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Date: 27 April 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 2,514 sheep were forward consisting of 108 spring lambs, 1,847 prime hoggs and 559 cast sheep.

Topping the prime hoggs at £180 were a pair of 59kg Texel cross hoggs from Messrs Hewetson, Scales Hall, Penrith which were bought by A. Atkinson.

Topping at 340p/kg on two separate pens were firstly a 50kg Beltex cross hogg which made £170 from Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Penrith purchased by A. Atkinson.

Also making 340p/kg were a pen of three 40kg hoggs which sold for £136 from Messrs Gill, Bowes Cross Farm, Barnard Castle which sold to Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Spring lambs sold to £172 for a 43kg Texel cross lamb from Messrs Slee, Street House, Kirkby Thore which was bought by J Birkbeck on behalf of Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Messrs Ellis, Woodside, Kendal sold Beltex cross lambs to 405.3p/kg for a pen of 38kg lambs selling for £154 to West Scottish Lamb.

Good meated hoggs were still a good trade and dearer than they had been all day. Well bred heavy hoggs were a flying trade with Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm selling a pen of fifteen 62kg Texel cross hoggs to make £174 to A. Atkinson.

Another pen of sixteen 52kg Texel cross hoggs sold to make £164 (315.4p/kg) also from this home and selling to Lancashire Direct Halal, with another pen of twenty-three 60kg Texel cross hoggs selling for £170 to A. Atkinson.

The consignment of 92 hoggs from Old Hall Farm sold to average 57kg £167.24 (293.4p/kg).

Messrs Sowerby, Sycamore Rise, Great Asby sold 48kg hoggs to £160 (333.3p/kg) also selling 63kg Texel cross hoggs to £174, and a pen of seven 55kg Texel cross hoggs sold to £170 (309.1p/kg) with Suffolk cross hoggs from this home selling for £162. The whole consignment from Sycamore Rise sold to average 55kg £162.41 (295.3p/kg)

Scotch Blackfaced hoggs sold to £140 for a pen of thirty 47kg hoggs from Banks Farms, Worksop, also topping at 298.9p/kg were another pen of thirty 46kg Scotch Blackfaced hoggs which made £137.50 also from this home.

The consignment of 249 well fed great meated Blackfaced hoggs from Bank Farms sold to average 46.2kg £137.50 (297.15p/kg)

Cast sheep were a flying trade for all classes once again and many more are required on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen.

Topping this section was a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Fox, St Johns Kirk, Biggar which was bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Hill cheviot ewes sold to £122.50 from High Greenbury Farm, Richmond.

Swaledale ewes sold to £107.50 for a pen of six from Messrs Jenkinson, Whingill, Hartley.

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages
                                                 Weight    £/ head    p/kg         From
92    Texel                         @    57.5kg    £167.24    290.6p    Old Hall Farm
23    Texel & Suffolk          @    55.9kg    £162.41    290.4p    Sycamore Rise
44    Texel & Hill Cheviot   @    55.2kg    £156.20    282.6p    Sunny Gill Farm
36    Texel & Suffolk          @    52.56kg  £155.04    295p       Scales Hall
50    Beltex                        @    46kg      £140.36    304.8p    Bowes Cross Farm
249    Scotch Blackfaced  @    46.2kg    £137.50    297.1p    Holly Cottage
71    Texel & Beltex           @    41.65kg  £133.91    321.5p    High Greenbury Farm
92    Texel                         @    57.5kg    £167.24    290.6p    Old Hall Farm
23    Texel & Suffolk          @    55.9kg    £162.41    290.4p    Sycamore Rise

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –
Price Per Head –
£172, £147, £140 Street House; £154, £150, £140 Woodside; £145, £140 High Greenbury Farm: Beltex £162 High Greenbury Farm; £154 Woodside: Suffolk £138 High Greenbury Farm; £132 Howgill Grange: Charollais £130 Woodside.

Price Per Kilo
405.3p Woodside; 395.1p High Greenbury Farm: Texel 400p, 350p(2) Street House; 366.7p, 350p Woodside.

Prime Hoggs

Price Per Head
- Texel £180 Scales Hall; £174.50, £174, £172.50, £170, £168(2), £164, £160.50 Old Hall Farm; £174, £170, £166.50, £163.50 Sycamore Rise; £166 Hyde Park; £165 Briggle Farm; £160 Holly Cottage; £160(2) Sunny Gill Farm; £160 Little Beck: Beltex £176, £170(2) Old Hall Farm; £170(2) Sunny Gill Farm; £160, £150 Sycamore Rise; £150(2) Bowes Cross Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £165, £152, £140, £130 Kilnstown: Suffolk £162 Sycamore Rise; £160 Low Grassgill; £150 Scales Hall; £150 Capplegill; £144.50 Hyde Park: Cheviot £154, £145 Sunny Gill Farm; £140, £134 Hyde Park; £130 Capplegill: Bleu du maine £142.50 Hyde Park: Valais Blacknose £140 Capplegill: Scotch Blackface £140, £137.50, £137, £136(2), £135 Holly Cottage: Swaledale £116 High Lane; £115 Easterbeck House; £115, £112.50 Arngill House; £114 St Johns Kirk; £112 Milescott: Rough £110 High Lane.

Price per kilo –
340p, 322.2p Old Hall Farm; 340p, 323.9p Bowes Cross Farm; 338.1p, 333.3p, 328.6p, 321.4p High Greenbury Farm; 333.3p Sycamore Rise; 320p Holly Cottage: Texel 323.5p Briggle Farm; 321.4p, 319.8p, 316.3p High Greenbury; 320p, 316.3p Holly Cottage; 315.4p Old Hall Farm; 312.8p Hyde Park: Scotch Blackface 298.9p, 297.9p, 297.8p(2), 295.7p(2), 293.5p Holly Cottage: Mule 295.6p Holly Cottage: Bluefaced Leicester 294.7p, 291.5p(2) Capplegill; 291.3p Hyde Park: Suffolk 294.1p Scales Hall; 289p Hyde Park: Swaledale 270p, 253.6p, 251.6p Lanehead Farm; 255.7p Arngill House; 253.3p St Johns Kirk; 250p Milescott; 250p Aisgill Farm; 250p Water Meeting.

Cast Ewes
£180, £165, £164.50 St Johns Kirk; £170, £150 High Street; £166.50 Galloper Garth: Beltex £146.50 Easegill Head: Bluefaced Leicester £146.50 Oaktree Farm; £146, £136 Kilnstown: Suffolk £136.50 Low Grassgill: Cheviot £122.50 High Greenbury Farm: Mule £115 St Johns Kirk; £107.50 Haber; £107 Prospect Farm; £105.50 Nova Scotia; £105 Oaktree Farm: Half bred £114.50 St Johns Kirk: Rough £110 Manor Court; £100 Flakebridge Farm; £100 Waterhouses: Swaledale £107.50 Whingill; £107, £92.50 West End; £98.50 Kilnstown; £98.50 Waterhouses; £98 Galloper Garth; £96.50 Haber; £92.50 Keisley Farm; £92.50 Ash Dub; £91.50 Easegill Head; £91.50 Sunnybrae; £90.50 Bank Top; £90.50 Swarthymere; £90 Hardberry Hill Farm; £90 Asby Grange: Easycare £107.50, £87.50 Hesket House: Herdwick £85.50 Lower Griseburn.

Cast Rams
£165.50 Sandwath Farm; £140 Whingill: Bluefaced Leicester £140.50 Whingill: Cheviot £136.50 Prospect Farm; £121 St Johns Kirk: Swaledale £108.50 Whingill; £100 Waters Meeting: