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Date: 12 April 2021 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 12th April Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. A larger show of 378 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle along with 2270 prime and cast sheep were on offer.

PRIME BULLS: A far better quality show of 67 Prime bulls forward with once again another flyer of a trade throughout the sale.  Top overall was a 32 month old Blonde bull achieving £2033.36 from Messrs Pattinson, Walby Hall, Carlisle purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Limousins to £1990.37 from Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields Farm, Lockerbie purchased by Messrs Medcalf, Brookwood, Abattoir, Halifax.  British Blues to £1871.42 from Messrs Beaty, Langhorn Farm, Egremont purchased by Morgan Helliwell.  Simmentals to £1851.50 from Messrs Gouldsbrough, Oakriggs, Moffat purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston who also bought the top Charolais cross from Messrs Tattersall, Enzieholm, Langholm receiving £1816.34.  Top pence per kilo of 265.5p was paid to Seymour Farms, Wigton for a Limousin purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.  Messrs Henshall to 259.5p and 258.5p to Messrs Barclay, South Road, Aberdeenshire.  British Blue crosses to 244.5p from Messrs Mitchinson, Beck House, Carlisle.  Native cattle peaked at £1515.29 for a light Aberdeen Angus from Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill, Carlisle purchased by Black Brow Abattoir, Wigton.  Dairy bred bulls were also on fire with a day’s top of £1423.45 and £1413.47 for the best Friesians from Messrs Graham, Hillhead, Canonbie both purchased by Capper Farming, Glasgow.  Montbeliarde to £1385.67 from Seymour Farms, Wigton, purchased by Jewitt Meats and Holstein Friesians to £1234.53 from Messrs Callion & Son, Lodge Farm, Workington purchased by Bowland Foods.  Top overall pence per kilo of 216.5p was paid to Messrs Workman, Beeches, Carlisle with their Montbeliarde and 215.5p from Seymour Farms, both purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.  Friesians to 207.5p from Hillhead Farm, Canonbie and Holstein Friesians to 203.5p from Messrs Stalker, Ratten Castle.  Many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.

Please advise entries by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Bull Prices per Head: Blonde £2033 Walby Hall, Limousin £1990 Sarkshields Farm, £1771 £1525 Clifton Moor  £1657 £1485 Linden House, £1639 Fodderletter £1600 Brae of Coynach £1520 £1412 Seymour House, £1447 South Road, £1428 Old Town Farm, British Blue £1871 Langhorn Farm  £1454 £1321 Beck House, Simmental £1851 Oakrigg Farm, £1724 £1629 Castlewigg Farm, £1601 Beck House, Charolais £1816 £1660 Enzieholm, £1540 South Road, Aberdeen Angus £1515 Petteril Hill Farm, Friesian £1423 £1413 £1356 £1345 Hillhead, Saler £1419 New Hall, Montbelairde £1385 Seymour Farms £1376 Beeches, Maine Anjou £1379 Beck House, Holstein Friesian £1234 £1081 Lodge Farm, £1205 £1134 Street Head, £1183 £1181 £1078 Grassknop Farm, £1170 Ratten Castle, £1111 Old Town Farm,  Fleckvieh £1083 Laws Hall, Ayrshire £1044 Marleycote Walls.

Leading Bull Priced per Kilo: Limousin 265.5 Seymour House, 259.5 Sarkshields Farm, 258.5 South Road, 250.5 239.5 Clifton Moor 244.5 241.5 Linden House, 241.5 Fodderletter, 237.5 Brae of Coynach, British Blue 244.5 Beck House, 228.5 Langhorn Farm, Simmental 241.5 Beck House, 239.5 Castlewigg Farm, Blonde 239.5 Walby Hall, Charolais 230.5 220.5 Enzieholm 228.5 South Road, Saler 227.5 New Hall, Aberdeen Angus 226.5 Petteril Hill Farm, Maine Anjou 216.5 Beck House, Montbelairde 216.5 Beeches, 215.5 Seymour House, Fleckvieh 214.5 Laws Hall, Friesian 207.5 205.5 197.5 195.5 Hillhead, Holstein Friesian 203.5 Ratten Castle 193.5 188.5 Lodge Farm, 191.5 178.5 176.5 Grassknop  187.5 183.5 Street Head 177.5 Old Town Farm, 171.5 Laws Hall, Saler 199.5 New Hall, Holstein 183.5 171.5 168.5 Musgrave Hall, 167.5 Kirtlevale, Ayrshire 176.5 162.5 Marleycote Walls, Swedish Red & White 164.5 Laws Hall. 

