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Date: 14 April 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 2,163 sheep were forward consisting of 34 spring lambs, 1,487 prime hoggs and 642 cast sheep.

Topping the prime hoggs at £192 was a pen of four 59kg Beltex cross hoggs from Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Soulby which were bought by West Scottish Lamb.
Messrs Robshaw, Tadcaster sold a pen of 43kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £176 (409.3p/kg)

Spring lambs topped at £179 and 406.8p/kg for a pair of 44kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs Brass, Bridge End Farm, Soulby which were bought by Steadmans, Kirkby Stephen.
Messrs Brass also sold 42kg Texel cross lambs to make £154 (400p/kg) selling to West Scottish Lamb.
Texel cross Mule lambs weighing 39kg sold to £150 (384.6p/kg) from East Mellwaters Farm, Barnard Castle selling to West Scottish Lamb.
There is plenty of demand for all types and weights of Spring lambs on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Penrith sold a pen of 52kg Texel cross hoggs to make £184 selling to Dowdings Butchers, Appleby, another pen of seven 43kg hoggs from this home sold to make £174.50 (405.8p/kg).
Heavy hoggs were a strong trade once again with 65kg Suffolk cross hoggs selling to £177 from Messrs Robshaw, Tadcaster.
Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm sold a pen of twenty-four 65kg Suffolk cross hoggs to make £174 with another pen of fifteen 60kg Suffolks from this home making £165.50.
Messrs Greensit, Northallerton sold a pen of 45kg Suffolk cross hoggs to make £150 and 333p/kg selling to Yorkshire Halal Meats.
Beck Hill Farm, Scorton sold a pen of twenty 46kg Suffolk cross Mule hoggs to make £148.50 and 322.8p/kg selling to Lancashire Direct Halal.
Scotch Blackfaced hoggs sold to £145.50 and 323.3p/kg for a pen of twenty-eight 45kg hoggs from Messrs Addison, Greystone House, Kings Meaburn which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.
Swaledale hoggs sold to £140.50 for a pen of seventeen 50kg hoggs from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop which were bought by Scotbeef Ltd.
Mule hoggs sold to 307.4p/kg for a pen of ten 47kg hoggs which made £144.50 from Beck Hill Farm, Scorton and were bought by Scotbeef.
Handy weighted hoggs were also still in strong demand with a pen of thirty-two 38kg grass fed Hill Cheviot hoggs making £119.50 (314.5p/kg) from Barker Farms, Moffat selling to Lancashire Direct Halal, with another pen of thirty 37kg Hill Cheviot hoggs making £115.50 (312.2p/kg) from this same home and selling to Pak Mecca Meats.

All classes of prime hoggs were every bit as dear, if not dearer than last weeks highs with numbers falling way short of buyers requirements and many more hoggs of all classes are required here at Kirkby Stephen for next weeks sale.

Cash sheep were also every bit as dear like for like on the week.
Bluefaced Leicester ewes topped at £163.50 for a pair from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, bought by D Towers.
Mule ewes regularly sold between £125-£133.50
Scotch Blackfaced ewe sold to £118.50 for a pen from Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate, Brampton bought by S&S Meats, Darlington.
Swaledale ewes topped at £110 for a pen from Messrs Raine, Stanhope Gate Farm, Barnard Castle bought by Lancashire Direct Halal.
Bluefaced Leicester rams topped at £164.50 for a pair from Messrs Dent, Greenriggs bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Plenty more cast sheep can easily by sold to extreme rates with 12 active buyers all looking for numbers of sheep here at Kirkby Stephen!

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages






Old Hall Farm






Beck House Farm






Martindale Farm






Sunny Gill Farm






Greenbury Grange






High Greenbury Farm






Friars Garth






Greystone House






Hallbankgate Farm






Eastfield Farm

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –

Price Per Head –  Texel £179, £154 Bridge End Farm; £160 Powis House; £155 High Greenbury Farm; £150 East Mellwaters Farm: Blue Texel £162 Powis House: Suffolk £160 Redgate; £150 Friars Garth: Charollais £140 East Mellwaters Farm:

Price Per Kilo -  Texel 406.8p, 400p Bridge End Farm; 384.6p East Mellwaters Farm; 381p Powis House; 379.5p Friars Garth: Blue Texel 376.7p Powis House: Charollais 359p East Mellwaters Farm: Suffolk 335p, 334.1p, 331p Friars Garth.

Prime Hoggs

Price Per Head –  Beltex £192 Grassgill Lodge; £176, £174, £173.50, £168(2), £162.50 Beck House Farm; £176, £175, £174.50, £174, £167.50, £166.50 Old Hall Farm; £170 Crossfell House; £160.50 Greenbury Grange: Texel £184, £170, £169, £165.50, £160(2) Old Hall Farm; £170.50 High Greenbury Farm; £170 Hallbankgate Farm; £167.50, £160 Kelmore Hill Farm; £165.50, £163.50, £160.50(2) Beck House Farm; £160 Sunny Gill Farm; £160 West Summersides: Suffolk £177 Beck House Farm; £174, £165.50 Old Hall Farm; £152.50 Greenbury Grange; £150(2) Friars Garth: Charollais £148.50 Hawkrigg Farm; £137.50 Rigby House; £134.50 The Croft: Mule £148.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £144.50 Greenbury Grange; £144 Haber: Scotch Blackface £145.50 Greystone House; £145.50 Greenbury Grange; £141.50 Hallbankgate Farm: Swaledale £140.50 Eastfield; £137.50 Redgate; £136.50, £130 Woodbine House; £134 West Summersides; £132.50 Manor House Farm; £132 Stanhope Gate Farm; £130 Hebblethwaite Hall Farm: Cheviot £134.50 Crossfell House; £134.50 Capplegill; £123.50 East Rackwood Hill Farm; £123.50 Haber: Bluefaced Leicester £130 Bollihope Shield Farm; £130 West Hindon Farm: Rough £114.50 Low Stead.

Price per kilo –  Beltex 409.3p, 404.7p, 385.6p, 377.9p, 357.4p(2) Beck House Farm; 405.8p, 359.2p Old Hall Farm; 379.3p, 356.7p Greenbury Grange; 358p,  353.6p High Greenbury Farm; 357.1p, 352.4p Hallbankgate Farm: Texel 389.5p Kelmore Hill Farm; 353.8p, 338.9p Old Hall Farm; 352.4p, 336p High Greenbury Farm; 343.8p Friars Garth; 342.7p, 340.7p, 335.2p(2) Greenbury Grange; 340p, 335.2p Hallbankgate Farm; 338.2p Eden Gate Holme Farm; 337.8p Hawkrigg Farm: Suffolk 333p Friars Garth; 322.8p, 317.7p, 303.1p Greenbury Grange; 314.1p 309.4p High Greenbury Farm: Scotch Blackface 323.3p Greystone House; 316.3p Greenbury Grange: Charollais 316p Hawkrigg Farm; 312.8p The Croft; 312.5p Rigby House: Cheviot 314.5p, 312.2p, 305.7p, 302.7p Capplegill; 303.9p Haber; 301.2p East Rackwood Hill Farm: Mule 307.4p Greenbury Grange; 304.1p East Rackwood: Swaledale 289.7p East Rackwood; 288p Manor House Farm; 281p Eastfield Farm; 279.3p Hebblethwaite Hall; 272.5p High Crossgill Farm.

Cast Ewes -  Texel £166.50 Fell View; £162.50 Red House Farm; £154.50 Carpool; £152.50, £142, £140 Carkin Moor Farm; £145.50 Stoneriggs; £142.50 Raygill Farm; £142.50 Friars Garth: Bluefaced Leicester £163.50 Eastfield Farm; £120 Asby Hall: Beltex £150 Grassgill Lodge; £126 Carkin Moor Farm: Suffolk £148.50 Fell View; £146.50 Old Hall Farm; £144.50 Friars Garth; £135.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £130 Hallbankgate Farm: Charollais £140 Old Hall Farm; £130 Hollow Green: Mule £133.50 Fell View; £133.50 Friendship Farm; £128.50 Old Hall Farm; £126.50 Red House Farm; £125.50 Town Head Farm; £125.50 School Farm; £120 Stripes Farm; £120 Rudd Hills: Cheviot £120.50 Buckles Farm; £116.50 Fell View; £115 Carpool; £115 West Summersides; £113.50 Birkhill; £110.50 Ellergill; £110 Middle Bank End Farm: Scotch Blackface £118.50 Hallbankgate; £92.50, £85.50(2) Middle Bank End Farm: Rough £113.50 Quarry Close; £110.50 Dalefoot Farm; £106 Raisgill Hall: Hampshire £112.50 Friars Garth: Swaledale £110 Stanhope Gate Farm; £100 Greenriggs; £100 Stoneriggs; £100 Oakbank Farm; £98.50, £90.50 Asby Hall; £97.50 Red House Farm; £92 Town Head Farm; £90.50 Argill House; £90.50 High Lane: Zwartble £92.50 Hensington Road: Herdwick £70 Gillses Farm.

Cast Rams -  Bluefaced Leicester £164.50, £145.50 Greenriggs; £160 Stoneriggs; £140 The Park Wall; £140 Burtreeford: Texel £154.50 Bollihope Shield Farm; £136 Raisgill Hall: Beltex £120.50 Grassgill Lodge: Shetland £70.50 Hollow Green Farm.