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Date: 20 April 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 2,173 sheep were forward consisting of 21 spring lambs, 1,464 prime hoggs and 688 cast sheep.

Topping the prime hoggs at £181 were a pair of 52kg hoggs from Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Penrith which were bought by J Birkbeck on behalf of Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Topping at 388.2p/kg were a pen of 34kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £132 from Messrs Watson, Whygill Head, Asby and were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm also sold a pen of five 43kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £166.50 (387.2p/kg) selling to Vivers Scotlamb.

Spring lambs topped at £175 and 388.9p/kg for a 45kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs Brannen, Scar Top, Penrith which was bought by J Birkbeck for Steadmans Butchers.

All classes of hoggs were a sharper trade than reported on the week so far.

Heavy hoggs were dearer than forecast, with Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm selling a pen of twenty-five 70kg Texel cross hoggs to make £174 selling to A. Atkinson.

A pen of eighteen 60kg Texel cross hoggs from this home sold for £172 also selling to A. Atkinson, with a pen of twenty-three 52kg Texel cross hoggs making £162 (312p/kg) also from this home.

The well bred and well fed consignments of 107 continental cross hoggs from Old Hall Farm sold to average 59.5kg £170.22 (286.1p/kg).

Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Penrith sold a pen of seventeen 55kg Cheviot cross hoggs to make £158.50.

A fantastic meated even consignment of 145 Blackfaced hoggs from Bank Farms, Worksop sold to top at £146.50 (311.7p/kg) with another pen of twenty-four 47kg hoggs from this home selling for £146 (310.6p/kg).

The whole consignment of properly finished hoggs from Bank Farms sold to average 46.5kg £143.05 (307.6p/kg)

Many more prime hoggs could have been sold to great advantage and are wanted here on a weekly basis to fulfil our buyers orders.

Cast sheep sold to £160 for a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Dowson & Sartin, Battle Hill Farm, Barnard Castle.

Swaledale ewes topped at £97.50 for a pen of four from Messrs Bell, Scarrowmanwick, Croglin.

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages
                  Weight    £/ head     p/kg         From
107    @    59.5kg    £170.22    286.1p      Old Hall Farm
11      @    57.3kg    £158.05    275.52p    Roman Vale
22      @    49.9kg    £158.02    316.62p    Beck House Farm
44      @    54.9kg    £157.94    287.29p    Sunny Gill Farm
30      @    46.6kg    £156.60    335.57p    Whygill Head
96      @    47.9kg    £148.80    310.61p    Town End Farm
34      @    51.9kg    £148.35    285.46p    Scales Hall
145    @    46.6kg    £143.05    306.56p    Holly Cottage
14      @    70kg       £142.71    203.88p    Grayrigg Hall
448    @    48.52kg  £140.48    289.56p    Hyde Park
42      @    47.8kg    £139.52    291.54p    Nixon Terrace
12      @    51kg       £137.50    269.6p      Burton Hill

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –
Price Per Head –
£175 Scar Top; £147, £146 Powis House; £142.50 Street House: Dorset £152 Ellwood Croft.

Price Per Kilo
388.9p Scar Top; 374.4p, 350p Powis House: Dorset 286.8p Ellwood Croft.

Prime Hoggs
Price Per Head –
£181, £170, £168 Old Hall Farm; £178, £164 Beck House Farm; £170, £150.50 West Lea; £166.50, £154.50, £152 Whygill Head; £166.50, £161.50, £155.50 Town End Farm; £160 Friars Garth: Texel £174(2), £172, £167.50(2), £162 Old Hall Farm; £166.50, £158.50(2) Whygill Head; £162, £157.50 Brackenbank View; £161.50, £160, £158.50, £156.50 Beck House Farm; £160 Hyde Park; £159.50, £158.50, £157.50, £155.50 Town End Farm; £158.50, £157.50, £155.50, £155 Sunny Gill Farm; £155.50 Studfold Farm: Suffolk £161, £160, £151.50 Roman Vale; £157 Scales Hall; £155.50 Town End Farm; £153 Nixon Terrace; £152 Raygarth Field Farm; £150 Hyde Park: Cheviot £160, £158.50 Sunny Gill Farm; £149, £145.50 Hyde Park: Charollais £150 Scales Hall: Mule £148 Town End Farm; £144.50 Hyde Park; £143.50 Raygarth Field Farm: Scotch Blackface £147 Hyde Park; £146.50, £146, £142, £141.50 Holly Cottage: Swaledale £144.50 Holly Cottage; £130 Mount Pleasant Farm; £128.50 Grayrigg Hall; £127.50 Town End Farm; £125.50 Musgrave House; £120 Haber: Masham £130.50 Sykeside.