PRIME CATTLE: A much larger entry of 56 prime steers and heifers forward with an electric trade from start to finish.  No less than 15 cattle achieved to trade over the £1700 mark with a days top of £1886.04 for a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper, Wigton.  Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton to £1868.65 and Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton to £1861.97 for their best, all of the above purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, Lockerbie also squeezed into the club with a steer achieving £1810.90 and was purchased by Charles Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.  British Blue crosses from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle achieved a top of £1816.71.  Top pence per kilo steer came from Messrs Irving, Thackmire, Wigton selling their British Blue cross to 257.5 purchased by Messrs Medcalf, Brookwood Abattoir.  Limousin steers to 254.5p from Bothel Parks.  Heifers forward in far better quality and quantity achieving a top of £1818.59 for an outstanding Limousin cross from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse, Carlisle purchased by Pioneer Foods.  Messrs Blake, Halfway Well, Penrith sold their two cracking Limousin crosses to £1779.53 and £1753.99.  British Blue crosses from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton selling to £1767.89 and another to £1606.54 from Messrs Story, Newbiggin Farm, Carlisle purchased by Charles Kirkpatrick.  Top overall pence per kilo of 261.5p was paid to RVCM Agri, Airyolland Farm, Newton Stewart for their Limousin Cross and was purchased by Brookwood Abattoir another to 257.5p for a Limousin cross from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan purchased by Black Brow Abattoir, Wigton. 

Many more are urgently required on a weekly basis please advise entries by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Prices Per Head:
Steers: Limousin
£1886 Abbey Cowper Farm, £1868 £1847 Bothel Parks, £1861 Lesson Hall, £1810 £1796 Hoddamtown, £1787 The Lake, £1743 £1883 Petteril Hill Farm, £1702 £1693 Newbiggin Farm, British Blue £1816 £1792 The Lake, £1414 Broomhills Farm, Holstein Friesian £1258 West Whitrigg, Galloway £1232 Newton High House.

Heifers: Limousin £1818 £1654 Nealhouse Farm, £1779 £1753 Halfway Well, £1741 Petteril Hill Farm, £1587 £1502 £1499 Newbiggin Farm, £1565 Abbey Cowper Farm, £1565 Upper Brydekirk, £1477 £1463 West End Farm, £1414 Airyolland Farm, £1414 West Whitrigg, British Blue £1767 Lesson Hall, £1606 Newbiggin Farm, £1420 West Whitrigg, Charolais £1335 New Hall.

Leading prices per kilo: Steers: Limousin 254.5 251.5 Bothel Parks, 253.5 Abbey Cowper Farm, 246.5 The Lake, 241.5 236.5 Petteril Hill Farm, 241.5 Lesson Hall, 240.5 239.5 238.5 Newbiggin Farm, 235.5 Hoddamtown, British Blue 252.5 246.5 The Lake, Galloway 222.5 Newton High House, Holstein Friesian 179.5 West Whitrigg.

Heifers: Limousin 261.5 Airyolland, 257.5 Upper Brydekirk 256.6 239.5 Nealhouse Farm, 255.5 243.5 Newbiggin Farm, 249.5 247.5 Halfway Well, 249.5 Petteril Hill Farm, 245.5 237.5 West End Farm, 243.5 Abbey Cowper Farm, British Blue 240.5 Newbiggin Farm, Charolais 224.5 New Hall, Saler 205.5 New Hall.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE:  A larger show of 270 cast cows were on offer to a very keen ringside of buyers which ensured a flying trade. All beef cows averaged 165.5ppk which was 5p up on the week. Messrs Telfer & Son, Newton High House sold two Limousin cows for 949kg, 1995ppk or £1893 and to 893kg, 199.5ppk or £1781 both purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick, and to 800kg, 209.5ppk or £1676 to Jewitts. Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor run of Limousin cows topped at 862kg, 209.5ppk or £1805 and to 908kg, 186.5ppk or £1693 and to 901kg, 182.5ppk or £1644 purchased by Mr Kirkpatrick, and two to Owain Llyr. Mr Bruce Goldie, Townfoot Farm run of cows topped at 1009kg, 170ppk or £1720 for a Simmental cow to Mr Kirkpatrick and a Saler cow selling to 956kg, 169.5ppk or £1620 to Dovecote Park. Mr Neil Barclay, South Road run of cows topped at 958kg, 168.5ppk or £1614 for a Charolais cow to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk sold a Limousin cow for 705kg, 219.4ppk or £1547 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Phillipson, Glebe Farm sold a 36 month old Limousin cross heifer for 640kg, 218.5ppk or £1398 to Jewitts. Mr Harry Emslie, Brae of Coynach run of cows topped at 602kg, 217.5ppk or £1309 to Jewitts. Mr Neil Barclay, South Road sold a Simmental heifer for 563kg, 213.5ppk or £1202 again to Jewitts. Messrs Jackson, Clarks Farm sold a young Limousin cross bull for 598kg, 212.5ppk or £1270 also to Jewitts. Messrs Thompson, East Unthank Farm sold a British Blue cross cow for 705kg, 211.5ppk or £1491 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Vance, Bridgehouse Farm sold a Limousin cross cow for 773kg, 203.5ppk or £1573 to Jewitts.

Black and white cows were on fire, with all classes averaging 128.5ppk, up 6p on the week, and over 50 dairy bred cast cows selling to £1000 or more. Messrs Holliday, Newbampton Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 922kg, 155.5ppk or £1433 and to 812kg, 165.5ppk or £1343 both purchased by Les Fell. Messrs Dart & Son, Flothers sold the Montbeliarde cross cow for 895kg, 157.5ppk or £1409 to Les Fell. Messrs Berresford & Son Angerton Hall Farm sold the top price Fleckvieh cow for 857kg, 161.5ppk or £1384 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Murchie & Son, Hawkshole sold a Holstein cross cow for 812kg, 166.5ppk or £1351 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Harrison, Breckney Hill sold a Holstein cross cow for 850kg, 156.5ppk or £1330 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Broomfield Farm sold a Holstein cross cow to 812kg, 163.5ppk or £1327 to Dovecote Parks. Messrs Messenger, The Howes sold a Fleckvieh cross cow for 791kg 166.5ppk or £1317 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Little & Son, Kirkbride House run of Montbelairde cross cows topped at 814kg, 160.5ppk or £1306 to Les Fell. Messrs Marrs & Son, Croft Farm sold the top priced British Friesian cow for 832kg, 156.5ppk or £1302 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Graves, East Scales sold a Holstein cross heifer for 178.5ppk to Les Fell. Messrs Martin, Boggle Hall, sold a British Friesian heifer for 178.5ppk to David Holmes. Messrs Bland & Son sold a Friesian heifer for 169.5ppk to Alan Jarvis.

Leading Prices per head: Limousin £1893, £1781, £1676 Newton High House, £1805, £1693, £1644, £1597, £1553, £1347 Clifton Moor, £1573 Bridgehouse Farming, £1547 Upper Brydekirk, £1409 Whitewall Farm, £1398 Glebe Farm, £1309 Brae of Coynach, £1275 Greengate Well Farm, £1270 Clarks Farm, £1264 Maryfield, £1241 Sarkshields Farm, £1204 Stubbsgill Farm, Simmental £1720, £1404 Townfoot Farm, £1448, £1235, £1208, £1202 South Road, £1395 Kirtleton House, £1354 Frankstown Farm, £1326 Maryfield, £1305, £1285 Kirtleton House,      Saler £1620 Townfoot Farm, Charolais £1614 South Road, £1550 West Block, £1537 South Road, £1530 Longrigg Thorn, British Blue £1491 East Unthank Farm, £1413 Glebe Farm, Shorthorn £1442 South Road, Holstein £1433, £1343 Newbampton Farm,£1018 Justicetown Farm, Montbeliarde £1409, £1306 Flothers, Fleckvieh £1384 Angerton Hall Farm, £1317 The Howes, £1115 Glenzierfoot Farm, Holstein Friesian £1351 Hawkshole, £1330, £1290 Breckney Hill, £1327 Bromfield Hall, £1247, £1171, £1168 Berrier Head, £1200 Old Town Farm, £1191 Bridge Farm, £1188 Bridgehouse Farm, £1172 Mirkbooths, £1155 Cairnhead Farm, £1150, £1112 High Plains, £1146 Gill House, £1137 Evening Hill Farm, £1119 Greenmoorside, £1118 Hardgrove, £1103 Milton Farm, £1099 Burtholme Farm, Stabiliser £1315 The Swaites, Friesian £1302, £1229, £1193 Croft Farm, £1283 Mirkbooths, £1165 Boggle Hall, £1130, £1079, £1040, £1010 The Flatt, Aberdeen Angus £1244 Wetheriggs Farm, Hereford £1204 Cappuck Farm, Dairy Shorthorn £1180 Brisco Hill, £1001 Breckney Hill, Bazadaise £1158 The Swaites, Brown Swiss £1098 Yew Tree Farm, Jersey £564 Morton Farm, £518 Evening Hill Farm, £514 The Gill.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 219.5p Upper Brydekirk, 218.5p, 176.5p Glebe Farm, 217.5p, 173.5p, 172.5p Brae of Coynach, 212.5p Clarks Farm, 209.5p, 199.5p (x2) Newton High House, 209.5p, 188.5p, 186.5p, 182.5p (x2), 177.5p Clifton Moor, 203.5p Bridgehouse Farm, 192.5p Petteril Grange, 183.5p Whitewall Farm, 172.5p Stubbsgill Farm, Simmental 213.5p, 184.5p, 172.5p, 170.5p South Road, 187.5p, 175.5p Kirtleton House, 175.5p Frankstown Farm, 174.5p, 170.5p Townfoot Farm, British Blue 211.5p East Unthank Farm, 185.5p Glebe Farm, British Friesian 178.5p Boggle Hall, 169.5p, 157.5p, 155.5p, 149.5p (x2) The Flatt, 163.5p Mirkbooths, 159.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p Croft Farm, 149.5p Greyrigg, 146.5p Clarks Farm, 142.5p Flothers, 142.5p Cardew Hall, 140.5p Wood End Farm, Holstein Friesian 178.5p East Scales, 167.5p Orton Grange Farm, 166.5p Hawkshole, 163.5p Broomfield Hall, 159.5p, 148.5p Berrier Head, 158.5p Cairnhead Farm, 156.5p, 154.5p Breckeny Hill, 155.5p Bridge Farm, 155.5p Bridgehouse Farm, 152.5p Old Town Farm, 150.5p Mirkbooths, 150.5p Morton Farm, 150.5p High Plains, 149.5p Low Rigg, 148.5p Pears Ghyll Farm, 148.5p Greenmoorside, 147.5p Gill House, 147.5p Cote House Farm,  Charolais 175.5p Longrigg Thorn, Hereford 174.5p Cappuck Farm, Saler 169.5p Townfoot Farm, Shorthorn 167.5p South Road, Blonde 167.5p Guards Mill Farm, Fleckvieh 166.5p The Howes, 161.5p Angerton Hall Farm, Holstein 165.5p, 155.5p Newbampton Farm, 146.5p Justicetown Farm,  Montbelairde 160.5p, 146.5p Kirkbride House, 157.5p Flothers, Stabiliser 159.5p The Swaites, Aberdeen Angus 158.5p Longrigg Thorns, Brown Swiss 149.5p Yew Tree Farm, Devon Red 143.5p Middle Brownrigg, Belted Galloway 139.5p Cardew Hall, Ayrshire 130.5p Aigle Gill, Galloway 129.5p Rye Close, Jersey 107.5p Morton Farm, 106.5p, 103.5p The Gill, Bazadaise 166.5p The Swaites, Dairy Shorthorn 162.5p Breckney Hill, 146.5p Brisco Hill.

CAST BULLS: A small entry of 5 stock bulls were forward, with Messrs Jarman, Brow Top Farm sold a Limousin stock bull for 1100kg, 164.5ppk or £1809 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Mawson, Bailey Ground sold a British Blue bull for 1080kg, 158.5ppk or £1711 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Bebson, Cotehill sold a Charolais stock bull for 1082kg, 152.5ppk or £1650 again to Mr Kirkpatrick.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1809 Brow Top Farm, British Blue £1711 Bailey Ground Farm, Charolais £1650 Petteril Grange, Aberdeen Angus £1498 Stubbyknowe.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 164.5p Brow Top Farm, British Blue 158.5p Bialey Ground Farm, Charolais 152.5p Petteril Grange, Aberdeen Angus 137.5p Stubbyknowe, Stabiliser 119.5p East Newburn.

PRIME SHEEP: Another strong entry of 2369 head were forward.
A nice entry of 33 spring lambs also came forward ranging from 28-60 kgs.  This section was dominated by Adam & Amy Bell, Thethwaite who sold the leading price per head, per kilo and consignment averages, topping at £164 for a pair of 38kg Suffolk lambs.  From the same home, lambs at 36.5kg sold for 438.3pph (£160) with the consignment levelling at 37.2kg £162, £435.48p per kilo.
2045 prime hoggs showed another marvellous return in April with an overall average of 305p, SQQ 312pph. This was achieved with less top and export types forward and included hoggs of all types from 24-81kgs levelling at £141.97 per head.
Top price per head was Messrs McCune, Farewell Grange, Wigton who sold 52kg hoggs to £189.
Top price per kilo went to Beltex hoggs shown by J Shepherd & Son, Low House, Millom selling 36kg hoggs for 416.7p £150 per head. 
Hillbred hoggs sold to £153.50 for a pen of 23 Blackies from Messrs Fisher Smalmstown, Longtown with a top price per kilo of 339p for Cheviots from Messrs Skelton, New Hall Farm, Maryport.
Suffolks to £162 from CR & CL Donaldson, Hazel House, York and Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown also to 316.2p for a pen of 20 from Messrs Shephard, Low House, Millom.
Mules sold to £150 shown by Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths and to 302.2p from Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown.
Two consignments of hoggs run the bell with 291 head from CR & CL Donaldson, York which averaged £151.18 for mainly Suffolk and Texel cross hoggs.
Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown sold 337 hoggs which were mainly Blackies to average 318.43, £147.91 per head.

Leading Prices per head: Suffolk
£164 Thethwaite Farm. Texel £162, £160 Thethwaite Farm, £154 Wetheral Shields, £144 Rashfield.  Charollais £160, £158 Rigghead Farm. Zwartbles £134 Townfoot Farm, £130 (x2) Mid Whinnow.
Leading Prices per kilo: Texel 438.4p, 437.8p Thethwaite Farm. Suffolk 431.6p Thethwaite Farm.

Leading Prices per head: Beltex
£189 Farewell Grange, £182, £149, £148, £147 Copperthorns, £161, £144, £140 Hollands, £160 Smalmstown Farm, £160, £151 Harley Croft, £151 Grange Farm, £150 Low House Farm, £148 Hargill House. Texel £184, £172 Thethwaite Farm, £181, £180 Farewell Grange, £180, £163 Mirkbooths, £169 Intack House, £167, £166, £162 (x2) Kirtleton House, £166, £164 Smalmstown Farm, £162 Old Rectory Farm.  Suffolk £162, £159 Smalmstown Farm, £162, £156 (x2), £151.50, £151 (x2 Hazel House, £158 (x2), £154 Mirkbooths, £154 Low House Farm. Blackface £153.50, £147 (x2), £145, £143, £138.50 Smalmstown Farm, £142, £134 Mirkbooths, £138 Thethwaite Farm. North Country Cheviot £151.50 Smalmstown Farm.  Greyface £150, £148, £146, £142, £138 Mirkbooths, £140 Thethwaite Farm, £140 Hazel House, £139 Smalmstown Farm. Hill Cheviot £147.50 Tempest Tower, £147, £146.50, £140, £139 (x2) Newhall Farm, £143, £141 Orton Rigg Farm, £136 (x2) Tempest Tower. Charollais £142 Bowscale Farm. Swaledale £116 Low House Farm, £113 Bowscale Farm.
Leading Prices per kilo: Beltex 416.7p Low House Farm, 408.3p Copperthorns, 402.5p, 350p Hollands, 379.5p Hargill House, 377.5p Harley Croft, 363.5p Farewell Grange. Texel 369.8p, 348p Thethwaite Farm, 363.4p Sleightholme Farm, 362.4p, 352.8p Smalmstown Farm, 348.8p, 347.1p, 343.9p, 342.9p Copperthorns, 348.8p Intack House, 345.7p Kirtleton House, 345.5p Low House Farm, 344.3p, 340.9p Newhall Farm. Hill Cheviot 339p, 333p, 315.9p 311.1p Newhall Farm, 320p Tempest Tower, 313.5p, 310.9p Orton Rigg Farm, 301p Tempest Tower, 300p (x2) Woodhouses Farm. Blackface 329.8p, 324.7p, 319.6p, 318.7p, 316.1p, 304p Smalmstown Farm, 304.7p, 302.5p  Brisco Hill, 301.1p Mirkbooths. Charollais 319.1p Bowscale Farm. Suffolk 316.1p Low House Farm, 315.7p Smalmstown Farm, 312.4p, 311.3p, 305.1p, 300p Hazel House, 306.7p The Nook, 303.4p Thethwaite Farm.  North Country Cheviot 312.4p Smalmstown Farm. Greyface 302.2p Smalmstown Farm, 294.7p Thethwaite Farm, 290.5p Mirkbooths, 285.7p Hazel House, 276.3p Cumcatch Farm, 275.9p Bowscale Farm. Swaledale 269.2p Hargill House, 266.7p Low House Farm, 265.9p Bowscale Farm.

CAST SHEEP:  Ewe trade was subject to a bit of resistance topping at £200 a head for Texels for Messrs Shephard, Low House, Millom.

Leading prices per head:
Texel £200 Low House Farm, £170 Hargill House, £162 Ashfield, £156 Catlins Farm, £154, £142, £140 East Park, £152 Blue Dial Farm, £144, £140 Brae of Coynach, £142 Midtown Farm, £142 East Cottage, £140 High House, £140 Blue Dial Farm. Beltex £172 Newhall Farm, £152 Midtown Farm. Suffolk £162, £146 Catlins Farm, £158, £148, £142 Chapel House, £156 Riddings Hill, £152, £150 Thethwaite Farm, £150, £148 Shaw Wood, £148, £140 Hazel House. Zwartbles £132, £130 Mid Whinnow, £130 Wetheral Shields. Dorset £125 Low Tarns.  Jacob £120 Rashfield. Dorset £120 Faugh Beeches, £120 Low House Farm, £112 Beyond the Moss, £110 Rig House. Hill Cheviot £118 Hillhead. Swaledale £92 Smalmstown Farm, £90 Hesket Demain. Blackface £90 Hillhead.
Rams: Beltex £140 Farewell Grange.


For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales, please contact a member of the team.

David Holliday

07710 189804

Cast Cows & Cast Bulls

Grant Anderson

07872 129274

Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle

James Little

07872 840685

Prime & Cast Sheep