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Date: 03 May 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

St Boswells sold 67 Clean Cattle, 54 Cast Cows, 45 Prime Lambs, 768 Prime Hoggs and   290 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (19) averaged 249p per kg and sold to 266p (2)   (-7p on the week) 
Heifers (46) averaged 252p per kg and sold to 273p (-3p on the week)
2 Young Bulls averaged 187p per kg and sold to 216p per kg.
54 Cast Cows averaged 159p per kg and sold to 231p (-10p on the week)Top price £1582
2 Cast Bulls averaged 122p per kg and sold to 147p.  Top price £1637

45 Lambs averaged 323p per kg (+10p on the week), £138 per head and sold to £156
Top price 351p per kg for Texel Lambs.
768 Hoggs averaged 277p per kg (-15p on the week), and sold to £168. Top price 366p per kg for Beltex Hoggs
290 Cast Sheep averaged £113.35, and sold to £175 for Aberfield Tups
Heavy Ewes averaged £125, light ewes sold to £141 for North Country Chevot Ewes, and averaged £104

CATTLE   More native types forward, meat sold to great demand.

Bullocks per head:
(465-555kgs): Lurdenlaw £1457.68, West Garleton £1446.50, Lennoxlove £1425.70, £1372.56, £1366.20, Gala Farms £1330, Nisbet £1303.40
(556+kgs):  Lurdenlaw £1619.16, Faughhill £1553.44, Nisbet £1537.20, Smailholm Mains £1462.24, Lennoxlove £1459.20, Gala Farms £1425

Bullocks per kilo:
(465-555kgs.  Average 256.02p): Lurdenlaw 266p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lennoxlove 265p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, West Garleton 263p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lennoxlove 258p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd,
(556+kgs.  Average 244.67p):  Faughhill 266p S.I Carlisle & Co, Lurdenlaw 262p J.A Waters & Son, Lennoxlove 256p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Gala Farms 250p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Heifers per head:
(400-484kgs):  Lennoxlove £1218.18, Whitsome West Newton £1116
(485 + kgs): Galagate £1650.06, Bee Edge £1643.46, £1631.42, £1609.20, Nisbet £1603.20, Bee Edge £1600.60, £1597.28, Nisbet £1592.50, Bee Edge £1591.32

Heifers per kilo:
(400-484kgs.  Average 236.75p): Lennoxlove 257p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Whitsome West Newton 248p J.F Finlay & Co
(485+kgs.  Average 252.34p): Bee Edge 273p Forsyths of Peebles, 271p W.Kirkup & Sons, 270p Foley Bros, 268p Shaw Fine Meats, Galagate £267p Foley Bros, Bee Edge 267p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Gospelhall 266p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lurdenlaw 266p Shaw Fine Meats, Penston 265p Coq & Bull Butchers Ltd, Traprain 265p Linton Butchers

Young Bulls per head: Upper Samieston £1271.56, Nether Tofts £1261.44
Young Bulls per kilo: Nether Tofts 216p

CAST COWS:  Plainer show

Cast Cows per head:  Kersknowe £1582.02, £1557.36, Harehead £1515.50, Glower O’er Him £1447.74, Middlethird £1389.30, Craiglea £1345.24, Middlethird £1329.32, Harehead £1309.38, Upper Samieston £1302.84

Cast Cows per kilo:  Upper Samieston 231p, 193p, Kersknowe, Glower O’Er Him 189p, Kersknowe 187p, Commonside 185p, Upper Samieston 181p, Houdshall 177p, Harehead, Houdshall Cottage 175p

Cast Bulls:  Commonside £1637.58 (147p)


Lambs per head:
Suffolk: £156 Broomilees, Texel: £155 Broomilees, £152 Kilnknowe, £140 Old Melrose Lodge, Garden Cottage, Ladykirk, Kilnknowe, Dorset: £135 Harelaw, Dutch Spotted: £134 Greenlaw Mill

Lambs per kilo:
Texel: 351.4p Garden Cottage, Ladykirk, 345.7p Kilnknowe, 340p Redpath East End, 337.8p Kilnknowe, 332.5p Redpath East End, 329.4p Garden Cottage, Ladykirk, Suffolk: 325p Broomilees

HOGGS Big show of heavy hoggs forward.  Cleaner types harder to cash.
Average - £140 (277p) 50 kgs.  SQQ 294.8p