Price per kilo –

Texel 347.8p, 329.6p Beck House Farm; 330.2p, 318.3p Whygill Head; 324.4p, 323.5p, 316.7p, 312p, 311p Town End Farm; 317.4p Hyde Park; 315.3p Friars Garth; 314.3p 312.8p Keskadale Farm; 311.5p Old Hall Farm: Beltex 388.2p, 380p, 362p, 359.3p Whygill Head; 387.2p, 368.8p, 368.1p, 367p, 361.6p, 355.2p, 338.6p, 332.1p Town End Farm; 369.6p, 367.1p West Lea; 361.8p Keskadale Farm; 348.1p Old Hall Farm; 342.3p, 334.7p Beck House Farm: Easycare 311.8p Hyde Park: Scotch Blackface 311.7p, 310.6p, 307.6p, 302.1p, 300p Holly Cottage: Suffolk 309.2p, 290.9p Roman Vale; 296.7p, 294.9p Hyde Park; 295.7p Friars Garth; 294.2p Nixon Terrace: Swaledale 307.4p Holly Cottage; 267p Musgrave House; 266.7p Haber: Cheviot 305.7p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 304.5p, 303.8p, 303.4p Hyde Park; 303.4p Haber: Mule 301.3p Grains O Beck; 292.6p Town End Farm; 278.6p Green Gill Farm; 276p Raygarth Field Farm; 275.6p Newgate.

Cast Ewes

Texel £160, £150 Battle Hill Farm; £155.50 Searchlight Farm; £148.50 Scar Top; £145 Orchard Farm; £135.50 Pinfold House; £135 Brackenbank View; £130.50 Rennels House; £130 Sunnyside: Suffolk £150, £135, £120.50, £120 Brow Top Farm; £135 Raygarth Field: Charollais £145 Brow Top Farm: Mule £120 Hartley Castle; £115.50 Moorhouse; £114 Flakebridge Farm; £112 West Underhurth; £110 Allergill Farm; £110 South View: Zwartble £113.50 Old Smithy: Cheviot £113.50 Brow Top Farm; £104 Allergill Cottage; £97.50 East Rackwood Hill Farm: Swaledale £97.50, £81.50 Scarrowmanwick; £96.50 Musgrave House; £96.50 Leekworth Gardens; £94.50 Oak House; £91.50 Gaythorne Hall; £91.50 Wythes Hill; £90.50 Raygarth Hill; £90.50 Haber £88.50, £84.50, £83.50 Pinfold House; £87.50 Green Gill Farm; £87.50 Hardberry Hill Farm; £85.50 Grayrigg Hall; £85 Hartley Castle; £84.50 Buddle House; £81.50 Newgate; £80 Low House; £80 Bleathgill: Rough £90 The Gable; £80 Weasdale Farm; £80 Archers Hall; £80 Sproat Ghyll: Beltex £86.50 Allergill Cottage: Jacob £80 Hardberry Hill Farm:

Scotch Blackface £77.50, £70 Middle Bank End Farm: Shetland £48 Middle Bank End Farm.

Cast Rams

Texel £144 Brackenbank View; £130 Riverside House; £130 Rigg Farm; £120 Haithwaite: Bluefaced Leicester £140, £136 Hardberry Hill Farm; £130.50 Leekworth Gardens; £130 Newgate; £130 Haber; £130 Gaythorne Hall: Charollais £136 Gillcumber Edge: Swaledale £100 Wythes Hill; £96.50 Scarrowmanwick; £92.50 Green Rigg: Herdwick £70 Cow Bank: