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Date: 13 April 2021 | Store Cattle

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Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

Lockerbie, Sydney Place, Lockerbie, DG11 2JA

The 13th proves itself lucky for sellers at the ‘April Fair Day’

On Tuesday 13th April Harrison & Hetherington held their April Fair Day of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart, whereby trade was outstanding  for all types of cattle from start to finish.

Store cattle topped at £1735 for a fantastic Limousin heifer consigned by Messrs Wilson, The Belzies, this run of six cattle averaged over £1400.

Bullocks topped at £1410 also for a Limousin from Messrs Jackson, Longdyke. Charolais to £1390 from Messrs Wilson, The Belzies and British Blues to £1305 from Messrs Ritchie, Middlehill.

Out with the sale topper, heifers peaked at £1420 for a pair of Limousins from Messrs Taylor, Little Redhall Farm. Charolais from Messrs Hyslop, Maryfield sold to £1250.

Top pence per kilo was achieved by Messrs Sloan, Hunterhouse with a 10 month old selling to 340ppk. British Blue heifers to 330ppk, for a fantastic pair from Messrs Robson, Laverockhall. Bazadaise to 320ppk from Messrs Scott, Dinley Farm, the same home also sold an Aberdeen Angus bullock to 318ppk and Bazadaise bullocks to 319ppk. The bullock top pence per kilo was a Limousin from Messrs Crew, Gall Farm selling to 320ppk.

A huge amount of young cattle sold over the 300ppk mark, and an incredible trade for all types throughout, again proving that Lockerbie is the place to sell store cattle.

The next sale is on the 27th April, please advise entries to the Auctioneer.

Joel McGarva 07909 985770
Michael Stewart 07753 720323
Cameron Robertson 07836 233042

Leading prices per head
Steers: Limousin £1410 , £1295, £1240, £1185 Langdyke Cottage; £1320 Belzies; £1300, £1210, £1200, £1180, £1145 Little Redhall Farm; £1170 Penlaw; £1090 (x2), £1010 Lawston; £1050 Gall; £1030 Mosshead; £1030 Highlaw; £1020 Laverockhall; £1015 Marchbank; £1010 Barwhanny Charolais £1390 Belzies; £1180 Maryfield British Blue £1305, £1250 Middlebiehill; £1200, £970 Langdyke Cottage; £1100, £995 Highlaw; £1095 Hunterhouse Simmental £1160 Middlebiehill; £780, £710, £700 Victoria House Fleckvieh £1160 Middlebiehill Beef Shorthorn £1095 Douglas Square; £1015, £1010 Newbigging; £985 Marchbank; £900 Penlaw Aberdeen Angus £1085, £1015, £1000 Newbigging; £1080 (x2), £990, £945 Corriemains; £1045, £950 Marchbank; £1010 Esbie; £1000 Middlebiehill; £960 Barwhanny; £845 Highlaw; £750, £550 Dinley Hereford £1010 Copewood; £860, £795 East Tinwald House Saler £930 Gall Bazadaise £920, £910, £840 £650 Dinley Friesian £660 Highlaw

Bulls: Limousin £2000 Whitehall; £570 Hunterhouse

Heifers: Limousin £1735, £1370(x2) Belzies; £1420 Redhall; £1360, £1140, £980 Mosshead; £1100, £1070, £930 Lawston; £1030 Mosshead; £1010, £880 Reddings; £990, £890 Penlaw; £980, £940, £860 Hunterhouse; £900 Marchbank; £880 Gall British Blue £1260 Belzies; £1015, £910 Laverockhall Charolais £1250, £1145, £1110, £1090, £1020 Maryfield; £930, £700  Gall Beef Shorthorn £1160, £870 Newbigging; £910 Douglas Square Aberdeen Angus £1110 Newbigging; £1020 Barwhanny Farm; £900 Marchbank; £860 Corriemains; £600 Dinley Bazadaise £920, £735 Dinley Staberel £750 Gall Simmental £750, £670, £640, £550, £390 Victoria House;

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
320.2p, 292.4p, 279.3p, 265p Gall Farm, 296.5p Laverockhall, 289.3p Mosshead Farm, 287.5p Marchbank, 282.6p, 277.8p, 255.8p Penlaw, 276.6p, 273.9p, 255.1p Lawston Farm, 272.2p, 270.9p Langdyke Cottage, 270.1p Crowdieknowe Farm, 268.8p, 256.4p Redhall Farm, 265.8p Barwhanny Farm, 264p Belzies, Bazadaise 319.4p, 317p, 307.4p, 277.8p Dinley Farm, 
Aberdeen Angus 317.8p, 245.5p Dinley Farm, 289p, 266p, 262.1p, 258.4p Corriemains, 263.2p, 258.9p Marchbank, 259.1p, 256.3p, 246.6p Newbigging, 252.6p Barwhanny Farm, 227.2p Highlaw, 212.2p Esbie Farm, 196.1p Middlebiehill, Hereford 290.1p, 259p East Tinwald House, 230.6p Copewood Farm, Saler 265p Gall Farm, Beef Shorthorn 265.7p, 248.8p Newbigging, 251.3p Marchbank, 251.1p Douglas Square,  240.6p Penlaw, Charolais 261.1p Maryfield, 219.9p Belzies, Simmental 259.1p, 241.4p, 229.4p Victoria House, 211.3p Middlebiehill, British Blue 254.7p Hunterhouse, 239.2p, 226.3p Highlaw, 232.3p, 213.9p Middlebiehill, 226.4p, 218.5p Langdyke Cottage, Fleckvieh 211.3p Middlehill, British Friesian 184.4p Highlaw.

Bulls: Limousin 251.3 Whitehall; 247.8p Hunterhouse

Heifers:  Limousin 340.6p, 272.2p Hunterhouse; 303.4p, 303.3p Reddings; 299.7p, 298.6p, 263.1p, 255.6p Mosshead; 283.4p, 282.1p Penlaw; 278.6p, 278.5p, 252p Lawston; 270.5p Redhall; 261.5p, 259p, 250.9p Belzies;  255.7p Marchbank; 246.5p, 240.4p Gall  British Blue 329.5p, 281.7p Laverockhall; 241.4p Belzies Bazadaise 319.4p, 300p Dinley Charolais 261.5p, 258.5p, 253.5p, 240.6p, 235.7p Maryfield; 246, 234.9p Gall Aberdeen Angus 256.4p Dinley Farm; 255.7p Marchbank; 245.7p Corriemains; 217p Barwhanny; 216p Newbigging Stab 240.4p Gall Farm; Simmental 240.2p, 237p, 221.9p, 219p, 209.7p Victoria House Beef Shorthorn 237.1p, 205.7p Newbigging; 216.2p Douglas Square;