Hoggs per head:  Suffolk: £168 (2), £165, £159, £157(4) Boghall, £156 Symington Mains, £150 Boghall, £150 Headshaw, L, £147, £145 (2),  Boghall, £144 The Finches, Texel: £167 (2), £166, £164, £163, £162 Boghall, £160 Leaston, £158 Helmburn, £156 Whitlaw, £155 Boghall, Scott Road, Lauder, £154 (2), £152 Boghall, £150 Upper Samieston(2), Faughhill (2), Scott Road, Lauder, Ednam West Mains, Romney: £164, £160, £157, £147 (2), £142 Towford, Zwarble: £151 Boghall, Beltex: £150 Leaston, Faughhill, Broomiebank, £147 Boghall, North Country Cheviot: £150 Symington Mains, £148 Woodside, £145 Nisbet, £140 Millheugh, Gospelhall, Lleyn: £151 Boghall, Cheviot Mule: £140 Millheugh, Greyfaced: £138 The Finches, Jacob: £128 Howden, Jedburgh, Blackface: £125 The Finches

Hoggs per kilo:  Beltex: 365.9p Leaston, 340.9p Faughhill, 325p Lylestane, 324.3p Faughhill, 319.6p Boghall, 312.5p Broomiebank, 311.6p Leaston, 311.1p Helmburn, Texel: 344.7p Boghall, 319p Faughhill, 318.1p, 318.1p Boghall, 312.5p Upper Samieston, 311.1p, 310p, 306.4p Boghall, 305.6p Whitlaw, 304.6p, 304p Boghall, 302.9p Headshaw, L, 302.6p Faughhill, 302.4p Harelaw, 302.3p Leaston, 300p Upper Samieston, 296.2p, 295.5p Boghall, 293p Hadden Farm Cottage, 290.9p Nisbet Smithy House, Suffolk: 315.8p, 300p, 296.2p (2) Boghall, 295.3p Gayfield, 294.4p, 294p, 293.5p (2), 292.9p, 290p Boghall, North Country Cheviot: 311.6p Lylestane, 308p Headshaw, L, 305.6p, 303.5p Swinnie, 300p, 298.8p Lylestane, 297.9p Millheugh, 295.5p The Finches, Blackface: 297.4p Longnewton Forest, 295p Headshaw, L, Hampshire: 297.6p Gayfield, Lleyn: 290p Over Whitlaw, Romney: 278p Towford

EWES A belter of a trade witnessed with all classes keener bid for on the week.
A summit of £175 was attained by J & J Campbell, Wedderlie Farmhouse for a powerful Aberfield Tup.  A pen of 5 Norfold Horns from regular J.H Burn, Crumstane caught the eye achieving £111!

Leading prices:  Suffolk: £153 Wester Middleton, £143 Middlethird, £139 Wester Middleton, Harelaw, £133 Middlethird, £131 Stobshiel Mains, £127 Middlestead, Texel: £143 Stobshiel Mains, £141 (2) Upper Samieston, £139 Wester Middleton (2), Helmburn, £137 Lylestane, £135 Middlethird, £131 Huntington, Ednam West Mill, Middlethird, Helmburn, Greenhead, S, North Country Cheviot: £141, £135 Symington Mains, £131 Smiddy Hill, £127 Stobshiel Mains, £125 Smiddy Hill, £121 Woodside, £119 (2) Wedderlie, £117 Millheugh, £115 Stobshiel Mains, £115 Middlethird, Lumsdaine, Cheviot Mule: £139 Millheugh, £137 Wester Ulston, £127 Wedderlie, Lumsdaine, £125 Wedderlie, Beltex: £137 Wester Ulston, Greyfaced: £131 Symington Mains, £129,  £113 Middlethird, £111 Helmburn, Wester Middleton, Scott Road, Lauder, Romney: £131 Towford, Lleyn: £129, £111 Over Whitlaw, Norfolk: £111 Crumstane, Blackface: £111, £91 Blackburn, Lincoln Longwool: £107 Crumstane, Shetland: £93 Crumstane, Swaledale: £79 Broomilees

RAMS -  Aberfield: £175 Wedderlie, Beltex: Wester Middleton, Texel: £157 Over Blainslie, £153 Middlethird, Bluefaced Leicester: £153 Over Blainslie, £141 Broomiebank, North Country Cheviot: £137 Wedderlie, Woodside, £109, £107, £71 Bowerhope, Rouge: £119 Over Blainslie