 horned ewes.

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages
75     @    46.1kg     £173.65    375.9p    East Farm
46     @    66.5kg     £171.11    257.3p    Huttonfields
167   @    51.7kg     £164.19    3172p    Stainby House Farm
82     @    52kg        £162.23    311.7p    Old Hall Farm
36     @    49.1kg     £160.88    327p       Beck House Far,
328   @    51kg        £157.05    307.9p    Glebe Cottage
44     @    53kg        £156.11    294p        Sunny Gill Farm
91     @    47.1kg     £154.35    327.4p    Home Farm
12     @    46kg        £154.00    334.7p    Peep O Day Farm
20     @    48.7kg     £150.08    307.8p    Town Head
11     @    41.2kg     £149.82    363p        Skylin
59     @    44.7kg     £149.25    333.7p    Fir Tree Farm
218   @    50.5kg     £148.77    294.4p    Snowfield Farm
200   @    49.5kg     £146.82    296p       Newton Farm
380   @    47.5kg     £145.99    307p        Hyde Park
114   @    48kg        £145.86    303.6p    Friars Garth
390   @    48.9kg     £145.66    297.6p    Boghall

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –

Price Per Head –
£168, £150(2) Friars Garth; £158 Clifton Hill Gardens: Texel £147, £140 Street House.

Price Per Kilo
381.8p, 357.1p, 347.6p, 341.5p Friars Garth: Texel 376.9p, 350p Street House: Blue Texel 356.3p Whiteley Hay Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Price Per Head – Beltex £200 Fir Tree Farm; £192, £186, £184, £183.50, £183, £182, £181, £178.50, £178, £176, £173(2), £172, £168(2), £164, £161.50, £165 East Farm; £178.50 Skylin; £177 Stubsgill; £167.50 Home Farm; £175.50(2), £165.50, £164.50 Beck House Farm; £174(2), £168 Old Hall Farm; £170 West Summersides; £177, £172.50, £170, £167.50 Stainby House Farm; £168 Boghall; £168, £160 Snowfield Farm; £165, £164 Glebe Farm; £165 Friars Garth; £160 Sunny Gill Farm: Texel £186, £176, £174, £170 Huttonfields; £176, £167(2), £166, £164, £163(2) Stainby House Farm; £175 Old Hall Farm; £174, £168, £165.50 Gorden House Farm; £170 Clarks Farm; £168(2) Goodlie Hill Cottage; £166, £164.50, £163.50 Beck House Farm; £165 Newton Farm; £164(2) Old Hall Farm; £164, £163, £160.50 Glebe Cottage; £163 Hyde Park; £161 Fir Tree Farm; £160 Sunny Gill Farm; £160 Earnwell; £160 Boghall: Charollais £176 Stainby House Farm: £170, £157.50 Home Farm; £168.50, £160 Glebe Cottage; £156, £155.50 Snowfield Farm; £152.50 Briggle Farm; £150.50 Huttonfields: Suffolk £170(2) Huttonfields; £164, £160, £157, £155.50(2), £154, £151 Boghall; £159 Old Hall Farm; £157.50 Home Farm; £153 Newton Farm: Cheviot £160 Sunny Gill Farm; £153, £148.50, £144.50 Hyde Park; £148.50, £146.50, £145.50(2), £145, £140.50, £140 Capplegill; £140 Snowfield Farm: Lleyn £150 Woodfoot: Mule £148(2), £146 Dalbrack Farm; £145.50, £138.50 Hole House; £145 High Toft Hill Farm; £143.50, £139.50, £138 Mount Pleasant Farm; £143 Beck House Farm; £138.50 Burton Hill; £138 Snowfield Farm: Blue Texel £146 WhiteleyHay Farm: Swaledale £135.50, £133, £124.50 Dalbrack Farm; £129 Manor House Farm; £125.50 Snowfield Farm; £124 High Wardses; £122 Burton Hill; £120 Gillses Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £135.50 Whitewall Farm: Scotch Blackface £132.50 Snowfield Farm: Herdwick £108 Beechcroft Farm: Shetland £86.50 Starrah.

Price per kilo –  Beltex 435.4p Skylin; 417p, 414p, 396.7p, 395.7p, 393.2p, 390.5p, 381.8p, 375.6p, 373.3p, 366.7p, 366p, 362.3p East Farm; 408.1p, 391.7p, 381.5p Beck House Farm; 386.4p West Summersides; 379.3p Home Farm; 373.3p Boghall; 372.2p Stainby House Farm; 363.6p Fir Tree Farm; 362.1p Woodfoot(Maughan): Texel 404.7p, 342.9p Gordon House Farm; 362.5p, 338p Glebe Cottage; 352.3p High Toft Hill Farm; 343.3p Skylin; 338.8p, 330p Friars Garth; 338.6p, 333.3p Fir Tree Farm; 338.4p, 334p, 331.5p Home Farm; 338.4p Stubsgill Farm; 336.4p Boghall; 334.8p, Peep O Day Farm; 334p, 332.7p Stainby House Farm; 333.3p Beechcroft Farm: Charollais 342.4p Home Farm; £333.3p Glebe Cottage; £320 Stainby House Farm: Suffolk   336.4p Fir Tree Farm; 323.9p, 318.6p, 316 Boghall; 313.8p, 312.5p Newton Farm; 311.7p Home Farm: Cheviot 328.4p, 317.9p, 316.3p, 315.9p Hyde Park; 315.7p Buckles Farm: Blue Texel 317.4p Whiteley Hay Farm: Scotch Blackface 314.3p, 295p Boghall; 294.4p Snowfield Farm; 291.9p Beechcroft Farm: Mule 312p Mount Pleasant Farm: Swaledale 302.3p 282.3p Dalbrack Farm; 285.2p Snowfield Farm; 281.7p Helbeck Grange: Herdwick 257.1p Beechcroft Farm: Shetland 279p Starrah.

Cast Ewes -  Beltex £200, £170(2), £160, £150 Whiteley Hay Farm: Texel £194, £185.50, £176 Whiteley Hay Farm; £188.50 Abbey Park; £170.50 Abbey Park; £168.50 House & Holme Farm; £166.50 Stainby House Farm; £164.50 Gordon House Farm; £160 Bridge End farm; £160 Carkin Moor Farm; £160 Stubsgill Farm: Suffolk £170.50 Huttonfields; £150(2) Stainby House Farm; £148.50 Boghall; £148.50 Mount Pleasant Farm; £140(2) Old Hall Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £146.50 Eden Flatt: Cheviot £146.50 Mount Pleasant Farm; £112.50 Westgarth Hill; £105.50 Weasdale Farm; £100.50 Dalbrack Farm; £100 Highfield Farm: Blue Texel £145.50 Whiteley Hay Farm: Lleyn £140.50 Rake Head; £130 Woodfoot: Mule £128.50 Stubsgill Farm; £128.50 Eden Flatt; £126.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £124.50 Old Hall Farm; £124.50 Mount Pleasant Farm; £124.50 Snadford Hall; £122.50 Rake Head; £121.50 Abbey Park; £120.50 Buckles Farm; £120.50 Bridge End Farm; £120.50 Meadow View Lodge: Dorset £116.50 Ellwood Croft: Scotch Blackface £113, £99.50 Mount Pleasant Farm; £105.50, £97.50 Boghall: Swaledale £112.50, £105.50, £103.50 Dalbrack Farm; £106.50, £97.50 Gillses Farm; £105.50 Goodlie Hill Farm; £105.50 Sandwath Farm; £100 Argill House; £100 Croft House Farm; £100 Stirrygill; £97.50 Westgarth Hill; £97.50 Thorney Gale; £96.50 Eden Flatt; £95.0 Manor House Farm; £94.50 Stubsgill Farm: Rough £103.50 Cotegill Barn; £100 Sproat Ghyll; £98.50 West Fell View; £94.50 Weasdale Farm: Zwartble £94.50 Carpool Farm: Herdwick £82.50 Dalbrack Farm; £77.50 Hilton Road; £72.50 Sleetburn.

Cast Rams -  Texel £192.50 Whiteley Hay Farm; £152.50 Clarks Farm; £140.50(2) Briggle Farm: Blue Texel £178.50 Whiteley Hay Farm: Valais Blacknose £168.50 Flakebridge Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £168.50, £130 Whingill: Beltex £156.50 Whiteley Hay Farm: Suffolk £150 Flakebridge Farm: Charollais £122.50 Old Hall Farm: Cheviot £120.50 Weasdale Farm: Rough £92.50 Low Shaw Farm.